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The Belko Experiment. Directed by Greg McLean, written by James Gunn. Distribution by Orion Pictures. Not yet rated, running time 85 minutes, available on DVD and Bluray from August 21 2017 UK.

A film that I have now seen, and quite simply never want to watch again, unlike films like The Hunger Games, The Circle even Battle Royale had a Sci fi element to the story, we could even distance ourselves from the violence, The Belko Experiment has none of that, you see every gruesome murder onscreen, and is sickening. I'll admit I love horror, I always have, I love action movies, where eventually the bad guy, or monster will eventually get it!! This film I cannot for one reason see what the message is, or what it is trying to say about human behaviour, that eventually in a pressurised environment you become selfish and can indiscriminately kill your friends and work colleagues you have known for over a year. I'm going back to one of my previous mentions The Circle, admittedly has a similar storyline, people stood round a circle, deciding who lives and dies, by process of elimination, these were strangers, yes people died, but you never saw the violence, people just dropped to…

Did you spot the Easter egg in today's IT trailer, I did and you can see it below. The trailer does look good and I cannot wait till September to see this movie.

So the second full trailer dropped today on YouTube, and it looks equally as terrifying, and Pennywise does look scary, with the "you'll float too" is prevalent throughout the trailer. We see more of the losers club, but did you spot the Easter egg in the trailer, I did. At the end of the trailer as Pennywise is running towards the screen, in the room full of creepy clown toys, look to the left and very cleverly a Pennywise mask is seen, from the 1990 TV mini series, it is blink and you miss it but I saw it, I'll put it on underneath.

Kong Skull Island 2017 Bluray release date UK 24th July 2016, distribution by Warner Bros. Directed by Jordan Vont-Roberts. Certificate 12, running time 117 minutes.

You know I'm ashamed to say, with this being a Hollywood blockbuster, massive amounts of money spent on it, and myself being slightly anti Hollywood, I enjoyed this movie. A movie that was made to be purely enjoyable, and it was, also it has such a homage to so many other films, including sci fi, horror, anime, and obviously Vietnam war films of the seventies and eighties, at least referencing Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, Platoon, shit even Taxi Driver, and Alien from the seventies get a nod of some kind. With anime nods to Akira, Spirited Away and also  Pokemon, with the best reference is the spider scene when a Solider is impaled by a leg, going straight through his mouth, which is a reference to the scene of that woman impaled in Cannibal Holacaust. With other references to other Kong movies, even the dodgy ones, has a scene that has been recreated, the octopus battle, Kong in chains, and the T Rex battle from King Kong 2005. With the biggest influence  of all is Apocalypse …

24 Legacy tv series review. Available July 24th On Bluray and DVD, distribution by 20th Century Fox. Certificate 15, approximate running time 516 minutes.

24 Legacy finally finished last week on Fox, the spin off to obvious 24 with Kiether Sutherland, this time with a new cast with the title character called Eric, WTF couldn't you come up with a more manly name than fucking Eric? Apart from that rant, the series is surprisingly watchable, but like 24 Live Another Day suffers in the final 3 episodes, and Legacy is exactly the same.Starting from such a high point, the first 4-5 episodes are in your face action, tension, with a battle to stop a terrorist attack, from a known terrorist thought to be dead, who has many sleeper cells just ready for the call to arms, in coordinated attacks the country, making 9/11 look tame. The problem is all the code numbers, to release the cells are all on a stollen flash drive, and needs to be recovered, stolen by a special forces guy in a raid 6 months earlier, hoping this drive can be used as leverage and to bribe the authorities, or to sell back to the terrorists for money he says is earned for his …

These Final Hours 2013 review. Directed by Zac Hilditch, distribution by Roadshow Films, The Works Film Group. UK release date 8th August 2016. Certificate 15, running time 87 minutes.

