Just a few more action titles

Hi I have just a few more action titles to review, then I will have a month of  horror/ slasher movies, I will throw in a few sci-fi also,as most of my popular posts are of the horror and sci-fi genre.
I have been building up my horror collection quite substantially this year, I have some gems,some not so good,some I have never seen but I look forward to watching. So all my Twitter followers who love horror I hope I will do you proud. A lot of sleepless nights this month,but it will be worth it,as I am a horror junkie at heart. I will follow by a month of rom com movie. Will I bollocks!!!! I wouldn't steep that low. I'm will probably be doing a Cult movie marathon,hopefully 88 films I'm looking forward to working with you. Arrow films still waiting on you but would love to review your titles,as you release some absolute gems from the past. As I said I love films especially cult, and lower end production type films, wether serious,or just a laugh, I love ya.
That is why I do this blog, I think I have only reviewed two higher end titles,from major studios,and both left me with complete disappointment. So I will be raiding the bargain titles,usually the ones the shops almost give away,to bring you the best in the forgotten, movies who I think deserve to be seen. And to say to the bigger studios big budget isn't always the way to go. Hope you enjoy this month as much as I'm enjoying writing this blog. Please keep coming back and I will keep this blog going,hopefully from strength to strength. See you soon