New headlines or very few today

Not much happening in the world of movies today apart from Mitch Winehouse the father of the late great Amy Winehouse, still not happy with the documentary film released today in the UK . Now has plans to make his own documentary about his daughter and to put her in a better light.

Apparently the worlds press has also noticed Matt Damon's new longer hair, I mean come on,is the world of film so short on news  today we have to mention his blooming pony tail.
Oh I'm sorry I've just mentioned it also sorry,but it is a slow news day

The biggest news though online is that reportedly Tom Cruise may be forced to leave the church of Scientology, if he wants to continue to have a relationship with his daughter Suri. Ever since the divorce of Katie Holmes,he has not be able to bring up his daughter in the way the church wants. This would mean Suri would be labeled a 'suppressive person' by the church, which would mean if he wants to stay in the church,he would have to have limited or no contact with his daughter Suri.
Now I'm a father to a beatiful daughter also and I would move mountains to get to see her if I was ever separated, so it seems he will have a very difficult decision to make.