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Cult Of Chucky DVD and bluray release confirmed for October 3rd 2017. Check out the awesome trailer below.

Cult Of Chucky looks like it is going to released straight to bluray and DVD with an October 3rd release date 2017, with the trailer only dropping today, check it out below, directed by Don Mancini.  Plot summary.
Locked up in an asylum for the insane for the past four years, Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) is now convinced that she, not Chucky, murdered her entire family years back. But when her psychiatrist introduces a new therapy tool to now help with the group sessions a  "Good Guy" doll to help with the therapy sessions, a string of grisly deaths begins again at the asylum, and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn't crazy after all. Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), the boy who is from the original Child's Play, and all grown up races to Nica's aid. But to save her he'll have to get past Tiffany, Chucky's bride who will do anything, at any cost to help her beloved devil doll.
Director: Don Mancini Writer: Don Mancini Starring: Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Brad …

The Evil In Us Gets a US release date finally, this cannibal movie gets a VOD and Digital release on August 29 2017

This film will be exclusively available on DVD this July 4, 2017 in Walmart and then everywhere else on August 29, 2017. The film will also hit Digital and VOD in August, too, if your lucky to live in the UK and Europe it has been freely available since October 10th 2016. The film a cross between 28 Days Later, meets Cabin Fever, about a group of young adults who take an experimental drug whilst on a drink and drugs vacation at a remote cabin, turn into bloodthirsty cannibals, with massive amount of rage, with the taste for blood. It is a different take on a Zombie type outbreak, very similar to the film Summer Camp, I've already reviewed it and will leave a link

XX film review (2017). Directed by Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Bejamin, Karyn Kusama. Distribution by Soda pictures UK. Certificate 15, running time 80 minutes.

Another horror anthology but this time told from a female perspective only, directed by four talented female horror directors, this very short anthology at barely 80 minutes long, is actually very good, with unfortunately one story that completely out beats the other three tales, and maybe shouldn't have been first, as it is so outstandingly good, the stories that follow are pale in comparison. The Box is just amazing story telling at its best, with such a simple premise of a story, told from the perspective of a mother, of how her perfect family life can change so dramatically. The biggest fear of any mother is to see harm to her family, and with her unable to stop it, is just firstly heartbreaking, but absolutely terrifying. Such simple story telling and simplistic directing can produce a masterpiece in celluloid. I did enjoy this film though, it was a different type of horror experience, with only one of the stories actually being horror in nature, but ending up being the weakest…

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe DVD review. Distribution by IFC Midnight U.S, Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK. Directed by André Øvredal. DVD released UK 26th June 2017. June 27th US. Certificate 15, running time 87 minutes.

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe
What can be said about this movie, as it is pretty explanatory, it is an autopsy shown in graphic deal. For all those sick people like myself who saw the banned movie faces of death, we have already had access to what a coroner has to do to find cause of death.
With a strong cast with the always reliable Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch, as a father and son running a funeral home, and cold storage for the dead, and are the trusted coroner for the state.
When a body is brought in, with an unknown female, or Jane Doe as they have no other name for that person, the father and son set out to find the cause of death of this young female corpse.

With no apparent outwardly injuries, no bruising to the skin, is strange that her wrists and ancles are broken. Her lungs are blackened as if she has been burned, but no burn injuries on the outside. Her heart has been slashed, but from the inside, with various scar tissue damage to other organs. She bleeds like a fresh corpse wit…

Wyrmwood Chronicles Of The Dead is a new Australian TV mini series. As of yet no TV companies have picked up this series.

Wyrmwood Chronicles of the dead is a sequel of sorts to the great Austrailan movie of 2014, with it actually being made into an eight part series with the creators and directors  Kiah and Tristan Roach-Turner who promises 8 hours of complete mayhem. Actors Bianca Bradey and Jay Gallagher will return and reprise their roles from the original movie. Now I'm being honest this was my favourite movies of. 2015 when released in the UK, and is easily in my top five Zombie movies of all time.  With a six minute teaser trailer of what to expect I cannot wait.

John Carpenter's The Thing is to get the 4K treatment from Arrow Films, as a cryptic picture was put on Facebook hinting at the transformation.

