American Heist

I should have realised this film wasn't up to much when it starred Hayden Christensen ,and Jordana Brewster, but the fact it also starred Adrian Brody I thought I would give it a try. Luckily  I streamed this film for free thank God really as I would have been pissed if I spent any money on this turkey.
Yes it Is a Heist movie,loosely based on The Great St Lois Bank Robbery movie by Charles Guggenheim. It is a film about two Brothers James and Frankie, James being the younger Brother and Frankie who has just been released from Prison from a 10 year stretch. For some unknown reason James hates his older Brother Frankie, who actually served that time to protect his younger Brother. So why does James hate is older Brother so much,seems daft,as he owes him really. 
Straight away Frankie is back into crime again with a Bank Hiest to make them rich,James goes along with it, even though I said before he Hates his Brother,very strange indeed. The Heist happens goes wrong and we have a cheapened version of Heat, or more like a Luke warm towel. And that is the film at ninety minutes it is the most boring film I have watched. With nothing happening in the first 56 minutes. Then the Heist happens, a little excitement,and then finishes. When the only exciting thing happens is when the Bank Manager leads them down to the vault and his shot in the head for his troubles. I'm so surprised by the fact this film starred Adrian Brody,yes he has been miscast in some films, but has been Bloody brilliant in others,the same actor who starred in The Pianist, The Experiment, The Grand Budapest Hotel,The Jacket, even Predators is better than this shit. Hayden Christensen proves he is a jinxed actor,and Jumper was just a fluke of a film. Jordana Brewster as a Police Call operator, who throughout the movie wears dresses that just shows off her legs and that is all she is here for,for her Pins. Also staring is the rapper AKON,with a stereotypical Black Name "Sugar" oh come on!!!. Yes believe the Rotten Tomatoes reviews of this as they are right, it is bad, low budget,low on action,low on storyline if it got any lower it would be grounded. One more thing to mention yes the film stars AKON and his music is used In the soundtrack,and other urban,and Rap Music. But why oh why do we have to have that one word,that everybody cringes at,no one says anymore in every Rap song,on the soundtrack, no I'm not a prude, I hate any kind of Racial Hatred,but why do they insist on putting on racist slang terms in Rap songs in movie soundtracks.