Open Grave a really great,but different take on a Zombie pandemic

This film I saw released the end of 2014, within a month it was reduced to just £3.00 in my local supermarket. What can I say about this film, apart from WOW, I  was expecting a Zombie Apocalypse type movie, a walking dead clone. What we did get was a very clever thoughtful film about a massive pandemic. With a general sense of panic, paranoia. I'm not going to give any plot spoilers as it wouldn't be fair to do so. We get a genuine almost medical point of view about the pandemic,similar in logic to Stephen Soderbergh Contagion. I cannot stress how good this film is, a realistic film with a realistic ending.Staring an on par performace from Sharlto Copley, can this guy not make a bad film,also staring Erin Richards, Thomas Kretschmann
It was directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego who is known previously as the director of the found footage movie Apollo 18.