Best selling DVD UK

1. The Second Best Marigold Hotel
2. Fifty Shades Of Grey
3. Focus
4. Jupiter Ascending
5. Still Alice
6. Taken 3
7. Kingsman The Secrtet Service
8. Big Hero 6
9. American Sniper
10. Last Knights
11. The wedding Ringer
12. The Boy Next Door
13. Shaun The Sheep The Movie
14. Magic Mike
15. Paddington
16. Despicable Me 2
17. Illumination Mini Movies
18. The Imitation Game
19. The Theory Of Everything
20. Finding Nemo

There we go the top 20 sales for the UK video market, three weeks at the top now for The Second Best Marigold Hotel. Fifty Shades of grey has not moved from second place either in two weeks. People still liking a movie about a guy called Brian in Taken 3. The biggest surprise for me Is Finding Nemo has crept back into the charts,not bad for a film 12 years old now, must have something to do with the fantastic repackaging done by Disney, and Pixar Studios.