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Creep (2014) Film Review. Directed by Patrick Brice. ProducedbyBlumhouse Productions. Distributed by the Orchard

This is not to be confused with the 2003 film of the same name Directed by Christopher Smith. But it is equally as disturbing,not so much a Horror or slasher film like the before mentioned,but a psychological film that will get under your skin long after the credits have ended. This finally gets a DVD release from Kaleidoscope, released on Monday 1st May.  Directed by and starring Patrick Brice and produced by Blumhouse pictures,and Mark Duplass,who is without doubt outstanding also starring in this film. Plot Summary: A story about a videographer who answers an add on Craigslist,to enlist,and film a dying man with terminal Brain Cancer,his eulogy to his unborn son,for just 8 hours of his time for a thousand dollars, what could possibly go wrong. Aaron meets Josef, who seems quite a character,very open, a hugger type of guy. A bit out there but very likeable. They actually seem to get on apart from the fact Josef keeps making Aaron jump,with different scares,but always apologising,sa…

Antisocial 2013. Directed by Cody Calahan. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment. Distribution by Monster Pictures. Release date 14 April 2014. Certificate 18 running time 90 minutes.

Starring Michelle Mylett, Cody Ray Thompson, Adam Christie, Ana Alic, Chad Archibald, Ryan Barrett. Never heard anything about this film,but now I've discovered US Netflix,I suddenly have access to hundreds of films. I watched this last night,and yes it kinda has been done before,in different formats eg, some type of virus,turning the population into violent aggressive people,intent on doing harm to others. Think of it as a mix between 28 Days later, mixed with The Crazies and a little Videodrone thrown in and you get this film. In this modern age we are all addicted to social media in some format,well this film plays on that,with a new hip social media app,that somehow manages to almost force people to post more stuff,almost an addiction. With a new algorithm built in to subconsciously incourage our brains to become addicted to this app. With a new type of artificial intelligence built in,becomes self aware,which the software developers,tries to disable,sending a new update,a comp…

I-Lived film review. Directed by Franck Khalfoun. Distributed by Second Sight. Certificate 15 running time 92 minutes.

I will tell you how surprised I am from this movie,a film already in the bargain chart in my local supermarket, costing £5,00.
I thought it would be the typical poor attempt at horror you normally get with these types of films,and I was pleasantly surprised how effective it is as a chiller rather than than a horror.
A film that is more relevant today,and more current,about how far you will go to achieve your dreams, in this age when everybody wants to be famous,without having to really work for it. To become this overnight success using YouTube as your social outlet. Meet Josh (Jeremiah Watkins) who's YouTube channel J-Tech app reviews, is reasonably popular,having over 15,000 subscribers,but wanting more,like in the range of 8,000,000. He reviews apps for I Phones,and although shy and socially awkward in real life is extremely comfortable in front of a camera.

When this new social media app is released called i-Lived that guarantees to achieve its users goals in life using GPS a…

Are we all just one step away from signing away our souls on socialmedia. With some great supernatural films being made on this subject,it does raise that question modern technology now controls our lives,does modern technology actually control us?

Are we all slowly walking towards the devil without realising it, with social media already called the devils work, we are all slightly addicted to our phones in some way, checking our social media accounts, we are all slowly becoming distant from reality. I'm writing this after seeing an online short story I read, and I'll have to be careful not to write to much, but the basis of the story is this guy spends far too much time on his phone, laptop, watching and keeping up with his online content, staying awake far too long, when he should be sleeping. Not realising he may have an addiction, it is whilst he is reading his favourite online blog, a disgusting image crops up, and not pornography, but of a dismembered body, thinking the blog may have been currupted in some way from some online hacker. Thing is these foul images keep popping up on all his news feeds, and online content, so being quite technical he realises that he may have currupted software and files, and yes he f…

Dark Signal (2016) Directed by Edward Evers-Swindell. Original releasedate 30th May 2016 by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment. Available in theUS on VOD and ITunes on June 6th, it is in selected theatres on June2nd 2017.

