just a quick post today

Hello and happy Sunday to you all today, not much to post about except I would like to give a mention to a certain supermarket in the UK. That is Sainsbury's now before you say anything, like why them? Well I shall tell you, they have been consistently cheap,with fantastic offers on for DVDs etc. Without them I wouldn't have been able to A. Buy as many titles. And B. For me to review them. Yes I know all supermarkets have specials on,but the last 4 weeks of me doing this blog, I have managed to buy many films,a lot of independent titles also,which I want to publicize more on this blog. I have had many new release titles,at silly prices like between £2.00 and £3.00 a DVD Just today I got two bluray titles for £10.00, and yes I know I said I wouldn't buy bluray again,because of the mark up in price, but two for £10.00 come on you cannot turn that down. So I have the fantastic Lucy, and Dracula Untold to review. As I said I wouldn't have been able to have reviewed,any of the titles I have done,without a fantastic,price drop of DVDs and bluray. Only last week I picked up two new release titles for £15.00 with different voucher codes, I got Taken 3 and Interstellar last week for as little as £12.50. So thank you Sainsbury's lets hope this is not just a one off thing,because the amount of DVDs I have been able to purchase at reasonable prices has been brilliant. But remember I'm on a budget guys, so I do shop around,and will quite easy swap and use another supermarket if they do better deals. That is all probably today,as I have loads of films to watch and being the 7 week school holidays,with children to look after too,maybe a little difficult,but I will still find time somehow,to keep this blog updated daily. As I said before thanks for reading and I will see you all soon.
 Just a quick update I contacted Sainsbury's yesterday via an email,just in the hope they could help me from time to time,with maybe discounted titles,to review on my blog. Well that was turned down today, disappointingly,saying they only support certain ventures,such as comic relief,sports relief,sports equipment for schools. I wasn't even asking for freebies but a discount every now and then,and I could thank them on my blog. Oh well another crossed off my list,just got to remember all those that have turned me down,so I Can then repay them with the same favour, in the future.