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Pennywise The Dancing Clown, meets Slipknot mash up video.

With IT passing the five hundred million mark at the cinemas, and now officially being the highest grossing horror film ever, not even including VOD future streaming and DVD and BluRay this could end up being the most profitable horror film ever, with the casting already in operation for the second instalment, and a 2019 release date things are looking good for this remake. With an already promised directors cut of this movie on Bluray and a massive collection of Deleated scenes, we shall all be looking forward to seeing more of Pennywise. The reason I'm writing this as most already know, I came across a video on YouTube the other day, not only does it feature one of my favourite songs, from one of my favourite bands, it features for once not a spoof but a great music video tribute and drum solo to Slipknot The Devil In I, in the form of Pennywise The Dancing Clown, now we have all seen the various songs now of Pennywise dancing anything from Abba, to Cotton Eye Joe, to Metallica…

Should Jeepers Creepers franchise be shelved after an online petition against its director, who has a sordid past, and should he profit from this movie?

With the teaser clips released today of Jeepers Creepers 3 Cathedral, has caused so much controversy, and not for the film itself. With an online petition wanting this film banned, and even cinema chains being urged not to show this film and why? It turns out Victor Salva the creator, writer and director of this franchise, has a sordid past, he was convicted of rape in the eighties of a boy who is a minor, and served a minimal sentence. Although he has arguably served his time, people are still disgusted by this, including myself, and for this reason I will not be reviewing or watching this movie, the same reason as the online petitioners.  Being pressured into sexual activity by an older girl as I was in my teens, it is only when your get older you realise how vulnerable you are in your youth, with this happening to me in the eighties by a girl many years older than myself at the time. Reading this controversy has brought back memories, and for once I can understand the anger, of these…

Never Let Go 2016 film review. Directed by Howard J. Ford.Distribution by Icon Films UK, Uncork'd Entertainment US, running time 94 minutes approximately.

A film I first  saw the trailer for just before Christmas, but thinking it's just another Taken style action thriller, I never really gave it a second thought, well it is now streaming on Netflix in the UK if you are interested and available on DVD.   I was given a streaming copy to watch from the great people at Unkork'd Entertainment, and watched it, and you know I will admit I was so wrong, for a low budget British made film, the film puts most if not all US thrillers to shame. Starring Angela Dixon, a little known Indie actress, who deserves to be seen at a larger level, although being an actress She is an established Yoga instructor in the UK, so she is fit, and not just in the looks department but my goodness me the amount she runs, jumps and free runs  like a professional, puts Liam Neeson late fifties Brian to shame. A film that if you didn't know about a mothers love, and the things they are capable of, a Mothers bond is so strong, which is shown to perfection in…

Alien Covenant 2017 DVD and bluray review. Distribution by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Ridley Scott. Certificate 15.

Available on Bluray and DVD today with personally the best cover art going to the DVD artwork, but no matter how good both artwork is, this film is probably the biggest disappointment of the year, and I vary rarely agree with Mark Kemode but with this I agree with him 100% how poor this movie is. It took me many years to appreciate Prometheus, which I hated on my first viewing, although not a great film, it is so much better than Alien Covenant, and that is the reason the latter failed, trying a be a direct sequel to Prometheus. It is almost the same movie, but Ridley Scott adding a few Xenomorph's to it, in an attempt to hide the failings of his previous effort,  and the fan base crying out for them in Prometheus, is why this movie really is shit. With no likable characters in this movie whatsoever, hell they are so drab and boring I had to wait to the credits to roll to find the name of the characters.  With a ten year gap that is explained in one small two minute segment, we h…

Are you coulrophobia? The fear of Clowns. With the horror world made upof these painted creatures. Here I will have a look at the most famousclowns used in celluloid.

With rave reviews of IT hitting our cinema screens last week, and having one of the most profitable and successful openings for any horror film of late proving the world of horror is certainly not done with the idea of clowns, and the in depth fear they have on our psyches. With new releases every year now such as Clowntergeist which I reviewed the other day, to The Funhouse Massacre, last years 31 from Rob Zombie, and  the very underrated Mockingbird From the Campy classic of Killer Clowns From Outer Space, from the mid eighties, to the classic mini-series from Stephen King It starring Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown. Even clowns with no names have been terrorising kids in movies, with Poltergeist 1984, to the dreadful 2015 version. We have had clown toys attacking kids in films such as the Gate, and The Hole, for decades. I will go through some of the most memorable clowns in horror. 1. Pennywise The Clown IT.
With Tim Curry making this character his own, from the early nineties T…

Clowntergeist film review. From High Octane Pictures. Directed by Arron Mirtes. Distribution by Uncork'd entertainment. Not yet rated, running time 80 minutes. On demand from 9/12/2017.