Dark Signal gets its US release soon, so I thought I would revisit this movie once more, as it has been available in the UK for some time, endorsed by Neil Marshall ( Dog Soldiers, The Decent, Doomsday) from a great British director, why oh why did he put his name to this, I'm warning you I'm tired and I didn't like the movie first time, but hey ho here goes my second viewing. Plot summary: A ghost story with a serial killer ark built in, across two multiple storylines which intertwine, one in which a woman is a lookout driver for her boyfriend who is robbing this house, he says is a Premier footballers house, who owes him £40,000 and is trying to steal back what he is owned, whilst on private land, with a menacing farmer who starred in Braveheart. The other story is of a radio station performing its last broadcast from its remote locatio,as the station is being centralised to a national radio station, with a pissed off Katie Perry lookalike as the DJ, and her geeky produce…

The Conjuring 2 (2016) film review. Directed by James Wan. Distribution by Warner Bros. Certificate 15, running time 133 minutes.

I haven't been the best critic on some modern horror, The first Conjuring I didn't like, Annabelle had its moments but still a rushed movie to tie into the Conjuring universe, Insidious Chapter 1, and its direct copy of a sequel Chapter 2, then Chapter 3 came out and blew me away. It seems a lot of care is now being put into sequels, and The Conjuring 2 is no exception, based on the Enfield hauntings in the late seventies in London, which was labelled the British Amitiville. Although a lot of theories have come out that it was faked by two clever teenage girls, and proven that they did fake some events for the cameras, if it was faked why are the two now grown women in their early Fifthties still messed up by the whole experience. Another reason no one could explain how one of the girls could teleport from room to room, and how her voice was actually taken over by a male entity. Why did I prefer this movie to the first, well mainly the British setting, for one, but being a chi…

Music is integral to most movies, but some songs make iconic scenes, and sometimes you may never listen to that same track again in the same way.

Music is always an integral part in any movie, the thing is you don't always associate music and horror mixing, sorry I'll take that back John Carpenter's Halloween theme is the most iconic, but what about the use of mainstream songs in movies, here are some of the best examples of music, to create iconic scenes from movies, these are just some of my favourites but their are hundreds more, but these are the few that stood out for me. 1. Jeepers Creepers, the famous song from the Fourties, you never see or hear it as being sinister, that is untill you see the ending of the film, with Justin Long not looking his best.

2. Tiptoe Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim, although this song is a very strange one, Infact it's already creepy, it is used perfectly In Insidious Chaper 1, although this is not one of my favourite films, the use of this song throughout the movie is the one positive part of the movie, and is used brilliantly in two very scary parts of the movie, especially …

The Rezort (2015) film review. Directed by Steve Barker. Distribution by Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Alfa Pictures, Axinite Digicinema. Certificate 15, running time 91 minutes.

The Rezort from director Steve Barker, the Director of the original Outpost, this British made film, with Scottish funding, is a surprising little gem of a movie, one I thought I'd hate, but was actually very good, with a very good looking film, that although low budget, looks quite the opposite with surprisingly high ending value. Starring fellow Scot, Dougary Scott as the lead, and Claire Goose from Casualty in the UK and The Bill two very famous Hospital, and Cop dramas in the UK, we also have Austrailan actress Jessica De Gouw best known as The Huntress from DC universe Arrow, she also starred in the apocalyptic film These Final Hours, and finally staring Martin McCann the Irish actor known from the excellent movie the Survivalist. The film has been marketed as The Walking Dead meets Westworld, meets Jurassic World, which I can say is fair to say, but I believe it deserves more than those comparisons, the film more reminded me of Dead Island the very good Zombie shoot em up RP…

Never Let Go (2016) film review. Directed by Howard J. Ford. Distribution by Icon Films. Certificate 15, running time 94 minutes approximately.

A film I saw the trailer for just before Christmas, but thinking it's just another Taken style action thriller, never really gave it a second thought, well it is now streaming on Netflix so I watched it, and you know I will admit I was so wrong, for a low budget British made film, the film puts most if not all US thrillers to shame. Starring Angela Dixon, a little known Indie actress, who deserves to be seen at a larger level, although being an actress She is an established Yoga instructor in the UK, so she is fit, and not just in the looks department but my goodness me the amount she runs, jumps parkour's like a professional, puts Liam Neeson late fifties Brian to shame. A film that if you didn't know about a mothers love, and the things they are capable of, a Mothers bond is so strong, which is shown to perfection in this movie.

