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The latest poster for Insidious Chapter four The Last Key, courtesy of Blumhouse.


Is Horror the king of Hollywood once more. Proving for the second year in a row the most popular, and profitable genre.

With 2017 almost over, we have had another disappointing year for movies and blockbusters, it comes to something that studios are hoping on a return from two crappy sequels to save Hollywood and that is Daddy's Home 2,  and Bad Mum's Christmas.
With Blade Runner 2049 being a total flop, only making $80,000,000 from its original budget of over $150,000,000 with marketing costs, it looks to be the least profitable film, and this year's biggest loser.
When in comparison four horror movies in particular have come out most favourably, firstly Split, which turns into a very clever sequel for Unbreakable, which inevitably has been turned into a trilogy with Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy in the film Glass currently filming directed by M Night Shymalan.
Another surprise was Jordan Peele's debut Get Out, a modern day body snatchers story, told with a social edge about racism in liberal America.
Amongst these were a sequel, but proving horror when done right …

Does the Stephen King books and films actually have its own Universe, like The Conjuring, Marvel and D.C.

A fan theory came out this week linking IT to The Shining with the being 'IT' or Pennywise The Dancing Clown being some unknown creature from an other dimension that can only be seen and beaten by kids with a special gift.
What special gift? Well the gift of Shining, what Danny possessed in the film the Shining, seeing the ghosts in the Hotel, but was it really ghosts but Pennywise terrifying Danny. It is a hard one to believe, but judging by the Losers Club in IT do they contain the gift of Shining too, as Pennywise could not scare them, and they were able to defeat him,  that normal children could not. All the children have one thing in common, they are abused, or damaged in some way, they are messed up kids, like Danny in The Shining. Does this give them the ability to see the evil, but also not to be afraid by  beating Pennywise. It is a long shot, and people are desperate to link things, but the fact Stephen King has already linked a lot of his books in The Dark Tower se…

From Universal pictures comes this exclusive for the UK, a horror collection from Blumhouse, exclusively only at HMV

For those lucky to live in the UK this boxset is exclusively available only in HMV a horror boxset including four of the most popular and successful films from Blumhouse productions.
Get Out.
The Visit.
Available on Blu-ray a four disk set for £24.99.
Special features include.Get Out: 
Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Jordan Peele
Deleted Scenes
Alternate EndingSplit: 
Alternate Ending
The Making of Split
The many faces of James McAvoy
The Filmmaker’s Eye: M. Night ShyamalanThe Visit: 
Making of The Visit
Deleted Scenes
Alternate Ending