The Wyoming Incident, one clever hacking, or was it something more sinister

The Wyoming Incident is a strange one, when a mysterious broadcast appeared on local TV, in the Country of Niobrara that lasted for several minutes, with various disembodied heads, and strange wordings on-screen.
The fact that the flashing imagery changed every few seconds, this wouldn't have made much news, the fact afterwards people were being admitted to GP's and hospital's complaining of severe headache, sickness, and hallucinations brought on by this hack. The even stranger thing is paranormal experts were brought in to examine the footage, and the most bizarre thing is the frequency was not of a normal frequency but being between 17 and 19 Hz which when played for a period of time causes the eyes to vibrate, and too actually shake your brain.
No one has ever been caught for this hacking, yet no one has any clue either where it originated from, as it was left with absolutely no trace, leading experts to believe it could have come from a paranormal sources.
We shall never know, I'll leave a link for the clip, but please watch at your own discretion.


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