Just a little help please

Hello everybody I feel strange asking advice on my Blog, but I have been having difficulty reaching out to film companies. As I said yes I know I'm a newbie at this Blogging but I just want to reach out to as many people as I possibly can, and review as many new releases as I can also. I  don't want to have to rely on advertising revenue to keep this blog going,but I just want help every now and then. You know the odd film passed my way to review, I'm not asking for the world It is that I cannot afford to buy,or rent every new release. As I say I'm not even asking for payment just the odd release, from any film company so I can blog about it and give my opinions of the film and review it. If anybody can help me out please I would be very grateful. Please either contact me via twitter,Instagram or directly via the blog, as I said many thanks, and I will try to keep this blog updated daily.