Another underrated Film

A modern classic that most people didn't get, more style over substance, most said. Where visuals were more important than script,well I disagree with this film. Yes I will admit I never got it first time round,and believed all the negative reviews. I would say this film is like your favorite Bands doing an experimental album. You hate it at first,then give it a listen and listen,then you realise the sound being different, isn't that bad, and you end up loving it. Well this is that Band, on several watches since I get it. One of the better graphic novel adaptations made in recent years, by Edgar Wright, who is such a talented director. The writing partner with Simon Pegg for the series Spaced,and the other films I reviewed above the Cornetto Trilogy. This was his Hollywood's Debut and to some it was classed as a flop,such a shame as it is brilliantly directed,with such imagination,such great ideas,fantastic visuals,and great editing make this film Unmissable. Trust me in years to come it will be classed as a modern classic. I'm not going to run through the whole film but the simplest part of it is a love story,between Scott and his new girl Ramona,trouble is everyone loves her also,and to win her love he has to battle through her evil exes. Starring some of Indie cinemas best actors,such as Jason Schwartzman,Brandon Rough, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick. And probably his best grungy performance ever by Michael Cera, and the quirky but equally gorgeous Romona played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead,who I get why Scott would go through all that trouble to win her heart. A fantastic film,with a great soundtrack,great visuals,and the strangest performances from some of the exes involved. A must see.