A Bank Heist that certainly does not go to plan

"Your young Dumb and full of cum"

A fantastic Bank Robbery film, with actually no violence for a change

A modern classic of fantastic writing,and a great debut.

American Heist

Thanks for reading my cult weekend.

The cult film that beats all other cult films hands down.

A film so cool It has taken 27 years to get a sequel

A delicious comedy about fitting in and death.

welcome aboard the Pork Chop. Express

Warriors come out to play

Tank Girl is another weirdly watchable film

Another underrated Film

The final part of British week

One of the better releases this week

Black Sea Think Das Boot meets The Italian Job

I Am Groot

The Babadook the scariest film in decades.

shows CGI and how to do it properly.

Into The Storm (2014) film review.


A softer side to Mr Statham

The best found footage movies ever.

The Signal

He picked the wrong house.

A Film that proves Religious Radicalism is as equal in all religions.

The worst film possibly ever made.

First rule of Fight Club. You don't talk about Fight Club