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Ibiza Undead 2016. Templeheart Films, directed by Andy Edwards. Distribution by Soda Pictures. Cetificate 15, running time 95 minutes.

As the title says The Inbetweeners meet Shawn Of The Dead, if only that was half true I would have settled for a film that was half good, instead we got this turd of a movie.
A film that is a disgrace to include Shawn Of The Dead in the title.
Now I love British comedy, I'm a proud Brit myself, and I have been on that lads holiday in the past.
I know what goes on in nightclubs, bars, and dodgy sales girls getting you into bars, to only find out they are a pile of shit.
This film is that equivalent, a promise of something great, look inside you'll love it, then it is an empty room of broken promises, with cheap rip off booze and dingy lighting, hiding the ugly folk.
A film that stars Emily Atack is always one to watch, the gorgeous actress who played Charlotte in The Inbetweeners, she is gob smacking, drop dead gorgeous, in this unfortunately the best character  in this, to have her turn into a Zombie, is the down point of this movie, and before you say plot spoilers, her pict…

I Don't Feel At home in this world anymore film review. Film Science, XYZ Films, directed by Macon Blair. Distribution by Netflix. Running time 96 minutes.

This film was mentioned in a top ten films of this year, and being on Netflix for a while did not know what to make of it, but I gave it a go last night and it is brilliant. A strange film about a woman, Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) who just wants things to be right, feeling angry with the modern world, after a break in at her house, with her laptop, some family silver, and some prescription medication going missing, she first reports the break-in to police, who seem unhelpful, and tell her things can be replaced. She is given a crime number for her insurance and that is that, with a chance meeting with her karate obsessed neighbour, Tony (Elijah Wood) who has a mighty collection of ninja stuff, throwing stars, numshucks, she traces her laptop through a find my stuff app on her phone, locates the address.  Ruth and Tony go to the house and demands the person who stole her laptop to give it back, this leads to a violent confrontation, that she actually enjoys. With a tip off that her family sil…

Is Bill Skarsgård's role as Pennywise The Clown in Stephen King's IT going to be as iconic and dark as Heath Ledger's Joker, as some reviewers are saying, and this will be the role that defines the young actor.

From early reports reviewers have been comparing Bill Skarsgård Pennywise the clown performance to be as good and as iconic, or even better than the performance from Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Night Returns. We all know though that Heath Ledger did go into full thespian mode to prepare as the Joker, with some close friends even saying this darkness drove the actor himself into a very dark place, although never been confirmed, he was taking prescribed drugs that did lead to his death, in an accidental overdose. With others saying how dark the character Pennywise is in the latest Stephen King's adaption of IT, hitting our cinema screens in just a few weeks time on September 8th, we all hope and prey that the darkness in the role as Pennywise does not get to the young actor Bill Skarsgård too. Either way no matter how great a performance Bill Skarsgård puts in, it is well known that horror films, or even actors never get the recognition from the Oscar Board, with the only exc…

Is Annabelle Creation a prequel to Corin Hardy's The Nun being released in 2018.

* May contain Spoilers. A question was posed yesterday, the day after Annabelle Creation hit theatres this weekend, is Annabelle Creation a prequel movie to explain the Nun's existence. Now this is a long shot you may say, as Annabelle is an Orgins story, but bare with.... With the main sub plot of Annabelle creation, about Sister Charlotte and her orphanage of homeless children, coming to live with Annabelle's creators, or parents, the fact Annabelle is possessed by the angry spirit of their deceased daughter.  With the now Conjuring Universe with The Nun set for release in 2018, directed by Corin Hardy, and starring Tassia Farmiga, Charlotte Hope, and Demián Bichir, Nuns do feature a lot, especially being introduced to Valek in The Conjuring 2, it has been noted, and the credit is not from me but from another horror site, that Sister Charlotte could become the vengeful spirit that is Valek, that scares the hell out of Lorraine Warren, and the vengeful sp…

The Atticus Institute 2015. Produced By Peter Safran. Directed by Chris Sparling. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Certificate 15.

