A quiet day today sorry

I have no films to review today, as today has been a family day,with the school holidays upon us, it has been Dad duty today. But I will be back online running tomorrow.
I had heard some news today that the film Sharknado 3 was streaming on the internet, and the success was so that the internet crashed. So it is not obviously Kim Kardasian's ass that can down the internet but a low grade B-movie about flying sharks in tornadoes.To be honest I have not seen the previous two,and put a tweet out to say was I a bad person for not seeing them? I did get a response back and luckily I was not put out to pasture,but was told by some that I was very lucky lol.
I did get three more films today one being the slasher Girlhouse, and the horror The Ayslum.
I have got loads of reviews to put on though including The Guest, In The Blood, Absolution with Steven Segal,Dying of The Light with Nicolas Cage, The Kidnapping of Freddie Heineken,Taken 3 and Kingman The Secret Service. Followed will probably be a Sci-fi week, then a week dedicated to horror/ slasher films.so I shall see you tomorrow bright and breezy. Oh I have contacted a lot of film companies today by writing in the hope they can send me from time to time titles to review,as it is costing me a small fortune buying films at the moment. And sorry you might just say,why not stream films for free,well I won't because I have never done that and never will. And I don't condone those that choose to, it is I don't believe in it, I love films,and the time it takes to make them,by talented people. I have too much respect for the film making community in general, and if they make a great film they should be rewarded for it,by people buying,or legally streaming their film. Not people watching it for free,but that is just me though. So please don't condemn me but those are just my views,and principles.