I saw this last night, and it has to be one of the most depressing films, but also filled with human emotion and redemption. What would you do if you knew your life and everyone else's will end within 12 hours, after a apocalyptic comet hit the earth in the Northern Atlantic, creating a blast wave of fire and brimstone that will literally destroy all life on earth, with it destroying half the Earth on impact but living literally the other side of the world Australia will be hit last by the blast wave. We hear one solitary voice on a pirate radio band giving a commentary about the end of the world, and as the cover on the DVD says can one selfish man find his soul well this has to be the most powerful film about redemption, it is hard to review the film without giving away the final reveal but my god is it powerful. The story of one man James ( Nathan Phillips)  who gets scared from responsibility, and runs away from his girlfriend because of commitment issues, and decides to end his…

12 Feet Deep film review. Directed by Matt Eskandari. On VOD from 20th June, no DVD release date as yet. Rated R, running time 85 minutes.

Sometimes you have to be close to death untill you realise how alive you are. Sisters Bree and Jonna both have baggage, sisters with an estranged relationship, meeting after time apart with Bree to discuss her recent engagement to her fiancé. Whilst swimming at a local pool, Both being annoyed that the pool is closing early because of a holiday weekend. When being kicked out, Brie notices her engagement ring is missing, so dives back into the water to locate it, with it being lodged in a filtering drain, Jonna dives in to help.  It is at this time the pool manager ( Tobin Bell) spots the poolside is now clear and goes through the lockdown motion of covering the pool and locking up, Leaving Brie and Jonna trapped under the perspect cover.

This film has been ridiculed by so many online sites, and I for one cannot understand why, the acting is superb, the one place claustrophobic setting is why it works, we have no sharks, piranhas, killer snakes. What we do have is something that could actu…

Vigilante Diaries 2016 film review. Distribution by Anchor Bay Entertainment, Spirit Entertainment. Directed By Christian Sesma. Certificate 15, running time 107 minutes

Vigilante Diaries film review 2016.
Silent Bobs friend should stay silent as this pile of turd from Jason Mews is just fucking terrible. From the web series of the same name, then made into a mini series that was cancelled so they made this pile of turd. A film that makes no sense whatsoever, and actually looking like all the web series edited together, in the hope that we as film watchers might not notice. Starring Michael Jai White, and a cameo from Michael Madsen cannot save this mess of a film. With stupid names for the vigilantes such as Wolfman, The Kid, Tex-Mex, The Geek, The Lion, Hollywood, Gay Barry to name a few.
We have a story about an ex solider who is now named the' vigilante' who eliminates the brother of some cartel leader, mix in some Armenian gangsters, dodgy government agents playing both sides, and a video blogger caught in the middle, and we have this excuse for an action film.
It has some violent scenes , I'll give some credit, but with effects stolen from …

Jigsaw trailer is here and it is a gruesome and vile as you would expect, I cannot wait to see this in October.

So if you all have been in the dark, the trailer for this movie has finally arrived and it certainly does not disappoint, the film directed by Michael and Peter Spierig and starring Mandela Van Peebles, Laura Vandervoort, Brittany Allen, Calum Kith Rennie, Cle Bennett, Matt Passmore, to name a few.
This is the eighth instalment of the franchise, and it picks up over a decade after the death of Jigsaw, with maybe copycat kills happening again, with various torture traps being found and bodies with Jigsaw pieces cut out of their flesh.
Check out the trailer below from Lionsgate Films.

Anti Matter 2016 film review. Directed and written by Kier Burrows. distribution by Uncork'd Entertainment US, Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment UK. Certificate 15, running time 101 minutes.

Starring Yaiza Figueroa, Tom Barber-Duffy, Philippa Carson. Cast Iron Picture Co Presents.

Anti Matter or also known as Worm which is currently holding 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, a micro budget film that is showing all the bigger studios how to make Sci Fi and make it bloody interesting.
Like Primer and Coherence before, it proving a film with no stars or major money financed behind these projects then showing up every other film maker how to make a well constructed film with an interesting script, that will put  Hollywood to shame.

Now I'm not going to bore you with the science behind this movie, and in fairness unless you have a degree in quantum physics you will not understand, but put in simple turns three scientists open up a wormhole temporarily that enables them to move matter, with the scientific break through of the century and desperately needing funding, Anna volunteers to pass through the wormhole, to then have devastating effects.
After passing through Anna is unable t…

Chucky Complete 7 movie collection available in October, also Cult Of Chucky standalone DVD and Bluray also available.

