One of the better releases this week

Just a quick video today I have seen this Today, I will put my review on later in the week. It is really good, that is all I'm saying. I have a few more British films to review first. Then I will get round to this.
It has been a poor week for releases this week they are.

1 John Wick
2 Pitch Perfect 2
3 The Flash Season 1
4  Elementary Season 3
5 Curse Of The Werewolf
6 The Man Who Cheated Death
7 Nightmares In A Damaged Brain
8 Big Game
9 Fireman Sam_ Hero's OF the Storm
10 Eaten Alive
11 Essex Boys: Law Of Survival
12 Iceman
13 Norgami Complete series collection
13 Starship Apocalypse
14 Trancers
15 Escobar: Paradise Lost
16 19-2 Series 1