A little rant

I would like to express my disappointment with some film companies, who I have personally written to emailed on numerous occasions. Even Tweeted about the lack of,no sorry no communication between you and myself. I'm a blogger who just wants to spread the word about your independent releases. Give a review recommend them if need be. But the constant ignoring is becoming disheartening. I'm not asking for loads of freebies,not even asking you for advertising revenues just the odd film you could send to me to review,or even give away as a prize. I'm betting Empire and total film has to go out and buy there copies"yeah right they do" you give free copies to every outlet,then only to be giving negative shit reviews from Kim Blo├┤dy Newman who just wants to take the piss out of most of the films. My god he even calls it Kim's dungeon. So my rant is over.

The only positive I have had back is 88 Films who produce a lot of Troma titles,at least you had the decency to write back to me so many thanks to you.

I have deleted the companies as I feel now I probably over reacted, I'm still disappointed by the lack of interest. Just got to keep on doing what I am doing writing,reviewing blogging. Get more pages work a little harder and I might then get noticed.