Saw Franchise, rated from best to worse.

Saw in 2004 was groundbreaking for horror, never had we seen a horror movie like it, unfortunately starting off the Tourture porn trend in horror.
Shame as the original Saw had so much going for it, this micro budgeted film, introduced us to John Kramer one of the best serial killers ever, a man with terminal cancer, with no chance of survival, bitter at the world and those who take life for granted. He wants to give people the chance of life, but the catch, they need to suffer insufferable pain first. Probably in hindsight a look at life in general that you have a lot of pain in your life, but you still need to try and remember to live your life, appreciate it, as it can be taken away from you just as easily.
A great selling point in a movie, that just eventually turned into an excuse to put as much gore on-screen, and to create more elberate traps, to keep gore hounds happy, this however I think ruined the series, and I'm so glad it did eventually come to an end, leaving almost a ten year gap before it was rebooted.
As this was so much better for the  series as Jigsaw was surprisingly good, under new direction and writers, read my review of Jigsaw 2017.
In the mean time these are my star rating of the franchise movie by movie.
Saw   2004 ****
Saw 2 2005***
Saw 3 2006 ***
Saw 4 2007 **
Saw 5 2008 **
Saw 6 2009 *
Saw 7 2010 ***
Jigsaw 2017 ***


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