A little rant

I love films all films, small films,big budget blockbusters. Indie films. The one thing that does annoy me is the many sequels, especially if they eventually tarnish the original. I bet your wondering why,then I shall tell you, only two films that have really blown me away in the last few years. They are Kick Ass, and the original Taken film. Now Kick Ass 2 was okay, nothing groundbreaking, just a more violent rehash of the original. The thing that has really pissed me off is the Taken franchise the first was masterful,different, a middle age man kicking the shit out of everything to protect his family. Then a sequel had to be made,but a more friendly approach to get more bums on seats. Did it work? Maybe almost, at least it had some logic to the previous film,even if it was watered down.
I have spent the last two hours watching Taken 3, now minus all the plot holes,that we all turn a blind eye too. We have a third film that has no connection to the other two,apart from Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace. Why make it? To make more money?to finalise the trilogy? All you have done is cheapened the original film that I absolutely loved. I love Liam Neeson,he is a great actor, he is now seen as a bit of an action star, but please don't take the character I loved in the first place. And take it one movie too far. I'm so annoyed by it, my review will be put on tomorrow, but fed up of big studios taking us!!! The fools who love films, and spend our money on films we love, then take us for granted with shit sequels. God I'm so angry,need a lie down to calm down.