Hi just a quick discussion today, we all live in different parts of the world,and we all have the same films released, but why are they so different region to region. I'm not going to rant about regional coding,as we will never be able to defeat that completely. As a certain film company can stop your jail brake  bluray player at any time,through any update. What I'm annoyed about especially since the dawn of bluray , is the lack of special editions released ,we had fantastic special DVD editions, I'm a lover of the DVD digipack that never ever really carried over with Bluray. All we ever seem to get is the standard Blue box,and with the extra storage space,we don't even get a second disk any more. And then we are expected to pay in the UK at least another £5.00 for the same film released,when we can get it cheaper on DVD . Yes before you start don't say what about the HD quality on Bluray, believe me I fell for this all those years ago and upgraded TV to TV 1080i to 1080p full HD. Can I just tell you unless you have a 4K  TV,or one with a million billion pixels you will not tell the difference between a very good upscaler Dvd, to a Bluray player, I have learnt the hard way, yes I still will buy the odd film on Bluray, but if I can get same film £5.00-£7.00 cheaper I buy the DVD now. My original rant is that Bluray Doesn't treat it's fans that well, how many rants on blogs,and other online outlets that people moan about a Bluray release that is sub par, some say a cash in. I have not updated my whole Dvd collection either,and why because of the lack of thought put into a special editions. They will quite happily release an older film in a Blue box and say,hey buy this it's HD now don't you know,with no thought about a decent cover, a digibox presentation,even a two disk set, that is why I do not upgrade my DVD special Editions I currently own.
My other Rant is especially in UK we very rarely get shop special editions,just the standard Blue box as before mentioned. In the US I know you get Best buy exclusives, Wallmart exclusives we get nothing in the UK, you even have Media Book editions of films, and Europe does also,in the UK, do we bollocks!!!! we get nothing, oh I'm sorry we get Steelbook special editions, but then we are expected to pay even more for these,almost double in price sometimes.

Please do not think I'm Anti Bluray I'm not, some releases are fantastic,and some companies really make an effort, one for example ARROW FILMS, they take older films,release them in a collectors edition,with multiple covers to choose from, I have always been continually impressed with their releases, also Zavvi in the UK have special editions, but these are usually steelbooks and as I said before expensive. So as a film lover especially the home video market, don't treat us fans, especially those in the UK with  disrespect please, release some decent Bluray special editions, And I might spend my hard earned money on them. Otherwise I will continue to buy the standard DVD editions as they are no different to the Bluray editions just a HD upgrade, put another disk in,a decent cover,something that will catch my eye then and only then will I go back to Bluray.