Now if your a horror fan we will all have this movie in our collection, especially the Universal Pictures 2007 bluray version, which we thought couldn't improve this movie any more or can it? Straight behind the Scream Factory collectors version of this great film that has been upscaled to 2k, it has been announced by the masters of film restoration Arrow films, that this is now getting the 4K treatment, as a sneaky post was put on Facebook 19 hours ago to hint this. As Arrow have a knack of taking older prints of films, and lovingly reproducing them in gorgeous collectors editions, I for one cannot wait on this film. Especially with their records of late with great collectors editions of The Hills Have Eyes, The Burning, Donnie Darko and Videodrone. When this will be ready it is hard to say, but a majority of films do try to get released in the fall to capitalise on the holiday market so we can only hope.
Below is the teaser photo from Arrow films on Facebook less than a day ago, to …

Bodycount is back with a disturbing video, that is bloody, violent, bold and full of body parts. Here I Go Again is no crappy pop anthem.

Ice-t is back and with his best band Bodycount, a band I saw years ago, and was mightily impressed, with a new single and video called Here I Go Again, and this is no Whitesnake version, a new great metal track with balls, body bits, face masks made of real skin.  Yes this video is bloody, about a serial killer, with victims body parts around everywhere, with Ice-t the main character battling with his urges to kill.  The single is taken from their 6th Sudio album Bloodlust, released in March of this year, with the track listing as follows 1 Civil War 2 The Ski Mask Way 3 This is Why We Ride 4 All Love Is Lost 5 Raining In Blood/ Postmortem  6 God, Please Believe Me 7 Walk With Me 8 Here I Go Again 9 No lives Matter 10 Bloodlust 11 Black Hoodie

Mechanic Resurrection 2016 bluray review. Directed by Dennis Gansel. Distribution by Summit Entertainment US, Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK. Released 26th December, certificate 15, running time 99 minutes.

The Mechanic Resurrection or The Mechashit as I call it, a complete waste of space as a movie, even 31% on rotten tomatoes is far too generous. Now I like Jason Statham, agreed he is not the best actor in the world, but oh my god he kicks ass in his movies, this is not one of those movies. A movie that is so bloody average, a straight to video effort that somehow got a cinema release, with one of the worst scrips, that actually insults your intelligence, with one of the worst performances ever from Jason Statham. With a wooden Jessica Alba, in a storyline that is so stupid, as a charity care worker blackmailed into guess what? To have a romantic interest in Statham's character, to then get kidnapped when she knows this will happen, to get Statham's character out of retirement again,to do one last Job to save her life, even though he has only known her for days, and knows the whole thing is being set up by some criminal mastermind, and he fucking falls for it. A professional hit…

Horror remakes suck, but these suck harder than a vacuum, all being an insult to any horror fan.

The above title says it all, with so many of our favourite horror movies made and bastardised by film companies, and producers with no new ideas, so just take old horror and remake them, most of the time badly. With myself watching one over the weekend and it was fucking awful. This compelled me to put down my five worst remakes of all time, you may not agree, but I really hated these with a passion.
Number 5. Halloween 2.
Now I'm not the biggest Rob Zombie fans, a director I believe is all about style over substance, taking a music video approach to all his movies, with fast edits, weird camera angles, the fact his fucking wife is in every movie, gets on my fucking tits, she cannot act, and this movie in particular she annoyed me more than most. The movie actually has some great gore scenes, and are brutal, but the movie is spoilt by a constant scene of Michael Myers mother played by Sherrie Moon Zombie, as a ghost why does she need to appear to serve as his conscience, he has none.…

Resident Evil The Final Chapter, (2016) Bluray 3D review.Constantin Films, Davies Films, Impact Pictures, Screen Gems. Distribution by Sony Pictures. Directed by Paul W.S Anderson. Rated R, certificate 15, running time 106 minutes.