Plot summary; Angela Dixon plays Lisa, a single mother traveling to Morocco with her gorgeous baby girl, blonde  hair blue eyes, we believe Lisa …

Rogue One A Star Wars Story. Directed by Gareth Edwards. Produced by Lucasfilms and Disney. Distribution by 20th Century Fox. Certificate 12, running time 137 minutes approximately.

After deliberation I've decided to include this movie on my blog and why? Well it is probably the darkest Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back. From Gareth Edwards, the director of the excellent Monsters, then in 2014 Godzilla, although universally hated by critics fans said it was the Godzilla movie they wanted and was faithful to its source material.
Anyway back to Rogue One with apparently full re shoots, even talks of other directors being brought in, with the entire final third apparently changed, but did this ruin the movie "fuck no" yes the tagged in Darth Vader ending, although Gareth wanted it to be even more violent, was amazing fans were absolutely gobsmacked, the dark ending, the final battle with the rebels and the Empire, it was far darker than The Force Awakens, and any of the prequels. The film is so good it has been noted in spoiling Episode 4 A New Hope, that almost seems to be a let down in its pacing and tone. I'm writing this after seei…

Horror News for your weekend, sorry a little short at the moment butstill some horror snippets for you to enjoy.

Just two little snippets of news the first is the most bizarre news that Jim Henson's Labyrinth is definitely getting a sequel, and is going to be directed by Fede Alvarez the director of Evil Dead 2013, and most recently Don't Breathe, I'm not sure if it is going to be using the old puppets that was famous by Jim Henson's company, and obviously it will be without the Goblin King who was played by the late great David Bowie. I'm betting it will definitely be a darker tone, but then again the original Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal both by Jim Henson were both far too dark for the younger audience anyway.

Finally Robert Englund was at an event recently and was asked by the interviewer in his history of playing Freddy Krueger what was his famous onscreen kill, now I'm surprised by his response as I always thought the greatest was in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors, with Jennifer  Caulfield gets her head smashed in to the TVs, with the Robert Englund i…

The Mist From the short story by Stephen King, Television Mini series has finally been made and debuts on Spike June 22nd for a ten episode run.

Stephen King's The Mist has been adapted for a 10 episode mini series, arriving on Spike June 22nd Thursday 10/9c. Can it beat Frank Darabonts 2007 version is the question, with an ending that divided critics and viewers alike, but an ending that I thought was just pure genius, and starring in probably the only role I liked him in and that was Thomas Jane. Well this promises a different take on that movie, the mist still descends, still engulfs the small town in Maine but like in the movie, some wormhole was opened to bring in these beings in the mist  from another dimension, we are unsure what causes the mist in this production.

This time the story is about a family, after suffering some type of tragedy, and is told from their point of view, although it seems the supermarket, and a church is seen in the trailer with survivors in it, it features the family fighting the demons in the mist from their house. With Frank Darabont's version closer to the source setting, although th…

A YouTube video has appeared online to show a mash up of the recent dumped Pepsi advert, with an added They Live subliminal message about Consuming.

The only thing to unite the Republicans and the Democrats apart from a bombing campaign in Syria is the recent demeaning advertising campaign from Pepsi. A campaign so insulting that to solve and cure all the world's woes is an ice cold Pepsi. In the advert we see Kendall Jenner in a modelling photo shoot, whilst outside is a demo going on about Love, or something like that as it so vague. She abandons her shoot to join the demo, with a line of intimidating police officers, ready to beat the protesters, she then gives a cop a Pepsi and everything is right in the world. Well the advertising campaign has been pulled never to see the light of day, or has It? A YouTube video has appeared, an anti capitalistic video using the aliens from They Live in a video about Consuming, and hidden subliminal messages.  The video is amazing only a few seconds long, but is a fantastic video about corporate advertising, have a look for yourselves.

Just a few DVD and BluRay releases this week April 10th 2017, UK only from Maychbox Films, Arrow Films and 20Th Century Fox.

