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Sequels love them or hate them, they will always happen, but every now and then a sequel can surpass the original.

Sequels love them or hate them it is alway inevitable that a successful film will always warrant a sequel, or even sequels, some if not most are just cash cows for studios, and most films are rushed out, eg Blair Witch Book Of Shadows, the Saw franchise, but every now or then they actually get it right, and above are some examples where the sequels were as good if not better than the originals. I'm writing this after seeing The Conjuring 2, and being surprised how good it was, and surpassed the original easily, even Ouija The Origins Of Evil, was so much better than the first one. Sometimes the first movie was an independent movie, and a sequel will always add a bigger budget than before, for example Evil Dead 2 was the film that the original Evil Dead wanted to be with better effects, budget, the same as 28 Weeks Later, which the original Danny Boyle even said he had so many ideas for the desolate London setting, but budget restraints stopped that, well 28 Weeks Later addressed tha…

Stephen King's IT 2017 trailer finally dropped yesterday and it looks quite amazing, with a September 8th Release date for part 1 of this two part movie.

Stephen King' s IT trailer finally dropped yesterday and from what I can see it does not disappoint. With this remake now in production since 2012, with various actors involved playing Penniewise the clown, and various directors involved. At least part 1 has been made and is looking at a September release, with this being directed by Mama director  Andrés Muschietti, the Argentine director who did a great job with Mama, although not perfect was a very creepy film with a great performance from Jessica Chastain. Bill Skarsgård stars as IT, the Swedish actor previously known in Hemlock Grove, Simple Simon, Anna Karenina, with a September 8th release date we can only hope the film is a great as the trailer looks, then again most modern remakes do not generally work, so here's hoping that this horror does deliver and is at least a R rated movie.

The Funhouse Massacre 2015 film review. Directed by Andy Palmer. Produced by Petri Entertainment. Distribution by Shout Factory US, High Flyers Films UK. Also currently streaming on Netflix. Rated R, Certificate 18, running time 91 minutes.

Starring Robert Englund, Jere Burns, Clint Howard, Candice De Visser, E.E Bell, Michael Eric Read, Renee Dorian, Courtney Gains, Erick Chavarria, Chasty Ballesteros.
What can be said about The Funhouse Massacre apart from fun, another film with a hint of 80's slasher movie feel about it, it certainly shouldn't be confused with Funhouse 1981 by Tobe Hooper. This film, Funhouse Massacre I have seen on Netflix for some months, but with extra work responsibility and extra hours, my blog and my appetite to watch movies did dwindle for a while, and my depression crept back on me again, so most horror films were off the menu for some time. I have got back into the horror groove once more, and I have seen, and purchased quite a lot of horror movies, I watched this in the early hours of the Morning I finish work at 1,00am and watched this until 3,00am, and I loved it, the film was clichèd, violent, with some great kills, almost too predictable until the great ending, that was genius. The …

Enemy Mine finally gets a HI-def release, "and about time" this great film believe it or not is celebrating its 30th anniversary, lovingly restored by Eureka Entertainment.

Although not a horror release it is still a great sci fi movie, and apart from Inner Space and D.O.A this was Dennis Quaids best work.
With an onform Lois Gossett Jr who is unrecognizable in prosthetic make-up. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson of Das Boot fame, a story of two sworn enemies who happen to crash land on an alien planet, first with a battle of wills and aggression, following an unlikely bond and friendship, with Dennis Quaid realising the true enemy is the Human Race not the aliens he was trained to hate. Although a 15 certificate in the eighties it has now been degraded to a 12 certificate, getting its debut on Bluray with this being the 30th anniversary edition. I loved the eighties and it is still my favourite decade in film making and movies, and with this Fright Night, Highlander all released this week, and all celebrating over 30 years, it is a great week for nostalgia, and a great week for some damm fine releases.

SPECIAL FEATURES including:Gorgeous 1080p presentation o…

Fright Night 1985. Directed by Tom Holland. 30 th anniversary edition on Blu-ray.

Before Tom Holland went on to direct the very excellent Child's Play, he made this exquisite little indie chiller, that came out in 1985, the surprise hit of that year, that unfortunately was remade in 2011 with Colin Farell and Anton Yeltsin, and Imogen Poots, which in all fairness not the worst remake, but still a film that needn't have been made. With the 1985 orginal in which I loved, but the vampire make up even now freaks me out, the same as Salems Lot, the two vampire movies that actually really freaked me out in the eighties.
We finally get to see this great movie in the UK and EUROPE with the 30 th anniversary edition already available in the US for two years now, we do get the 4K treatment and a complementary DVD disk on this version, complete with a bundle of special features.

