Well I finally found two hours to sit down and watch this film. It was a film I generally really wanted to like. Since the book releases in 2012, it was alway undeniable that a film would be made of these books. I not going into to much detail about the film,as you all know the rough ideas of the film.
Shy naive girl Anastasia Steele,interviews media mogul Christian Grey for her college year book thing. An instant attraction between the two,then he becomes creepy stalker guy to finally get her. And present her with a binding contract to be his submissive sex slave.
"Oh I want to" "ermm I'm not to sure again" "yes Christian take me" I mean come on, the whole idea of this movie made me feel uncomfortable, and please do not think that I'm some conservative prude. I've watched pornography  like most men, been curious, and wanting to try different sexual things in the bedroom. The whole idea of him wanting to impose this on a very naive girl is unsettling to say the least. I wonder would the shy Anastasia  still keep coming back and considering her options wether to or not, if Christian was the garbage guy,who liked kinky sex. No she would not, she would tell him "To piss off  you dirty bastard"  ",And you ain't putting it there",but as this is a fantasy and he is a billionaire hunky boy she keeps coming back and considering her options.
The script is clumsy the dialogue is a joke "I'm going to fuck you into next week" even poor Jamie Dornan looks and feels uncomfortable delivering his lines, he looks nervous as if he is desperately looking for a way out of this film. I'm not saying he is a bad actor but to me on screen, he looks completely uncomfortable with this role.
The dialogue  between Jamie, and Dakota at one point "Oh Anastasia  your blushing,your thighs are tightening that is called adrenaline" I'm not a betting man,but I would find it hard to see the same actors in the sequel,now I could be wrong,but that is my opinion.
Now I will give some plus points, the soundtrack is brilliant,the look of the film is very good. Sam Tayor- Johnson has done a fantastic job as director, to make a film look good when it is really a turd of a film. Dakota Johnson is brilliant In this film, and I'm not just saying that because of the nudity, she portrays Anastasia Steele very well, curious, naive,shy but almost with balls to show Christian that he cannot just walk all over her. So to sum it up, I did not like this film, it is a general fantasy of a woman being turned on by a bad guy, but still wanting him, in the hope she could turn him around to her way of thinking and to be in a normal relationship. I watched the theatrical version of the film,not the so called uncut version. Didn't think I could handle another few more minutes of this film.
Would I recommend it, no I wouldn't. I have no doubt this will be the biggest selling film of the year,on the home video market. But to me it was not my cup of tea thank you very much.