This very excited for August release of Videodrome

This beauty comes out in a limited edition duel format Blu-ray and DVD set.
With a High Definition digital transfer,and the uncut version of this brilliant film from David Cronenberg's early works. As going to print it has plenty of extras on a further 2 more DVD disks.The remastering has been personally overseen by Mr Cronenberg. Only problem is my credit card is not very well at the moment,and I might not be able to buy it this month "sadface" Maybe I can talk to my lovely wife and she might say yes,I can only dream.
I do hope though with this getting the special treatment we see all of Cronenberg's works properly remastered. Scanners,Shivers, The Brood, Rabies, Dead Ringers and the brilliant Clive Barkers Night Breed or Cabal in Europe and America, a film I loved and is not available for the UK market which in all fairness I'm a little pissed about,as it is a fantastic film and has been out of print for some time.So please any studios out there find who owns it and release it again please.
Sorry off on one again Videodrome is released on the 17th August for the UK on ARROW FILMS, once more who do fantastic re-releases of films,in great packaging but unfortunately keeps ignoring me and my blog at the moment. And yet I'm still giving them a plug,but the only reason is I'm a film fan, it is a great film and I will Blog about it.