I want a genuine talk about this film. And was it so bad?

I'm going to be completely honest I could not ever make up my mind about this film. Yes I watched it some of it worked,a lot didn't. Being a carbon copy of the original with shot for shot remakes. In which the original  film done so much better.I was watching it and the one thing that spoilt it for me was the fact at one point,the teenagers actually believed Freddie Kruger was innocent,then turns out he was a child molester. Now if I was a screen writer I would have been brave enough to keep this in the film. What would give a spirit more anger towards the teenagers of the parents who murdered him,so coldly by burning him alive. If you were actually innocent,If you were a spirit wouldn't you be a little pissed to be burnt alive for a crime you did not commit. If I was doing a reboot that would be in my script,yes he still haunts the kids,till he is strong enough to inflict the justice he deserves. Then again I do not think any Hollywood script writer would be that brave,to go against the army of fans.And to actually make a reboot that is so different from the first A Nightmare On Elm Street by Wes Craven.
I actually thought that Jackie Earl Hayley did a professional job as Freddie,and the casting of Rooney Mara as the social misfit Nancy was also a great choice. Now I cannot either remember any of the other cast members,as they were there mostly for their looks,and the fact that most were TV actors.Now I've nothing against actors who star in entertaining TV shows,but I think a lot of unknown actors would have filled the other roles better,and actually gave us something to actually care about,before they were murdered. In this we just have a bunch of great looking youngsters who get killed,and to be honest we care little about this.
In the original we cared and actually gasped at Amanda Wyss character Tina being killed and thrown around the bedroom. We had none of the menace of this in the 2010 remake,yes Freddie was more menacing, but they never used that to any advantage. I like to give most remakes or reboots a try,some are okay,like the Friday The 13TH remake in 2009. But some like this which are not bad,but not that good either, a missed opportunity that could have just worked with better direction,and a better script,in which to be a little braver, not be a complete carbon copy of the original,yes have some elements in, but maybe make the film more about Freddie why he is this angry,what drives him for the revenge,really fuck with the kids minds first over a period of time,then go for the kill,make it more psychological scary,instead of blood everywhere then we might actually have a reboot worth watching. I'm writing this because of the news going about on Twitter about another remake,or reboot. So I'm looking forward to another film,but secretly like most fans know we will probably get let down once more.