Black Sea Think Das Boot meets The Italian Job

Another great film I saw for the first time yesterday.
Directed by Kevin MacDonald the Director of The Last King Of Scotland, and the fantastic Touching The Void. Also starring Jude Law in probably his best role to date as Robinson an ex naval,ex Navy Submarine operative. Who for 30 years of his life always worked around Subs and Ships,has Been made redundant from his job. He is already divorced and a banning order on him,so he cannot have contact with his 12 year old son. Life could not  be any worse,until an old friend the same as him,redundant,depressed,tells him about a rumour in his Shipping company, of a missing Russian UBoat from World War 2 full of Gold to help Germany with its war effort,before they invaded Russia forcing them to be allies with the British. It sank somewhere in The Black Sea,and a recent expedition may have found it. All he needs is a crew,a submarine on the black market and he is ready to go. So with a rich backer who demands 40% of the find,with an estimated 40,000,000 million dollars on board,not a bad redundancy fund if they can locate it,in Russian Territory , in The Black Sea.
Think the claustrophobia of Das Boot, with the heist element of The Italian Job,and that is the film. With a relative unknown cast of British,and Russian Actors, it is still a really enjoyable,thriller,yes it is not big budgeted,and in places you can see that,but it will not take away from you from enjoying this great film.