A modern classic of fantastic writing,and a great debut.

Probably one of the most famous heist movies made. And by a debutante an unknown Director called Quentin Tarantino, a witty sharp scripted film. With more quotable lines than any other film. It changed cinema,when it came out in 1992. And is still regarded as a classic now,and being just 23 years old isn't bad With a fantastic soundtrack which actually complemented the film. And some stand out performances from Tim Roth,Harvey Keitel, a psychotic Michael Madsen, and an unknown Steve Buscemi. It is a film and it is perfection. The fact we do not actually even see the Heist, just the planning of it. We just see a lot of a warehouse,or safe house,and Tim Roth bleeding a lot,from a wound from his abdomen. The torture scene is still a hard watch,but is hard to forget,or even the song used in it "Stuck In A Feeling"This film was a low budgeted Debut film from one of the most Talented Writers and Directors,we now have,he even managed the impossible by making his second feature even better than his first,which was Pulp Fiction. But this film still belongs to the fantastic writing who can forget  Mr White,Mr Brown,Mr Orange,Mr Pink, Mr Blue,Mr Blonde,and the biggest question on everyone's lips is Who Shot Nice Guy Eddie?