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Brawl In Cell Block 99. Directed by S. Craig Zahler. Distribution by RJLE Films USA, Universal Pictures Europe. Rated R, Certificate 18. Running time 124 minutes.

From the writer and director of Bone Tomahawk, S. Craig Zahler comes Brawl In Cell Block 99, well more than a brawl more like a massacre, and if you enjoyed the gore in Bone Tomahawk you will absolutely love this.
Starring in probably his best role ever, and one that will always be talked about on Vince Vaughn's CV.
Yes the comedic talents of Vince have been forgotten about, we have no improve like he is famous for, no team ups with Owen Wilson, we have one of the grittiest, dirtiest in your face violence, with some of the most believable fights scenes put to celluloid, these fights seem realistic, not staged choreographed within an inch of their lives, but brutal looking fights. Throughout all this though is Bradley Thomas (Vaughn) A decent man with decent values, who just so happens to make the wrong choices, losing his job early on, the ex boxer becomes a low level drug runner, when a sting operation one night sees him arrested, and sentenced, to a low level low security jail.…

All Through The House (2015) Film Review. The Redmond Company. Directedby Todd Nunes. Distributed by 101 Films UK. Certificate 18, Runningtime 101 minutes.

Is it too early for a Christmas movie, hell no!! With the festive Yuletide only  a few days away now, why should it always be about Halloween, Spring Break, Fall break all the time. It has been a few years since a Holiday Slasher movie has been made, with Silent Night Deadly Night remake, obviously we Had Krampus, and the other various copycat movies last year, so it is nice to see a festive bloodbath movie. Directed by Todd Nunes and debuted at RIP film festival October 2015, winning best director nod at Hardcore Horror Fest, Chicago, IL, best slasher award at RIP Horror film festival. With it being quite a fan favourite amonst it's indie fanbase.
Plot summary; A deranged Santa is punishing all the naughty children, well adults now, as he returns to his family home. With plenty of bloodshed, as he cuts, stabs, chops, through house to house, with shears, with plenty of body part removals, and nakedness as all who get frisky get very dead.
With a definite nod to 80's slasher movie…

Split Film Review 2016. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Produced by Blumhouse Productions. Directed by M Night Shymalan. Certificate 15 running time 117 minutes.

Is Split a horror film, just because it is produced by Jason Blum ( Blumhouse) it has been labelled as a horror well it certainly isn't.
It is a psychological movie, that has only been made to tie up a previous franchise which is Unbreakable, and to make a further movie in the what is now known to be a trilogy for M Night  Shymalan's with a very clever cameo in the final moments from Bruce Willis, to tie this movie to Unbreakable, and the next being called Glass, which has just finished shooting.
A film that is very well acted by James McAvoy, and Anya Taylor-Joy, a film that at first I didn't want to see, as I believed it to be negative on mental health issues, especially multiple personality disorder. Although James McAvoy does a brilliant job as Kevin who has no less than 23 personality's , under a resounding psychologist, after a strange incident involving two teenage girls, two of his dominant personality's have come out, and kidnapped three teenage girls, fo…

Netflix is an amazing streaming service, and is still one of the best, but the last few months has been unkind to the service provider. With many flops to its name, in producing its own content, 2017 has been a bad year.

Netflix is without doubt one the best streaming providers, bringing us original series's since 2013, namely House Of Cards, Stranger Things, and Orange Is The New Black.
All these are excellent TV shows, the service provider is now making original content in film production, but unfortunately a lot of the exclusive materials, or films has had critics seething.
Namely these productions, War Machine starring Brad Pitt, now proving he is now about 5 years without any hit film. To The Bone, a brave film about anorexia, becoming a clogged down romantic love story.
The two which really turned this now studio shit is two films, Little Evil, and Deathnote, both advertised as genre breaking movies, to showcase this service, but being the two worst films of 2017. Little Evil seemed like it was written like 20 years ago, like it would've been a horror comedy in the vane of Naked Gun, or Hot Shots, movies of the nineties, with a few modern twists added to the mix still does not save this…

Atonic Blonde. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Directed by David Leitch. Rated R, certificate 15, running time 115 minutes.

I like the eighties, it will always be the decade of my youth and teenage years, I love eighties films, and will always have a place in my heart.
I had such high hopes for Atomic Blonde, set in 1989, still at the peak of the cold war, set in East Berlin before the great wall came down, especially being directed by David Leitch, the director of the brilliant John Wick. What we  have is a spy thriller that is actually incredibly boring, marketed as a kick ass action movie, when it is just a neon dressed arthouse film. A film more about style over substance, the music is outstanding, the fashion is spot on, everything that I remember of that year is spot on, it is that it is so arty for me to properly enjoy.
Charlize Theron is absoultly lovely, very tall, and does kick ass in some scenes, the fight scenes are inventive and extremely gritty, especially the hose pipe fight.
Everything about this film is screaming for me to enjoy it ticks all the boxes, the music, the fashion, the retro lo…