Chucky Complete movie collection coming to us soon in October.
With probably one of the best looking package designs I have seen in a while, currently available for pre orders with a retail price of £44,99.
Hope you enjoy released 23rd October.

Curse Of Chucky. Directed by Don Mancini. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Rated R U.S, Certificate 18 U.K. Running Time 97 minutes.

Curse Of Chucky 2013 brought to us by the original creator of Chucky and the whole Good Guys Dolls, Don Mancini  has taken control of the franchise and brought it back to reality.
Gone are the camp Bride Of Chucky and Seed Of Chucky, and once more we have a movie that is as frightening as the first Childs Play directed by the great Tom Holland.
Once again Brad Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky, but strangely his daughter in real life Fiona Dourif plays quadriplegic Nica Pierce who lives with her depressed mother, who one day gets a surprise package through the door, a retro Good Guys Doll, although the mother drops it in the bin, hours later the mother is found dead with stab wounds, which Fiona and the Police assume is self inflicted due to her suicidal nature.

It then becomes a tussle between Nica and her elder sister Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle) wanting to claim the house because of the debt, and financial troubles she is in.
Bringing her family to the old family house where Nica…

Poltergeist 1982 directed by Tobe Hopper might've had some help in the direction stakes, and did Steven Spielberg help with directing duties.

* Please note this is not for definite, and may only be Internet hearsay.
We all love horror we all love classics well nothing is more classic than the original Poltergeist , directed by the great Tobe Hooper, and executive producer Steven Spielberg. The thing is it has been recently suggested by an assistant cameraman at the time, John Leonetti, now a director in his own right directing the original Annabelle, was on set and has said that Mr Spielberg may have been more hands on than just an executive, and that all reports that Steven Spielberg actually directed a lot of Poltergeist. Although it is not unusual for other directors to be brought in to complete scenes, or post production re-shoots, it has been happening a lot recently on bigger budgeted movies. Could this be that Tobe Hooper was given credit for the direction by his longtime good friend Steven, and could this movie actually be the one and only horror film that Steven Spielberg directed. * Please note that this is not for de…

George A Romero the godfather of horror a masterpiece and true boundary pushing director who was never afraid to tackle social issues. Rest In Piece George 1940-2017

George A Romero the godfather of modern horror, although his movies were about Zombies and horror he pushed boundaries with his subject matter covering racism in Night Of The Living Dead, consumerism in Dawn Of The Dead, the Military Might In Day Of The Dead, feminism in Season Of The Witch, and corporate greed in Land Of The Dead. Without George A Romero there would be no Walking Dead, the Resident Evil evil games would not have existed. Each one of his movies were an experiment of human behaviour throughout the years, a director who wasn't afraid to push social boundaries to make his point about modern living. Such a shame as he really was a genius of a director, his films will always be remembered, and he will always be known as the Godfather of Horror. George A Romero 1940-2017

The Thing that crashed a website, and is still having problems. Arrow Films released details of this classic film, what was in the special edition, and the webpage crashed due to high traffic.

Question how do you crash a website, easily release details of future releases including the most anticipated film to grace our screens in 4K and that is John Carpenters The Thing. Yes Arrow films 48 hours ago crashed due to high demand especially of preorders of this beauty and is still down now apparently, this limited edition beauty will cost you £29,99 of your English Pounds, not quite sure of the currency conversion to the Euro and Dollars, but it is definitely available, not so much on Arrow Films webPage but tweets all day yesterday promises that all orders have been taken, and even though the site crashed due to high traffic everyone who placed an order will still be secure, and will still get a copy.
The special features includes
⚫️Brand new restoration from a 4K scan of the original negative, supervised and approved by director John Carpenter and director of photography Dean Cundey.
⚫️ Audio commentary by John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell. ⚫️ Who Goes There? In Search of The …

68 Kill, this sleazy chasing money at whatever cost looks like a lot of fun. Directed byTrent Haaga. Looks like it is full of sex, guns and gruesome murder, every horror fans dream.

