Monday 27th July new releases UK

Here we have all DVD and bluray releases for this week. We have the excellent World War 2 drama Suit Francaise  about a woman whose husband is being held captured but the German army, and whilst in France she falls for a German Officer sent to watch her family. As they feel they could be part of the French resistance. 
We have the fantasy film Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, why so much talent staring in such a film, I might review it I may not, being a main screen release title I will see.
We also have an other action film from the Jason Statham camp,and that is Wild Card, extended edition. He is reunited with Simon West the Expendable's 2 director for a story about a Las Vegas bodyguard,who has a serious gambling addiction. When a chance encounter with a son of a mob boss,we know Jason's cards will be marked.
We have the Yet another zombie film, based on the hit Capcom game of the same name and that is Dead Rising:Watchtower,not even played the game,but I assume film is about a zombie virus outbreak and some guy is the hero to stop it. Just guessing storyline but I bet I'm not far out.
We have one film I would love to see and that is the Iranian vampire movie A Girl Walks Home Alone, now I have heard many great things about this film,one is the fact the material is so groundbreaking, especially because of the religious content,and the story will no doubt upset a lot of religious people. As I say it is so brave to release a film such as this,that covers so many things,such as prostitution ,drug use and a love story between a vampire and a young man. I cannot wait to review this title.
We have the1979 TV series Quatermass about a dystopian Britian taken over by an Alien Race of beings.
We have the documentary That Sugar Film
We finally have the Naomi Watts film While We Were Young, starring also Ben Stiller as a married couple who meet a more younger hipper couple than themselves. And befriend them,probably not one that I will be watching
So out of all releases this week I will probably be reviewing Wild Card and the horror A Girl Walks Home Alone. So if money goes my way I will hopefully be purchasing these titles and reviewing them as soon as I can.