Just three of the best DVD and Bluray releases in the UK available from tomorrow April 10th 2017, obviously the biggest release is Rogue One A Star Wars story, which if you haven't seen, where the hell have you been, the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes Back, it even has it dark tone, and not the light hearted Episode 7 that J J. Abrahams directed in 2015, a film I have seen, and may release a review tomorrow, but as this is a horror blog I probably will not. The best release tomorrow is Antibirth, starring Natasha Lyonne, Chloe Sevigny and Meg Tilly, from Matchbox films, a film that is the most original movie I have seen in ages, its gross out visual images, the foot scene in particular has to be seen to be believed, if you enjoy pimple popping videos on YouTube you will love that scene. With one of the most bizarre and just plain WTF moments the ending, is one to be watched and be astounded by. If you read my Blog posts, this films pops up as one of my most viewed posts,…

YellowBrickRoad (2010) film review. Directed by Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland. Distributed in the UK by High Flyers Films PLC, originally in 2011, also repackaged in 2014 under a different title 'Vanished'. Certificate 15, running time 96 minutes.

From COMPOUND B, A POINTS NORTH FILM. Starring Michael Laurino, Anessa Ramsey, Alex Draper, Cassidy Freeman, Clark Freeman, Tara Giorando, Sam Elmore, Laura Hesner. Written and directed by Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland.
Plot Summary; In 1940 the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire walked up along a winding mountain trail, and were never seen again. The US army search party found bodies, mainly frozen to death, some mutilated, only one survivor who talked gibberish and was driven mad by his experience. Years later a writer, his wife and best friend decide to investigate the mystery behind this missing town, in which the Government has made all information classified. They intend to walk the same trail, and find out the clues to this mystery when over 275 souls suddenly disappears. To which the current townsfolk of Friar name the Trail as YellowBrickRoad, after the towns obsession with the movie Wizard Of OZ, before they upped and left on their fateful journey.
This film ain't no f…

One of my biggest gripes is when distribution companies deliberatelyset out to mislead the horror fans, they are so hoping to take theirmoney, by misdirection and confusion.

I love horror, it has always been my genre favourite choice, and a lot of directors and studios appreciate that and treat their fanbase with respect, what I do not like is when studios take you for a ride, and treat you like 'mugs', sorry that is a very English word, I'll refrain that 'idiots'. When they deliberately try to mislead you, now I'm not sure if this is a British thing or European thing, but when titles from America come across our shores, especially horror movies, and especially low budget movies, British distribution companies tend to pay license and be a little naughty with the titles they own. I've already mentioned this a few months back a film called Playing With Dolls Bloodlust, was deliberately changed in the UK to Leatherface in a deliberate attempt to cash in on the movie being released later this year, about the young Leatherface. My recent gripe is a movie I picked up at my local Poundland, yes I paid a pound for a movie, so what'…

Nerve 2016 film review. Distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment.Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Rated PG13 US, certificate15 UK. Running time 92 minutes.

Nerve 2016 starring Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Emily Meade, Machine Gun Kelly, Juliette Lewis, Miles Heizer, Samira Wiley. Based on Nerve by Jeanne Ryan, screenplay by Jessica Sharzer. Directed by Henry Joost, and Ariel Schulman. 
What can be said about Nerve apart from it's okay, a great idea, that could have pushed so many more boundaries. A Neo techno thriller based on the truth or dare game, but without the truth just plenty of dares, in which on completion you win money. All the dares are decided by the watchers, who each act as an independent server, which makes this very dark game straight from the depths of the dark web, very dangerous in which it is untraceable, and some quite sick individuals are betting, and watching in on you to do more elaborate dares, in the hope there may be a fatality. Yes it's the social media generation who can sit behind their smartphones and laptops, and casually watch the misery of others, just like modern day trolls. The fifth collaborat…

IT trailer same scenes breakdown, and how faithful this new version is, Pennywise is terrifying, the Georgie scenes are all spot on, and the ending is what all bad dreams are made of. I'm so looking forward to seeing this movie in September.

IT trailer finally dropped last Wednesday and most were not disappointed by it pardon the pun, and the new Pennywise is certainly far scarier, but parts of the trailer although a lot darker in appearance and tone, the whole thing does look like it has been faithful to the source material eg, Stephen Kings book, and the original mini series, and I'll show you scene by scene of the breakdown.
Firstly Georgie from the original IT, in the same yellow coat floating his paper boat alongside the sidewalk. Below is the 1990 version, photo courtesy of Universal Pictures. 

Below is the faithful 2017 version of the same scene, courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures. Note the apparent darkness in tone.

In the 1990 version the road block signs are visible, but Georgie avoids them, picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.

In the 2017 version Georgie hits his head whilst trying to duck, but the same colour, even the same writing on them is spot on faithful to the original version. Picture courtesy of Warne…