68 Kill is that sleazy type of film you don't see very often, a film full of genuinely unpleasant people, all chasing the one thing that drives you literally insane and that is the greed for money. The film written and directed by Trent Haaga, and distribution by IFC Midnight.  The film stars Matthew Gray Gubler, AnnaLynne McCord, Alisha Boe, Sheila Vand, Sam Eidson and Michael Beasley. Looks  like it will deliver on the sleaze and gore front, I'll put the trailer down below for you to enjoy.

Saw VIII or Jigsaw has released a teaser photo showing one of his famous new traps. Little is known yet of this movie although a Halloween release date is definitely happening.

Now we know that Saw VIII will now be called Jigsaw directed by the Bothers Michael and Peter Spierig who directed the excellent Daybreakers and the mind fuck that was Predestination, and we now know it is looking for an October release ready for Halloween. We have seen the first trap released today from the film, although giving very little away you can tell the woman is not in a happy place. *Picture courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Little is known of the script for Jigsaw, And we are still unsure whether Tobin Bell will make an appearance, what we do know about the story is that bodies are being found, mutilated around the city, although police know the Jigsaw is definitely dead, it still has his hallmark kills about it, is it a copycat? Someone willing to carry on Jigsaw's work no one knows at this moment as very little is being leaked. We will all have to wait till October, at least the release of IT in September will keep us going, as well as The Curse Of Chucky, it is looking…

Wednesday The 13th. Wednesday Addams vs Jason Vorhees a great mashup video from director Chopper Denton

One of the best video mashups I've seen today has to be this great comedy that sees the lovely Wednesday Addams and her loyal 'Thing' who manages to out smart Jason Vorhees using her intelligence, youth and genuinely cuteness to overcome Jason. It is titled Wednesday the 13th by Lock and Monkey Productions, a film by Chopper Denton, and was actually posted 4 years ago and I only discovered it today, but it is so good I had to share.

Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word. A7SLE Films,Boss Media. Directed by Simon Rumley. Certificate 15. Running time approximately 88 minutes.

A little Indie jem of a movie that is currently unavailable as a DVD release unless you want it as a Dutch important as it is freely available there. Directed by Simon Rumley on his debut a British director, and in my opinion one to watch out for, based on true events in the early eighties of a socially awkward man with learning difficulties, whilst a vulnerable young adult is accused of rape and murder of an elderly nun, who he volunteered to work for the Catholic Church in his spare time to avoid the physical abuse he suffered from his own parents. With little or no evidence against him the small town in Texas set out to destroy this young man, with dodgy prosecutors, fabricated evidence, hell his finger prints would be all over the Catholic Church as he worked and cleaned there everyday, but this was crucial to the prosecution, the same as a dodgy medium who said she saw his face in a dream, the day after being seen by local police, all the evidence was completely made up. This film a…

Jackals directed by Kevin Greutert, the director of the final Saw films, and released by Scream Factory. Released on demand from September 1st.

This trailer dropped yesterday and it looks interesting from the director of Saw VI and The Final Chapter Kevin Greutert. A story about a cult who wants their boy back, who has been recently broken free from their claws and returned home  to his real family. Set in the glorious 80's so I'm hoping it will look like a movie from that decade and give us a decent slasher type movie, it does slightly remind me of The Strangers though, but the trailer does look good though. Starring Deborah Kara Unger, Stephen Dorff, Jonathan Schaech, Ben Sullivan, Chelsea Ricketts, and Nick Roux. The film is written by Jared Rivet, and produced byTommy Alastra. The film gets a limited release In theatres and on demand from September 1st 2017.

Dog Eat Dog film review 2016. Directed by Paul Schrader. Distribution by Signature Entertainment UK. Certificate 18, running time 88 minutes.