The Atticus Institute ( 2015) From Universal Pictures. Produced by Peter Safran, directed by Chris Sparling. Certificate 15, running time 92 minutes.The Atticus Institute, another found footage/ documentary footage of apparently the only recognised case of Demonic Possession. Another fake par story set in the late seventies and following The Quiet Ones, and The Banshee Chapter, all set in the same decade all apparently true, about government tests on people. In The Banshee Chapter it is about giving subjects mind bending drugs, that altered their perception, and was able to connect with another dimension, The Quiet Ones was about finding science to explain a so called possession, The Atticus Institute is about mind control and the ability to move things with your mind telepathically. Based on true resaearch, during the Cold War, with actual research done in experiments to control others minds, it was the new line of defence being researched as a counter attacking move against the Russi…

What We Become DVD release date February 20th 2017. Distribution by Soda Pictures. Directed by Bo Mikkelsen. Danish language with English subtitles. Certificate 15, running time 77 minutes.

What We Become starring Mille Dinesen, Troels Lyby, Benjamin Engell, Marie Hammer Boda, Mikael Birkkjaer, Therese Damsgaard. Plot summary. After an unknown viral outbreak at an elderly care home, it is soon apparent that something isn't right, with an army quarantine on this small Danish town, forcing all residents to remain in their houses, with strict rules to follow.
Just seen this movie by Bo Mikkelsen a very different take on the Zombie genre told from the point of view of just one family, stuck in their home after an unknown outbreak affects this small town. With the CDC moving in, and an army quarantine around the whole town, with anyone attempting to leave their homes will be shot on sight. With their homes put in total darkness by black covers on the Windows, and rations of water and dried dehydrated food delivered daily, the family have to make a decision to stay in their homes, or make a break for it outside, not knowing what is really going on, as it is apparent the news …

Michael Jackson and John Landis, the strangest collaboration in history that produced one of the most iconic music videos ever is getting the HD and 3D treatment.

Are we ready for Thiller in 3D, well it looks like John Landis's most watched music video of all time is getting a makeover in 3D as well as HD. With this groundbreaking Music video directed by the master of horror John Landis, and with Michael Jackson being such a fan of An American Werewolf In London, the wheels were set in motion to make the most elaborate and most expensive music video ever made. The video had everything from Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, and was also the best selling VHS video of the eighties that also included the making of video, that has never been seen since  and not even available on DVD or bluray. Well it looks like the old VHS master has been found including documentary and is getting a theatrical release including the 3D version of the music video, with some outstanding new footage added to scare you according to Mr Landis, who has overseen the HD makeover and 3D imagery.

Get Out review. Directed by Jordan Peele. Produced by Blumhouse Tilt. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Certificate 15, running time 106 minutes.

Get Out by Jordan Peele the writer and fellow comedy partner of successful duo Key and Peele Who were behind last years surprisingly violent comedy Keanu, and various sketches on TV, we have this film that is part comedy, part social satire, and blown out horror, about the stereotypes of interracial relationships. Meet Rose and her boyfriend Chris Who has been dating for 5 months, and it is that time to meet the in laws, the Armitage's, which is a scary prospect in any relationship, but with Chris Being black is concerned that Rose's family may be offended, but it is quite the opposite Rose's family are lovely and welcoming, very liberal towards Chris, so much so, as this acceptance is a little to overwhelming for him. The fact the Amitage's have what appears to be a black housekeeper Georgina and gardener Walter, to which Chris comments on, to be quickly told, that they were taken on by their grandparents and they never had the nerve to ask them to leave as they are now…

It turns out the two most profitable films this year are two small budgeted movies, and most importantly are horror movies, both incidentally are produced by Blumhouse, both got theatrical releases, and with cost to profit ratio are the two biggest films this year in profit making.

So I'm pleased to say the two most successful movies of this year so far are horror movies, and once again proving the genre is still a guarantee money maker for studios. Although possibly Dunkirk, Spider-Man Homecoming, Alien Covernant may have got more bums on seats, considering production costs, to revenue making, the bigger blockbuster has once again lost out to two small budgeted films, the likes of Get Out and Split have made the most profit. With this weekend Stephen King's Darktower getting its Theatrical release, with next week Annabelle Creation, and September 8th Stephen King's IT to look forward to, horror is certainly not to be underestimated, and I'm proud the genre is certainly going strength to strength, my only wish is for a mainstream horror to actually get a summer blockbuster release instead of early on in the year in the Spring months, or even in the Fall, where most horror movies actually drop. As long as people are still wanting to be scared, and s…