My Zombie Top 5 films of all time

After watching a Zombie Film today I thought I would put a top 5 together.
And it has been very hard but after careful thought these are my top 5

Number 5. Has to be World War Z,a film plagued with re-shoots,script changes,but on screen is a very good take on the Zombie Genre.Taking it from the point of the virus,and how it spreads,only taking fit hosts to infect.It is a fantastic idea,even Brad Pitt shines in this film as a U.N. Investigator sent in to find a weekness in the virus. The fact that this film is not your usual Zombies eating people,just shows them as virus carriers who just need to bite to pass on the virus. The set pieces are brilliant especially the scenes in Palestine when the infected work together to create a human wall to get to the un-infected is a fantastic piece of CGI special effects,and is used for almost all publicity of this great film. I have lost count how many times I have seen this great film,even in 3D which wasn`t as ground breaking,the 2D version works just as well.

Number 4 on my list has to be the fantastic Wyrmwood the newest Zombie member on the block. This Australian beauty takes the usual format and turns it on its head. With only a certain populous with a certain blood group being infected. The Infected are slow in the Daytime but are deadly at night. The plague being caused by rogue comets. The survivors soon realize that fuel,diesel no longer burns. But Zombie blood does so Zombies are being drained to fuel cars. That is where the idea and poster saying Zombies meet Mad Max comes from. A very violent,bloody film,with a fantastic dark humour alongside,making this one of the most original Zombie movies  in ages.

Number 3 on my list is is George A Romero Day of the Dead the third in a trilogy. Made in 1985 that follows on from Dawn of the Dead the classic 70'S horror flick. This film is violent probably the most so of the three. With most of the world being taken over by cannibalistic Zombies, the rest of humanity hide underground with the protection of the military ,whilst they try to find a cure for the Pandemic. The film is famous for one Character Bub the almost human zombie,who has been trained by lead scientist Dr Logan, to be Docile. With tensions rising between the human survivors and military. As I said this is not quite up their with Dawn Of The Dead,but still an enjoyable flick, and with George able to take advantage of modern,effects,make this film outstanding with all the gore scenes.

Number 2 on my list has to be this British Beauty staring Simon Pegg,and his long time acting Buddy Nick Frost. The first film, in a trilogy named by the fan base the cornetto Trilogy.Made by the genius that is Edgar Wright,a film that impressed George A Romero so much,he had Wright,Pegg and Frost as cameos in his next flick Land Of The Dead
Yes this is a comedy, and some might think that it deserves to be not in the list,well I will disagree on all fronts. Yes it is funny,but also very,very gory when it wants to be. It always give a sly nudge,and wink to the master Romero. The story of a normal guy and his best stoner friend,who have to fight off a plague of Zombies,whilst looking after his Mum and Girlfriend. To find solace in the only safe place they know. There local Pub The Winchester. It has to be one of the finest Zombie Movies made in the last twenty years.

My final film is this Number 1 film The 1978 Horror classic, George A Romero Dawn Of The Dead.A film that was ground breaking at the time,with most of the running time,having survivors hiding in a Mall, The idea was that society was very greedy at the time,and wealth was determined by how much you owned in goods. That was the point George was making about greed and capitalism at the time. Yes the effects compared to now do look dated, but still does not take away what a fabulous film this is. It is a classic and should always be treated that way. I have lost touch how many times I have owned this film  on different formats, from the days of VHS, to DVD, to BluRay,special editions I have owned them all,and why not as it is without doubt the best Zombie Horror film ever made.