Like it or hate it Paul W. S Anderson's Resident Evil has been one of the most successful and profitable franchises for Sony Pictures, a film that took the core game and wrote a new rule book, creating a fictional character in the name of Alice ( Milla Jovovich). Which decision has upset hardcore gamers, but others has said provided a positive female ass kicking role model, in which Milla Jovovich is perfect for. Now I'm being honest I kinda lost interest in the franchise after number 3, with in my opinion Afterlife and Retribution were only made to take advantage of the new technology and promote 3D visuals. Making absolutely no sense whatsoever, plot holes galore, but still having marvellous action set pieces to gawp at, and even giving Michael Bay a run for his money and in the action porn money shot stakes. The Final Chapter in my opinion is the best in the franchise since the excellent Extinction the third in the franchise, directed by Russel Mulcahy of Highlander fame, the f…

Happy Death Day trailer, produced by Blumhouse, directed by Christopher B. Landon, released October 13th 2017 by Universal Pictures

Happy Death Day Trailer  has arrived,this Blumhouse produced horror directed by Christopher B. Landon, the director of Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones, and Scouts Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse, is a take on Groundhog Day, with character Tree Gelbman ( Jessica Rothe) having to relive her murder over and over untill she can figure out who the murderer is, and why they want her dead.  Starring also Isreal Broussard ( The Bling Ring, Earth To Echo), Ruby Modine (Super Sex, Memoria) Produced By Jason Blum, Angela Mancuso, Ryan Turek, John Baldecchi, Seth William Meiner, written by Christopher B. Landon, and Scott Lobdell. It will be distributed by Universal pictures 13th October 2017.

John Lithgow was closer than most thought to getting the role as The Joker in Batman 1989, it was always suggested, but the great man has admitted why he turned down the role of a lifetime.

How John Lithgow almost became the Joker in Tim Burtons's Batman in 1989, it turns out he was closer to the role than most people thought. Before Tim Burton came on board, the Batman was floating around for awhile, with Joe Dante of Gremlins and The Howling fame involved, with him taking an instant liking to Lithgow due to his outstanding role in Twlight Zone The Movie. He wanted a more centrist performance, and The Joker becoming the central character, with Batman being a secondary character, obviously this was turned down by producers, and Tim Burton became involved in the project, with his choice against all battling for Michael Keaton as the Bat. Lithgow still attended an audition, and did his upmost to discourage producers that he was the right man for the role. Why did he turn down the role of a lifetime, because he was heavily involved with the Broadway musical Madame Butterfly at the time, being 43, and the gruelling stage show, he felt he couldn't do both, so opted for…

Blood Diner 1987, part of the collectors Series from Vestron Video. Distribution by Lionsgate. Directed by Jackie Kong. Rated R, running time approx 84 minutes.

Number 2 in the Vestron Video series releases from Lionsgate, following on from Chopping Mall, finally I watched today, and I'm ashamed being a horror fan that it passed me by. Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, currently sadly only available in the USA and region code locked, luckily I have a multi region player, it is currently selling on US Amazon for $25,00 but you may find it cheaper.  A film about two deranged brothers who own a health food diner as a front, because their passion is murdering young ladies, then serving customers a healthy Dish where the secret recipe is female flesh, they mix into their vegetarian dishes, whilst secretly keeping the body parts to resurrect a long dead blood thirsty Sumerian female God. A film that is plain stupid but brilliant, looking completely dated, with some great effects for a film with such a low budget. With a picture quality that is actually decent for its age, with some grain noticeable on some of the darker scenes,…

Let Her Out Movie Review. Directed by Cody Calahan. Distribution by Signature entertainment UK. Certificate 15, running time 90 minutes approximately.

Plot summary: Helen a bike courier, who suffers a brain injury due to a car accident, having recovered is having time lapse problems and visions. She returns to the Doctors to find out she has a tumour, but the tumour is unlike any growth and turns out to be an unborn twin her body absorbed whilst in the womb. The injury to her brain has created endorphins and awoke her twin, and she wants to now come out
Let Her Out movie review, a film that has great ideas, but almost fails with a dismal script that is clunky, with god awful dialogue, I can forgive the average acting as the title character Helen ( Alanna LeVierge) is her debut film, and can only get better. The spoken dialogue is dreadful the one scene when  her friend Molly ( Nina Kiri) is talking to her and says  "it's not what's in your brain but its what's in your mind" and another scene when her friends fella, Ed ( Adam Christie) tries to come on to her saying " I wanna fuck, and you fuck you hard"…

The Wailing film review (2016) Side Mirror,Fox International Production Korea. Distribution by 20th Century Fox Korea. Directed by Na Hong-Jin. Certificate 15, running time 156 minutes.

