A film so cool It has taken 27 years to get a sequel

Tim Burton's top film with only Batman, and Edward Scissorhands being a close second and third. And with very strong hints a sequel is being finally made. Shall I tell you why this film worked,one reason Michael Keaton an outstanding performance of manic proportion. Yes he does comedy well,but does manic so much better,I think it is his eyes. It was why he was chosen for Batman, he was scary in the thriller Pacific Heights,and manic once more in Birdman.
we all know pretty much the story of Beetlejuice about a recently deceased couple  who are angered that a yuppie couple has moved into the wedded home. And they need an Exorcist of the dead to rid of the living. Even though they are warned not to call on Beetlejuice. It is a strange,macabre film, scary in places, but not overly scary. With an on form performance from Winona Ryder . Even Geena Davies, and Alex Baldwin,as the recently deceased wedded couple are great. But all plaudits can only go to Michael who is beyond brilliant in this, a tour da force performance. So OTT but still fabulous. I do like Tim Burton,but I do prefer his earlier films,and this being his second only feature,will always be my favourite of his films.