The cult film that beats all other cult films hands down.

An image from a film that is almost as iconic as the film itself. Also one of the most controversial films ever made,and more so as it was banned by not the censors at the time,but the director himself Stanley Kubrick
After copycat violence in the seventies with people dressing up as the iconic gang. Stanley Kubrick never wanted his film to glorify violence but to Condone it,as it was encouraging violence he had it pulled from all cinema chains,and never allowed on home video,until the day he died. Then it was finally released to the General public again,for us all to make our own minds up about this film. Yes it is ultra violent, with brutal scenes of beatings, bludgeoning, and a very nasty rape scene. When imprisoned the leader Alex is given a chance to reduce his sentence  by taking part in a new technique of renouncing violence by using the Ludovico Technique which he is forced to watch ultra violent images for weeks that then takes away any violent thoughts he might have,and makes him non-sexual with the thought of sex making him sick. The film argues that this is taking away his human right of freewill. He is released early and is instantly attacked by his old gang,and does not fight back. Yes this film is violent but is very Dated now, and not as violent as modern films. And even now people do not get the point of the movie,but just pick out all the iconic scenes,and images of the Droogs with the Bowler Hats and eye makeup. Malcolm McDowell has made his whole career from this one film  But he is fantastic. It is still a film about violence,and using violence to cure violent thoughts,turning someone into just a drone,who has lost all freewill,and is no longer any use at all as a human being. It is a strange film,a cult film of all cult films,that even now splits  the public opinion of this film.