A delicious comedy about fitting in and death.

Probably the coolest film made in the eighties,staring two of the up and coming actors at the time Winona Ryder, and Christian Slater. In this very Dark comedy about fitting in,and being accepted. J.D is the new kid in town. Dark mysterious,a rebel and rule breaker. The rest of the High School is made up of the usual cliques The Jocks, The popular Girls,the Geek's. The popular girls obviously own the school,every girl wants to be a member,and every boy wants to sleep with them. Winona's character Veronica hates being a Heather,and is instantly attracted to rebel J.D.
When Veronica wants to play a trick on the lead Heather she enrolls the help of J.D. by making her throw up,to embarrass her,only J.D uses industrial Drain Cleaner,in a drink and instead of throwing up she dies almost instantly. They panic but Veronica forges Heather' s hand writing into writing a Suicide note. This then leads the school students into copycat suicides,as the coolest girl in school has done it. Even J.D. uses it as a way to get rid of people, and fake it as,suicides. This is where the film gets darker and darker, and Veronica realises she is well over her head, with J.D who might actually be a psychopath. Both roles in this are brilliantly acted by Winona and especially Christian who played the bad guy really well, shame he went onto Rom-com's into the nineties. As he could have been a villain so well in any film,as he has that look. But it is a fantastic film about fitting in and wanting to be popular,even if it means in death. Yes the film is dark,you shouldn't really be laughing in some scenes, but you do, directed by Michael Lehmann a great film to bridge the gap between the 80's and early 90's. Once again this film was considered a box office flop,but due to home video,it became quite a cult classic.