Ouija (2014) Film Review. Directed by Stiles White. Distributed by New Line Pictures.

Another Disappointment of a film,and it stars a really talented actress Olivia Cooke who was fantastic in the Signal,also very good in her role in The Quiet Ones,shame that film was a pile of turd,then this one. Another big budget Horror from New Line Pictures,who were a great independent company in the 80's and Nineties,but were taken over by Time Warner in the 2000's. And big studio interference shows. A non scary, same as any other big budget Horror film.

That isn't even clever enough to create its own scares,and has to resort to the usual jump scares to get any reactions. We have the usual good looking cast members again,whom never seem to represent any characters or people we see in real life. Perfect looking,perfect hair,looks,makeup,and teeth.
And we are expected to care about them when anything happens. Well no I really could not give a crap. Shame as a film messing about with the dead and unknown could have been very good. But like other big budget films Like Insidious just can not ever get it right. 

I'm not-even  going to be bothered to give any plot lines away as it is pointless,see the trailer you've seen the film I'm afraid. Another example of how larger film companies decide what is scary and what is not. Please leave Horror to the independent film makers, who do not have to  rely on jump scares,to sell a film,but use genuine scares.