I have Made a decision today.

Hi and thank you for coming back to my blog, I have had some great news today, a company I contacted only the other day has got back to me. That is out of many I can tell you,so hopefully I can work alongside them,review their titles new and old,yes it is not a massive company,but a smaller one in which I set up this blog for. To promote smaller titles that get so criminally overlooked in a saturated market of blockbusters. Yes I still will keep everyone informed of all new releases,but a majority of this blog will be dedicated to smaller titles.
I can tell you now the only two companies to respond back to me so far, is 88 Films, and Fox Searchlight pictures. And I have contacted a lot I can Tell you. So I would like to thank you both,also I would like to express my disappointment in a certain Supermarket, where I buy most of my films from, in which I told them,thanked them personally for a great price war when it came to DVD sales. I even asked them if they could maybe discount them for me, not always,but just sometimes,and I would personally thank them on my blog,as we know big retailers get these Dvds at cost price anyway,so a small discount wouldn`t harm them, for a little free publicity.But I was turned down imeditately, saying they have their own charity partners and they will stick to them. So Sainsbury's you lost out as i brought all my DVD's this week from Tesco's. I will be putting on more reviews later,so I hope you enjoy, and as long as you keep coming back I will continue to keep this blog going,without the need for advertising revenue hopefully.