The Wailing once again a film from South Korea has seriously impressed me,that is equally as good as Train To Busan, although two different genres completely, the acting in both are outstanding. The Wailing is a simple film, but with its 150 minute running time, that not once seems overlong, and a film that benefited from an extended running time, a film that has it all comedy, drama, gore and some very uneasy scenes makes this movie unmissable. With the first half extremely funny, and you actually find yourself feeling guilty for laughing, but the humour is intensional, but then takes a destressing turn, with scenes and script making the film so much darker, although not scary and not reliant on jump scares, it has an uneasy feel to it, with a confusing ending that would benefit from being more open, but a lot of discussions online does help to explain the film and the confusing final third. A film that is so well acted, plotted perfectly, with the cinematography making the village, and…

12 Feet Deep, the new wet horror thriller that some has said horror has sunk to a new low, is actually available from June 20th 2017 on all VOD platforms.

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water again, after Jaws, Open Water we have this movie set in a swimming pool, that some are saying online that Hollywood has stooped to a new low, but myself I think the trailer actually looks decent. Plot summary: Inspired by true events, sister Bree (Nora-Jane Noone) and Jonna (Alexandra Park) get trapped beneath the fiberglass cover of an Olympic sized public pool after it closes for a holiday weekend, having to battle exhaustion, hypothermia treading water, to survive in an environment of millions of gallons of water or as the title suggests 12 feet deep.
With it being available from June 20th 2017 from online and other VOD platforms, we can only see if the movie is going to be a damp squib.

What if The Mask 1994 was actually pitched to be a horror movie and franchise for New Line Pictures, and be the next horror icon like Freddy Krueger.

What if the Mask 1994 starring Jim Carrey was actually going to be a horror movie. According to Chuck Russell the director of this great movie, that New Line Pictures wanted it to be like the Dark Horse Comics it originated from. With a continuing returning horror character like Freddy Krueger in which they also owned. Chuck Russell actually changed their minds that it would work better as a comedy, and the rest is history, making stars out of Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz, the film now apart from Lord Of The Rings trilogy is still one of the company's best financial returns. Looking back though it would have been interesting to see Stanley Hipkiss as a blood crazed psychopath in the mask like the comics, also Chuck Russell is a very good horror director in his own right directing Dream Warriors probably the best Nightmare On Elm Street sequels, and the excellent The Blob remake in 1988.  We will never know what the Mask would've been like darker and more violent, but with rumours t…

The Secrets Of Emily Blair movie review (2016) Directed by Joseph P. Genier. Currently on Netflix. Unrated, running time 95 minutes.

The Secrets Of Emily Blair or otherwise known as The Exorcism Of Emily Blair, is a formula horror film, and unfortunately another Exorcism movie, currently showing on Netflix and in all fairness is a god dam awful movie. Emily Blair a gorgeous woman has recently been proposed to by her long time finacé, Emily who is a nurse one day treating an elderly man, whilst taking blood and getting a sharps injury, covering her in thick black blood, the elderly gentleman, calls her name, although not knowing her, kisses her, and passes on some black spirit into the mouth of Emily. Her behaviour becomes weird, whilst having blackouts, her fiancé believes she is at first having a mental breakdown, but her distaste for her boyfriends old friend and Priest, becomes apparent whilst having meetings before they marry, which happens before any non catholic marrying a catholic.

The film apart from being bloody awful, is bad beyond any words, poor acting, a terrible script that is borrowed between Drag Me To…

Absolutely Anything movie review (2014) Written and directed by Terry Jones. Distribution by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Released December 7th 2015. Running time 85 minutes.

Following on from my Monty Python theme yesterday we have this zany sci fi comedy from Terry Jones, with the cast of Monty Python involved in this movie.  What if the whole universe is controlled by Supreme Beings, an alien being that is so god like, has the power to control worlds, and destroy them at any time. What if Earth is next on their destroy list, as we are sometimes such a savage race, and do not appreciate the planet we have and live, we have a few days to prove our worth and our humanity. One person is choosen to have incredible powers to use it for good, and then and only then can humanity prove they are worth saving.  So teacher Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) has the supreme power, to change the world,but unfortunately uses his powers for typical selfish reasons, to get the girl he likes, to get rid of his annoying class of teenagers, to make his dog intelligent and talk, but still thinks like a dog and only wanting dog biscuits, we have zombies, poo jokes very dark comedy, thin…