DUAL FORMAT SPECIAL EDITION FEATURES: 4Kdigital restorationOriginal stereo PCM soundtrack and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio options (on the Blu-ray)English subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired

Beyond The Gates (2016) Film Review, directed by Jackson Stewart. Distribution by IFC Midnight, Scream Factory. Running time approx 84 minutes, Rated R, Certificate 18.

Starring Barbara Crampton, Graham Skipper, Chase Williamson, Brea Grant, Jesse Merlin, Henry LeBlanc. Currently on sale in Tesco's UK for only £3,00 ( as from 27th March) 
After being released for a few weeks I have finally seen this movie, and you know I'm not disappointed by it, with so many negative reviews online, and on Amazon, I thought I had wasted my money buying this movie, but I'm glad I took the risk. Yes the movie is far from perfect, does have a few plodding moments, and plot issues that needed the movie to run along a little faster, but it is incredibly well acted, for such a low budget movie, and although set in our time definitely has a retro look of the eighties, which all Stranger Things fans will enjoy. Starring the stunning Barbara Crampton, the eighties screen queen herself, from Re- animator and From Beyond, and recently seen in We Are Still Here, for a woman who is now 58 she is stunningly gorgeous, as the game narrator.  Yes once again this movie has tap…

Terrifier is a standalone movie featuring one of the scariest clowns to grace our screens in Art The Clown

Terrifier is a 2016 horror film from Damien Leone, who also directed the anthology movie All Hallows Eve, in which featured a psychopathic clown called "Art" and may I say one of the scariest clowns I have see on-screen. It isn't the first time that Art the clown has been seen before in the directors debut short called  The 9th Circle. We have this time a feature length movie of Art the clown terrorising three young women on Halloween night.
Whilst All Hallows Eve has low production values, I still found the film interesting, some of the stories worked and some didn't, but I did praise the directors effort in that movie
With a trailer now dropped for that movie and a great looking grindhouse style movie poster I cannot wait to see Art the clown once more.

The Crooked Man (2016) film review. Directed by Jesse Holland. A SYFY movie, R Rated running time 87 minutes.

There was a crooked Man  and he walked a crooked mile. He found a crooked sixpence  upon a crooked stile. He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse, And they all lived together in a little crooked house. This 2016 film based on the old saying above, the bogeyman who appears if it is sang out loud, this SYFY TV movie is all I can say is definitely a poor mans Babadook, a film without any scares, tension, and every scare is just about borrowed from the film Lights Out with the Crooked Man always in darkness. With terrible acting to boot, and a dismal script, the film is dreadful I'm afraid, such a shame as it could have been a very good movie, if it had just learnt a few things from Jennifer Kent's The Babadook, as the Crooked Man is quite a good character, who moves in that disturbing flickering type of way, with the clicking of bones as he moves. The whole thing about him using the darkness to hide is not always utilised, and he is seen far too many times, with no us…

Monster Brawl (2011) Written, produced, edited and directed by Jesse T.Cook. Produced by Foresight Features. Distribution by Anchor Bay Entertainment US, Momentum Pictures UK. Running time 90 minutes, certificate 18.

Following Vendetta, and Wrestlers Vs Zombies and keeping with the wrestling theme I give you Monster Brawl. Think it as mash up of Universal Monsters meets the WWE crossed with Mortal Kombat and we have Monster Brawl. Filmed like it is a live show, with two wrestling commentators giving a live wrestling commentary, with an introduction to each bout by Wrestling legend Jimmy Hart, surrounded by two scantily clad beauties. With a short introduction to each monster, in a horror snippet, we have the eight monsters segregated into two groups The Undead Conference with Frankenstein, Zombie Man, The Mummy and Vampire With The Creature conference Cyclops, Werewolf, Witich Bitch and Swamp Gut. The very clever part of this movie is you forget it is a movie, it is like watching a live wrestling show like Raw, or Smackdown, with an excellent commentary from the great Lance Heriksen, including the fatalities call out in matches like in Mortal Kombat, we have a genuinely likeable film. It is extremely …

Big Ass Spider (2013) film review. Epic Pictures Group. Directed byMike Medez. Distributed by Epic Pictures Releasing, and SyFy Channel.Certificate 15 running time 80 minutes. Getting another VOD treatment from 14th March, For International Save a Spider.

