An update

Just a quick response I would like to give to Starz media who own Anchor Bay films, I emailed you last week after you put in a complaint about a YouTube video I did promoting your film, I praised this film gave you free publicity on my blog. Yet you still choose to have it blocked in certain countries,North America I'd imagine. I cannot contain my disappointment of your decision,so in protest I have removed any film,that belongs to your company from my blog. That is quite a few I have reviewed, and I will no longer be reviewing,or give any of your film any publicity on my blog. Shame really with the size of the internet and exposure you could have got. And the fact that most other major review sites like to take great pleasure in dissing your films. When I give a balanced review of any film I see.
So that is my decision most might say it is a strange one,as I need films to review on my blog. But I'm a man of principle so I'm sticking with my decision.