With some considering this to be the worst movie of the year, an arty violent movie, that is far too violent in places and in bad taste, but I liked it, I didn't particularly like the opening, with uncalled sickening violence of a murder of a mother and her teenage daughter by Mad Dog ( Willem Defoe) that takes you simply by surprise. The dialogue is completely off field, even the content matter when it gets going about a kidnapping of a baby, that goes disastrously wrong, where the person they are meant to be blackmailing and collecting the ransom from, they blow his head clean off his shoulders leaving them on the run from the other mob boss. With all on two strikes meaning if they are caught they will have to spend time in pokey for the entirety of their living lives the threesome Diesel ( Christopher Matthew Cook) Troy  (Nicholas Cage) and Mad Dog ( Willem Defoe) realise that they will all go out guns blazing rather than being caught from the fuzz.
Directed by Paul Schrader t…

Security 2017 film review. Directed by Alain Desrochers. Distribution by Arrow Films UK. Running time 88 minutes. Certificate 15.

Security a film that looks so much better in the trailer, yet when watched is just clichèd from other action films. To say on the cover it rivals Die Hard is an insult, it is not in the same ball park, it is not in the same league, hell it ain't even in the same country as this movie was filmed in Bulgaria. The story of an ex marine Sargent, being discharged from the Army and unable to find work, because of psychiatric fails on his evaluation , deciding to take minimum wage as an alternative to just earn money, taking a low level security job in a mall 40 miles away. With clichèd characteristics of his fellow co workers, the bold, brash, cocky jock who is is superior, yet twenty years younger. The geek who spends time on his phone, yet can make explosives because of tutorials on the Internet. The pussy who is afraid of everything, and is a complete wimp, the kick ass female chick, who is hot, but is too butch to actually be female. With the bumbling mumbling Banderas who is completel…

Annabelle Creation is causing quite a stir, but with now only positive feedback is it going to be a rarity that a horror film will achieve 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Annabelle Creation is causing a lot of press and more positive than negative, the movie directed by Lights Out director David F. Sandberg, turns out to be only positive press at that, with this being the now fourth film in the Conjuring Universe is a rarity as it actually now has 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So is certified officially fresh not bad for a horror film, and a franchise to score so highly, as horror is always frowned apon and is always overlooked by critics, with most horror recieving very low scores. Does this always mean they are right, in my case not all the time as movie viewing is always a preference, what someone hates, someone will love, it is the nature of preference and taste, as I have enjoyed a lot of movies that currently have low score points on Rotten Tomatoes, and have actually thought "WTF" with some films having high scores and are just plain shit. We can only make up our own minds about this movie, although sequels as sorts recentl…

Another Wolfcop trailer has been released today and looks as amazing as the 2014 original. The Hairy Arm Of The Law is back.

Wolfcop 2 or known now as Another Wolfcop is back and the trailer has dropped today, we see more fur, more booze, more blood. The crowdfunded amazing Canadian movie from 2014 was outstanding so we are all hoping the sequel delivers, from want I can see it looks impressive.

Cabin In The Woods is to get the 4K treatment on September 5th from Lionsgate, the great movie from the minds of Drew Goddard and Josh Whedon will finally get the full HD treatment it deserves.

Hey do you want to see more blood and gore? Do you want to see the Merman spurt out gallons of blood in an orgasmic splurge, well fear no more as Drew Goddard's and Joss Whedon's  Cabin In The Woods finally gets the 4K treatment from Lionsgate. It is being released on September 5th, with the 4K bluray, standard bluray and digital, unfortunately the special features that came with the original bluray are identical. They are as follows ⚫️Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Drew Goddard and Writer/Producer Joss Whedon ⚫️“We Are Not Who We Are: MakingThe Cabin in the Woods” Featurette ⚫️“An Army of Nightmares: Make-up & Animatronic Effects” Featurette ⚫️“Primal Terror: Visual Effects” Featurette ⚫️“The Secret Secret Stash” Featurette ⚫️WonderCon Q&A ⚫️“It’s Not What You Think:The Cabin in the WoodsBonusView Mode” (Blu-ray only) The cover is below. We all love this great movie from 2011, that actually turned horror on its head, with a film that actually was as much fun as it was…