Big Ass Spider or a big ass pile of fun and I loved it, what films should be sometimes and that is just fun. With Heroes actor Greg Grunberg who I have always liked, but always being a supporting actor gets to shine in his own film. Directed by Mike Mendez, and being a on demand movie, but also showing on SyFy channel .
Plot Summary;
After discovering alien DNA in a form of a growth hormone, scientists attempt to genetically engineer food with the hormone, unfortunately a spider is amongst the food, and  is genetically modified too, growing at an enormous amount. Only down and out Pest controller Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg)  agrees to help the Army in destroying the Big Ass Spider before it can lay its eggs and produce hundreds of these spiders from attacking the city of Los Angeles.
A film and premise so absurd, but still just works, with dreadful special effects, at times dreadful acting, but the film is still an enjoyable romp. It stars Ray Wise, and has cameos from Lin Shaye, and…

Kong Skull Island has a deliberate reference to Cannibal Holocaust, and has been confirmed by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

How can Kong Skull island a PG13 film have a gruesome nod to Caniball Holacaust, and it's not blood thirsty natives on the island, but a very clever blink and you miss it scene with a giant spider attack. Whilst the massive spiders attack and Inpales a poor soul from his throat and all through his body, with one of his spiky legs.  It was hinted that the nod was to Canibal Holocaust, and it turns out to be true that Director Jordan Vogt- Roberts is a genuine horror fan and the scene was deliberate, which is very clever to add something so gruesome into a PG13 film, although not a naked woman impaled but, still a gruesome blink and you miss it scene in a film that pushes the violence boundaries in a PG13 movie. I have not had the pleasure in seeing this movie but my good friend and work colleague had seen it and did say it was far better and action packed than the 2005 Peter Jackson's overlong effort.

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Writer: Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein
Starring: John G…

Vendetta (2015) Directed by The Soska Sisters. Produced by WWE Studios. Distributed by LIONSGATE. Certificate 18, running time 88 minutes.

I'm being totally honest I have become addicted to WWE again after two decades of ignoring it, and I love it again. So I'm revisiting a lot of films that starred WWE superstars, with this film starring The Big Show. We have here a film from the Soska sisters, or the twisted twins who first made American Mary in 2012 then went on to directing the straight to VOD sequel to See No Evil,with this being another VOD title. And you know it ain't half bad,yes we have seen the prison situation before,done many times,and yes we have had some crackers and some turkeys along the way. Think of this as a Death Warrant, or even In Hell.A story of a honest cop,who lost his wife to notorious criminal,and Mr Big Victor Abbott. With the cop,Mason deliberately getting arrested,in a revenge killing on Victors brother Griffin Abbott.Somehow strings are pulled,and Mason ends up in the same prison as Victor Abbott,to eventually avenge his wife's death. We have the usual violence you would exp…

Diabolical (2015) Film Review. Directed by Alistair Legrand. Distributed by XLrator Media.High Flyers U.K. Running time 83 minutes, certificate 15.

There is not a lot I can say about Diabolical,without giving any plot spoilers away,as it has a M Night Shyamalan twist about it,I didn't get it at first,but it is a film you will need to watch multiple times,to understand,and to take everything in What I can tell you is that for a low budget film,it has definitely high end production looking values to it,with an on form Ali Larter playing a single mother,in financial difficulties,with stress from the bank wanting to foreclose her mortgage,whilst being terrified by some malevolent being,that keeps appearing in her house.She has a son with serious anger issues,who keeps lashing out at school,and is currently seeing a therapist,and a daughter who believes the manifestation is her dad,we have a company,working for the bank,wanting the house for some kind of development,wanting to pay over the odds,but when the children leave the perimeter later on they become desperately ill.With some genuinely horrible scenes,especially the man in …

Bad Milo (2013) Film Review. Directed by Jacob Vaughn. Distributed by Magnet Releasing

They say Stress is the second biggest killer, well imagine having a lifetime of pent up stress and
anxiety,that we all need to let out our inner demon,well imagine if that demon actually does eventually get out,and will kill anything or anyone personally causing you that stress. That is what Bad Milo is all about.

