Tank Girl is another weirdly watchable film

This film now is twenty years old now,and only ever owning it on VHS cassette,I revisited it the other day streaming it off Netflix.  Directed by Rachel Talalay the director of the original Hairspray, Cry Baby, Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare. A post modernist world where femininity rules with Tank Girl and Jet Girl as the anti hero's fighting against an oppressive corporation headed by Malcolm McDowell. The film once again flopped,and it is unknown why,as it is a very clever post modernist world,where feminism rules, in a Punk type landscape with a fantastic soundtrack arranged by Courtney Love. Lorri Petty who was famous for a decade,and that was it, starring in the Fantastic Point Break, A League Of Their Own and Free Willy was quirky hard as nails girl who will not take crap from any Man. And a very young Naomi Watts as Jet Girl,who was hardly known in the 90's it was only from Mulholland Drive in 2001 the Australian Actress was really discovered. Also starring an unrecognizable Ice T as a genetic super soldier,that looks like a Kangaroo,and make up from the Superb Stan Winston. A modern film that unfortunately was made too soon for an audience at the time who didn't get it. Ask fans now and it is regarded as quite a cult film,and I agree,a film that is crying out for a remake,but probably never will as it was far to intelligent for most of the seeing public.