A rubbish week for releases

This week is not the best for new releases, only one is dominating the list this week and that is Fast And Furious Seven, a film franchise that should have died alongside Paul Walker. But no they still brought it out to the world. I am not a lover of this series, yes I do own some of the films, but 4,5,6 are still in the plastic rapping as I cannot bring myself to watch,the only half decent effort was the one that didn`t star any of the original cast and that was Tokyo Drift.
I`m going to be hated for this but I never liked the heavily studio controlled films,with set pieces and nothing else going for them. The most Shocking acting ever put to screen, and yes hate me but Paul Walker is a shit actor,good looks a body and nothing else. Vin Diesel is no better,these type of films are what is totally wrong with Hollywood. I love action films, I love Horror films, yes when the big studios get involved they usually become carbon copies of other films with no originality, but are still better than these tripe films. I`m not a petrol head, I hate formula 1 Racing, never done nothing for me, but then again even these films with the action set pieces I could never enjoy.I also do not like the fact the Studio has even made a Martyr out of  Paul Walker,by promoting this film, it is a tragedy he died, but he is dead, the studio probably actually thought this could put more bums on seats or sell more Bluray copies. In tribute to him the film should have never been released, but that is my opinion. You may not agree but that is how I feel.
The only real decent releases to look forward to this week on Bluray Is The Ladykillers 60TH Anniversary Edition and Dog Day Afternoon 40TH Anniversary. Even Unfriended looks a better film to stream or buy.
Not A lover of these films, lets hope the Death Of Paul Walker will now stop any more of these crap films being made.