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Hello there and welcome to a new week of film releases, I have just checked out my local supermarket at looked at the chart for this weeks new releases. I noticed the Neill Blomkamp, film staring the excellent Sharlto Copeley, and Hugh Jackman, in the sci-fi thriller Chappie. I would like to tell fellow film fans in the UK that sainsburys supermarket is doing a very good deal on 2 DVD releases for £15.00 . There are some quite good films included in the deal, such as Interstellar, the Oscar winning best film Birdman, whiplash, Unbroken, Taken 3, to name a few, also they have a great deal on two BLURAY titles for £10.00 also.
I have just purchased Taken 3, and the Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, and I will be giving my personal views on these two. Also I had to buy it, an impulse buy as you would call it, why do supermarkets deliberately put items at the end of the cashier. Oh I know so you can make that impulse buy, anyway not moaning as I got the excellent horror film Cabin in the woods for only £3.00 saw this beauty 3 years ago, and cannot believe I never owned a copy of this fantastic,written and produced film from Josh Whedon . That is Netflix's  problem and on demand film streaming services they are a fantastic way of watching films, but as a film buyer, you do become lazy,and not decide to own as many great films as you should. As there  are so many films on demand, now I get the argument why pay twice for same film,your paying a subscription fee  to watch and stream films monthly, so why would you buy that film. The answer is these films don't stay on subscription channels for ever, because of film licences, but doesn't that film look better on your shelf at home, knowing you have purchased a part of Hollywood history,that you can legally own. That is just my opinion, and yes I'm a Netflix fan, I subscribe monthly,and they do a fantastic job, so do Amazon prime in the UK , but I'm making the point that if you are a film fan,and you love that film why not buy it, it is yours to keep forever. Anyway point over.
I will keep everyone updated on any film I watch and I will be reviewing same films, also I will be putting on the UK and U.S. Top sellers in the last week. Thanks for reading guys and I will keep this blog updated regularly.