Plot summary:
Duncan is that type of guy,always trying to please everyone,but is constantly put down,taken for granted,the butt of many a joke,always under stress,with little or no reward at all. Constantly on the loo,with severe abdominal pain,whilst going,until one day the pain is so bad he passes out,only to wake the next day,and find out his co worker has been attacked by what seems to be a vicious animal attack.
It seems the inner demon Duncan has been keeping inside,has finally decided to come out,and has been living in his lower bowel,and appears from his anus to take out any stress and deal with it,that poor Duncan is suffering from.

Yes this film is a gross out Horr…

What may link the (2017) film Life, the new sci fi horror thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhall and Rebecca Ferguson to (2007) Spider-Man 3.

What links the new film Life to 2007 Spider-Man 3, apart from both being owned by Sony pictures, but an eagle eye fan spotted in the recent trailer for Life a scene that was remarkably similar to a scene in Spider-Man 3.  It turns out a small throwaway scene  in Life, a scene set in New York with New Yorkers gasping whilst looking into the air, is actually stock footage used in Spider-Man 3, although not unusual for a film company to use other footage it owns from other movies, many are now suggesting that Life may actually tie in to the Spider-Man universe. With Life actually being the alien being that attaches itself to Peter Parker in the form of Venom, although I state this is only a fan theory, so please do not think like the film Split that is actually part of the Unbreakable universe, that Life and Spider-Man and Venom are part of the same movie, it is as I said only a fan theory, but it is an interesting one.
Life 2017 Plot Summary; A crew of Six astronauts aboard the Internationa…


Although I have already reviewed this film, after seeing it again it is easily John Travolta's best work since Face Off. Directed by Chuck "Charles" Russell the director of easily the best of the Nightmare On Elm Street sequel Dream Warriors and the brilliant The Blob remake, with Arnold Schwarzenegger's Eraser in 1996 a decent action film. The film and storyline is as ridiculous  as Travolta's hair line, but it is what it is!!! an enjoyable romp of an action film, although a revenge thriller, having enough wit and homour to carry along the film. Shame as this film even with a good director attached still became a straight to DVD effort, and VOD title.
With Travolta showing the grieving man perfectly after the murder of his wife in an apparent robbery, turns out more is involved with her murder, reaching all the way to the top of Capital Hill, as with all these films Travolta's character (Stanley Hill)  Yes I know a ridiculous name has a past, and can certai…

Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn is officially celebrating its 30th birthdaytoday, with 1987 probably the best year ever for classic movie releases.

Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn is officially 30 years old today, and my goodness how old does that make us all feel. The second in the trilogy although just a remake of the previous movie, with a larger budget, more humour, and Bruce Campbell becoming the Ash we all know and love. With so many classic moments, and an approval rating of 98% on Rotton Tomatoes, this movie is a classic in every sense of the word, and the real reason why the Starz tv series Ash Vs The Evil Dead is so amazing.

Pet (2016). Orion Pictures, Samuel Goldwyn Films. Released VOD December 2nd 2016 United States. On DVD and Bluray in the UK March 13th 2017, Distribution by Signature Entertainment. Certificate 18, running time approx 90 minutes

Pet Directed by Carlos Torrens, written by Jeremy Slater. Starring Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Parsons.
A film that just tries too hard to get as many twists and turns fitted into just one film, it is a shame as one story ark could've worked, but with three major plot twists is two too many. Although solidly acted by Lord Of the Rings and Lost star Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl) and Jennette McCurdy ( i Carley, Sam And Cat) trying her best to shake off her teenage Nickelodeon role, and surprisingly the best thing in this movie. This film is a tale of unrequited  love, with Seth (Monaghan) being love struck with a former High School pupil who in a chance encounter he meets  Holly ( Solo) on a bus, he tries at first a conversation with her to be blanked out.  With several other advances he is rejected by the quite cold Holly, who seems to have the perfect life online with her Facebook and Instagram photos, but actually her profiles are telling a lie…

Imperium (2015) film review. Grindstone Entertainment Group, Atomic Features, Tycor Entertainment Film Company, Greenlight International. Distribution by Lionsgate US, Signature Entertainment UK. Running time 104 Minutes, directed by Daniel Ragussis. Rated R, Certificate 15.

