I Am Groot

I have waited and waited to see this film. And being a Disney Release it has never come down in price. And I'm not going to be paying top price for a film a year old almost now. But I have managed a view by streaming it,and before you say it yes it was legal.
I know  I'm going to be hated for this, but I did not think it was all that. Yes the visual effects are the best I've seen,and only wished I had seen on 3D as it would have made the experience more enjoyable. But the whole thing just seemed,a bit of a mix mash,of a story. Confusing in places,and it lost my attention a few times. I even got up to make myself a Coffee half way through. Yes Chris Pratt as Starlord is likeable, Zoe Saldana is fit as anything,Dave Bautista is a mountain of a man. The best Characters that hold any attention is Rocket, voiced By Bradley Cooper in probable his best role ever, and Vin Diesel as Groot, the best ever onscreen character ever. Every household,or family needs a Groot. A kind hearted guardian who is loyal, and loving,and caring to the end. The other surprise and likeable character was played by the ever reliable Michael Rooker Yondu the parental substitute for Starlord. With one of the best moments in the film when he takes out a whole army,with a stick that is controlled by his whistle. Yes I can get why this film is so popular,it is cool, I cannot deny that for a moment, the Soundtrack using 70's songs,and very early 80's is complete genius and is the glue that holds the film together. A Sci_Fi film that uses 80's references is brilliantly creative, Kevin Bacon Footloose speech is brilliantly done. But I still can not find that spark that normally gets me, in a film, yes it is a good film, well made, too clever for its own good sometimes, but I did not think it was great. It had great characters in it,great music,does it make it a 5star film.
No it does not I'm afraid, and I'm disappointed to be saying that.