A fantastic Bank Robbery film, with actually no violence for a change

Although technically  a comedy does not take away what a great  heist movie this is. With its ingenious planning,the robbery is the easy part getting away with it is the difficult part. When a Clown walks into a midtown  Manhattan Bank,with explosives attached to his body,you know your in trouble. Anyway two customers decide to be not as easy to push around,and fearing for their lives the rest of the hostages nominate these two as first to leave as a goodwill gesture during hostage negotiations with the police and swat teams waiting outside. The third hostage is released and that is that. Turns out the hostages were part of the gang,and leave with thousands of dollars strapped to them,and the third hostage is Bill Murray without his clown makeup on. Anyway with road closures, being robbed themselves,unaware they are all hiding thousands under their clothes. Dealing with dodgy non speaking Cab Drivers,they finally get to the airport,with a police detective on the case to the plan. It's Bill Murray's debut film as director and probably his last comedy role as he became an indie film legend after. Also starring Geena Davies,and an on form Randy Quaid who is more famous for his online rants,and dry humping his wife for all to see. It is a really good film very funny,but also a very cleverly planned robbery.