Although not a horror film, the whole premise of this movie is terrifying, proving the real threat of terrorism is not from an Islamic state, but from deeply well run organisations from within. With the real threat to the American public is not from Islam, but white men in ties, well educated people, Christian people who you would see at church. With the whole KKK, Neo Nazis, Skin heads, being easy targets for the security services, and not the threat they are perceived to be, but real organised educated men and women, who wear suits and ties, and using their educated sense of vile logic, with links to media, political figures, journalists  to spread hatred, via racism, anti Zionist views. This is a brave movie for a once child actor in Harry Potter, since 2012 Daniel Radcliffe has been tackling more meatier roles, to shake off his childhood image. With the excellent Horns (2015) Swiss Army Man (2016), The Woman In Black (2012) and Kill Your Darlings (2013). A story of an FBI profiler, w…

Are we under the wrath of God with an angel, or demon seen in the skies over Zambia.

With many experts saying the picture is clearly Photoshopped, and surprisingly no witnesses just the one solo photographer taking the picture, but the ghostly figure in the sky is clearly intimidating, looking like a dementor from the Harry Potter franchise, others has said it is an angel type figure.  Why is it seen only in Africa and not anywhere else, and is it the coming of the end sign. But why Africa? Then again with the crazy world we live in at the moment, with religious terrorism, crazy political decisions in both the UK and the US, with two crucial elections In France and Germany this year, and Hoping the far right do not win in these elections, and North Korea launching missiles into the Japanese seas, maybe 2017 could be the end of days, and this figure is watching us, whilst we fuck up the world.
Below a scene from Harry Potter, courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.

Lights Out (2016) Film Review. New Line Cinema, RatPac- DuneEntertainment,Atomic Monster Productions, Grey Matter Productions.Directed by David F. Sandberg. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.Rated R, US Certificate 15 UK. Running time 80 mins approx.

A film I brought today, and only five of my British pounds spent on this movie. A film that isn't bad, but isn't great either, a film that was devoid of any scares, with myself able to predict at every moment when something was going to happen. Yes you have got it this film relies heavily on "Jump scares" to make you jump, but in fairness watching horror for over 30 years now, nothing seems to scare me anymore, so maybe I have become desensitised to the things witnessed on screen. A film that was parodied better on a YouTube video, called how people react in real life to horror, with that video reminding me of this film, when two young men switch off a light they see a ghostly figure, it goes away when the light is back on, so and forth the light goes back, on and off untill the ghostly creature is right next to the young men, this is when they grab a baseball bat, and gun and shoot the shit out of this being like there is no tomorrow. Then I watched this movie with al…

Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014). A Troma release, directed by Cody Knotts. Running time approximately 88 minutes. Distributed by 88 films UK. Certificate 18.

A movie I have owned for over two years now, but recently thanks to my new hours at work, and the late time I  finish, I have become addicted to Monday Night Raw. The three hour show that is shown live in the UK at 01,00 am to 04,00 am. Watching yesterday as Goldberg after winning the Universal belt from Kevin Owens, then Being attacked by Brock Lesnar.  Being a massive WWF fan in my teens, before they were forced to change their name to WWE. Mid eighties to early nineties were the best WWF  years, with two stars in this my favourites "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who was famous for carrying into the ring his two by four piece of wood.
This film will only really appeal to wrestling fans, and those  who remember the good old days, before Hulk Hogan became a racist, Jake The Snake had hair, The Nature boy Rick  Flair was in his forties and not his seventies, and Jessie Ventura before he became a conspiracy theorist.

A complete nostalgic look into th…

The Belko Experiment being release on VOD this month. Released March 17th 2017.

The Belko Experiment is being release this month on VOD, and other digital services, created by James Gunn, from a weird dream he had a few years ago. A film with a horrible concept about some vile social experiment about a group of office workers locked in a building with a choice kill or be killed, by their other co workers. With a very clever marketing campaign to go along side it, with very  little being shown on trailers that gives the film even more intrigue, and with a very clever claymation video being fan made the other week, a film that seems absolutely terrifying, but intriguing at the same time. Talking of work my apologies for not blogging, I have been on some courses myself recently, one in which I walked away from, mid week this week, as I refused to be bullied and intimidated by my teacher/ examiner. Unfortunately this will mean I will not get promoted, and loose out on extra money. Sometimes in life it is better to walk away from confrontation than to stand up to it.…