UK DVD AND BLURAY Releases JULY 13 2015

Hi there it is a quiet week this for new releases,it is strange that some weeks are flooded and others barely a few titles. I'm going to run through them for you still.
We have the very dark comedy staring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, and Anna Kendrick, The Voices in which a man can hear his pets talking to him,and telling him to do not very nice things.
We have the extended cut of X-Men Days Of Furture's Past, the Rouge edition, in which Bryan Singer has re-edited the cut scenes of Anna Paquin who played Rouge in the first X-Men films,it promises to be a stronger cut also.
We have the Vince Vaughn comedy Unfinished Business about a small business owner and his two associates go to Europe to close a business deal. Also staring  Dave Franco the younger brother of James,and also the Great Tom Wilkinson.
Then we have the sequel to the original The Woman in Black, called surprisingly The woman in Black, Angel Of Death. It is released as a double pack also with the original Daniel Radcliffe film.
This sequel promises to be more scary,and the increase in film certificate says it all really going from a 12 the first film to a 15 certificate on the second. This time we have a war time setting in England in 1941, London, when two teachers evacuate children from the city, and take them to a remote house the Abandoned Eel Marsh House, where they should have stayed in London as evil awaits them.
We have the thriller Kill The Messanger, a true story about a journalist Gary Webb who tried to uncover dirty CIA activities in Nicaragua,and uncovering a cocain operation. It stars  the excellent Jeremy Renner, Ray Liotta, Michael Sheen, and Andy Garcia.
We have studio Ghibli  The Tale Of Princess Kaguya starring the voice of  Chloe Grace Moretz. It promises to be another great title from the great animation studio. As I have not got
complete knowledge of this title I cannot give a  synthesis of this film, but like all Studio Ghibli productions it will probably be as georgeous as all the other films.
The final two DVD releases are from two great British TV series we have season 4 of Exras,the comedy staring Tasmin Grieg, and Matt lE Blanc.
And finally series two of the comedy Vicious staring the wonderful Sir Ian McKellen,and  Derek Jacobi as an elderly Gay couple. Now I watched the final episode of this the other day,and it will have you in tears, I promise you.
So that is it for today, I will be putting on the top twenty lists from the U.S. And UK from last week,and I'm also considering involving our Austrailan neighbours too,as I have quite a few views from them,so why should they miss out on all the fun. I'm watching Wolf creak 2 tonight, so that will be reviewed tomorrow also. As I said it is kind of an Austrailan movement of films at the moment, I've reviewed Wyrmwood yesterday, I have Predestination to watch,and also Son of a Gun staring Scottish finest Ewan McGregor. So I'm going to be a busy boy,but I love films so I'm only doing what I love to do. Once again I will keep this updated daily,and if you like please subscribe to the blog,or follow me on Twitter,or even Instagram, and as I always say I will see you soon.