I loved this film so much and it was dark,so dark in fact I had to turn up the brightness in some scenes. Liam Neeson is the best I have seen him ever,back to the time of Shindlers List when we realised he was a great actor.
Forget about all his recent action films,the poor Non Stop, Run All Night,and Taken 3. This film is where Liam shines, I cannot recommend it enough.
A disgraced cop,an ex drunk,who now works as a private investigator,someone who you approach if you want something really done,if you know what I mean.
His name is Matt Scudder,and when he is approached by a drug dealer,who's wife has been kidnapped,he is asked to act as go between. When the transaction goes on as planned and the wife is to be located in a trunk of a car a few streets away.Matt opens the trunk to find the wife in about 30 tiny bloody bags. The kidnappers had no intention of returning her alive.The same thing happens to another criminal in the city,his wife is found in many bags in a local park, mutilated also.
It gives a dilemma to the watching public we have a bunch of serial killers killing the loved ones of Bad people,yes they are Drug Dealers,criminals,but do they really deserve to have their loved ones killed in horrible ways,they are wives,girlfriends and daughters of known criminals,who are being punished for there Husbands,or Fathers criminality.
As I said this film is dark the supporting cast is fantastic also with Dan Stevens as the first person to contact Matthew,and is determined to help Matt to find the killers of his wife.And the two killers who torment and torture there victims are the most terrifying duo I have seen onscreen in a long time.David Harbour and Sebastian Roche as the serial killers are scary as hell and you feel if they kidnapped you,you would not be getting out alive. This film is harsh,dark and probably my favourite film of 2015. Please Liam do more films like this instead of stupid action hero roles,you were born to play Matthew Scudder and the fact the books are in a series from writter Lawrence Block we know that MATT SCUDDER will return again and you know what I cannot wait.