*Picture from High Octanne Pictures
With IT hitting theatres this weekend it is almost certain that a mass of copycat clown films will arrive with Clowntergeist  no exception.
A film with the poster looking quite amazing, shame the film isn't quite as good, although top marks going to marketing dept, although not the worst film ever, most will probably turn off within the first 30 minutes.
I gave it a go and I could find some plus points, it is directed reasonably well by an established indie director with a number of shorts under his belt Arron Mirtes, with this film sounding like a mix between IT meets Poltigiest, it is actually more like The Ring meets One Missed  Call, where a demonic clown leaves you a red ballon with your death date on it, and you will be dead within 48 hours. The obvious nod to Salems Lot I liked with Ribcage at the window, one of my all time scariest scenes from any horror movie.
When a girl Emma ( Britany Belland) with serious coulrophobia since childhoo…

Hacked as known in the UK and The Den in America 2013 review. Directed by Zachary Donohue. Distribution by IFC Midnight, Precision Pictures UK, released 18 April 2016, running time 81 minutes. Certificate 18.

Hacked as known in the UK, but The Den in the US, actually is not a bad film, following on from the likes of Unfriended, Smiley and Friend Request we have another horror about the dangers of social media and the over reliance and addiction some people have. Although this is not a supernatural movie, it is about a well organised bunch of hackers working from the dark web, to hack someone's social media account, including full access to their computer, and web cam, other secret hidden cameras within that persons house. To have a paid watcher who has the pleasure of all the live feeds, including watching that persons paranoia up until their fateful death at the hands of those dangerous people. Think of this movie as a mix between Hostel meets Untraceable and that is the movie we get. It is a simple tale of a college grad Elizabeth Benton ( Melanie Papalia) doing a thesis about social media and a certain app that allows random conversations with random people, you can chat with, and if …

Cold Moon 2016 FILM REVIEW. Curmudgeon films and Highland Film Group. A film by Griff Furst. DISTRIBUTION BY Uncork'd entertainment. Not yet rated, running time 92 minutes. Release date 6th October in theatres and VOD.

From Curmudgeon Films, and Highland Film Group, in association with All ABoard Productions, Cold Moon 2016. Directed by Griff Furst, distribution by Uncork'd Entertainment.
Cold Moon a delicious tale of greed, murder, vengeance with a supernatural twist, with this film so reminding me of a segment in Creepshow 1982 "Something To Tide You Over" about a vengeful couple who return from the dead to taunt the murderous villan until he eventually goes insane. With this film based on the novel from 1989 Cold Moon Over Babylon by Michael McDowell  The writer of Beetlejuice and A Nightmare Before Christmas, with this movie actually reminding me a lot of Beetljuice especially the small town setting, the wooden bridge that is featured frequently, the watery grave setting, we even have a serpent with a human head in one scene, that was also used in Beetlejuice, in a clever practical effect.

A story of a murder in a small town setting in Babylon, Florida, sixteen-year-old Margaret Larki…

Abattoir Movie Review 2016. Produced by Dark Web Productions. Distribution by Momentum Pictures US, Universal Pictures UK. Certificate 18, running time 98 minutes. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman.

This film is the equivalent to Marmite you either love it, or hate it, personally I liked it, a film that is a fresh breeze of dark air into the horror genre, with the apparent comparisons to 13 Ghosts and House On Hauted Hill, in which this film wins hands down. Coming out of the tail end of 2016, following the likes of Bye Bye Man, The Conjuring 2, Ouija Origins Of Evil, this is a different movie experience I have ever had the pleasure to watch, a different take on the Haunted house genre, with honestly the best film noir film I have seen in a while, set almost in a totally different timeline, although in modern times, it has a fifties noir look to the film that makes it so refreshing. The lighting, the camera work, how characters are lit within dark scenes are quite astounding, with the camera work not impressing me so much since the great work on Final Girl, another example of Fantasic camera work on filmnoir lit sets. It is strange to pin point this movie as it is two thirds invest…

Insidious Chapter 4 The Last Key trailer is now available.

Insidious Chaper 4 trailer is now available, although very little is given away it stars Lin Shaye once more, and the title is called The Last Key. Directed by Adam Robitel and is scheduled for a January 2018 release.

Anti Matter 2016 film review. Directed by Kier Burrows. Distribution by Uncork'd entertainment U.S. Release date September 8th 2017.

Starring Yaiza Figueroa, Tom Barber-Duffy, Philippa Carson. Cast Iron Picture Co Presents.

Anti Matter or also known as Worm which is currently holding 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, a micro budget film that is showing all the bigger studios how to make Sci Fi and make it bloody interesting.
Like Primer and Coherence before it, proving a film with no stars or major money financed behind these projects, then showing up every other film maker how to make a well constructed film with an interesting script, that will put Hollywood to shame.

Now I'm not going to bore you with the science behind this movie, and in fairness unless you have a degree in quantum physics you will not understand, but put in simple turns three scientists open up a wormhole temporarily that enables them to move matter, with the scientific break through of the century and desperately needing funding, Anna volunteers to pass through the wormhole, to then have devastating effects.
After passing through Anna is unable t…