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Ouija Origins of Evil.
This is the one film I was so looking forward to seeing after seeing the excellent Conjuring 2, and the recent buzz of Annabelle Creation. Showing that sequels can be another great addition to increase a franchise and improve on it.
Ouija Origins Of Evil is a good film, but unfortunately is just that, the sixties setting is definitely the high point, the retro looking film, that actually looks like it was made from that decade, including the original Universal Pictures logo from that decade. The other clever part is adding the cigarette burns in the top right of the screen, that used to indicate to the protectionist to change reels ready for the next cut scene. This was the clever high point of this movie, that unfortunately suffers from every horror clich├ęs in the final third. It is still better than Ouija from 2014, which in fairness was dreadful,  but Origins, it still was predictable, still another scare free movie, with the usual overuse of CGI which actua…

Santa Clarita Diet, currently showing exclusively on Netflix, a brilliantly funny gruesome comedy, that gives a lighter touch to the Zombie TV shows, and is an ideal family alternative to the Walking Dead. Ten episodes all available from 3rd February 2017.

After finishing a night shift early Saturday Morning, browsing through Netflix before I went to bed I came across this, I thought a rom com, with blood, murder about two realtors in Santa Clarita, maybe about a serial killing couple, how wrong I was and how great this series is. Before I knew 4 episodes had passed, a Zom Com you can call it, that is actually incredibly funny, brutal and bloody, with two stars who are perfect onscreen the always watchable and reliable Drew Barrymore, and Timothy Olyphant as the married realtors, who are desperate to hide the fact that one of them has become the undead, with a taste for human blood and flesh. Doing what married couples do, argue a lot, but secretly deeply in love with each other, and will support each other through this strange time. Unlike other Zombie programs Drew Barrymore keeps her humanity, and certainly does not want to eat her family, but decides apon a code to only eat people who deserve to die, like a known sex offender who mo…

Don't Breathe (2016) film review directed by Fede Alvarez. Ghost house Pictures, distributed by Screen Gems, and Sony Pictures. Certificate 15 running time 88 minutes.

From The director of Evil Dead 2013 Fede Alvarez comes this very tense thriller, starring Jane Levy (The Evil Dead) Dylan Minnette ( Goosebumps) and Daniel Zovatto ( It Follows) a pure adrenaline ride for 80 minutes, that is surprisingly very good, a confusing film as we as an audience never quite know who to route for, the blind man protecting his property, or the teenagers who break into his property. With even the director saying on the special features " there is no good guys are bad guys, just victims" so this is a film to make your mind up who is right or wrong in this great thriller. Plot Summary; Three older teenagers take advantage of one of their dad's security companies  to break into houses, by using spare keys in his possession. They choose the wrong house though belonging to an ex army veteran, although blind, has all his senses to fight back, with a known $300,000 dollars in his possession after a recent pay off, an insurance claim, in which he lost his daug…

Summer Camp film review. Now streaming in the UK, with a DVD release date of the 10th April 2017.

Summer Camp plot summary;
A bunch of four  American students volunteer to take over a Summer Camp in Spain for the holidays, preparing for the arrival of the children. Unfortunately they become ill with a viral outbreak that leads them into a blood killing rage. From the original director of REC and the producers of The Conjuring, we have a truly enjoyable, violent film, imagine 28 Days later meets Cabin In The Woods.
A film that is a master of misdirection, like the film I saw recently They're Watching, where you think it is a typical locals vs outsiders, and the ending turned out to be something different, well this film uses the same misdirection. Where as a viewer you are led to believe these American Camp volunteers  at this remote summer camp in Spain, waiting on the arrival of children are already in danger from travellers camping on the same summer camp site,carrying knives, and being intimidating, it is at this point where the story goes into a completely different direc…

The Girl On The Train 2016 review. Directed by Tate Taylor.Distribution by Entertainment One. Certificate 15, running time 112minutes.

The Girl On The Train or otherwise should be called the 'wino on the train' who usually smells like piss and vodka, and offering blow jobs for £ 20.00 well that is the type of woman I have seen on trains around Birmingham. A film that just seems so pointless and lifeless, about a woman who is hell bent on destroying her liver, whilst feeling sorry for her self from losing everything to alcohol. Quite simply no matter how strong a performance Emily Blunt's delivers, it is not enough to make a great movie, you need to empathise with a character, you need to feel for them, well no matter how good Blunt plays the titlular Rachael Watson the character has no redeeming qualities to even be bothered about, and the reason why it is so hard to get into firstly the characters mindset, and secondly to even care about what she thought she saw in a drunken stupor.
A film that is dark, depressive in washed out colours of green and grey and as boring as the Character Rachael. The book ac…

Playing With Dolls (2016) Leatherface (2017) or also known as Bloodlust Playing With Dolls Two. Directed by Rene Perez. Out on DVD, Leatherface released 16th January UK, by Lightning Pictures. Certificate 18.

Can I introduce "probably" the worst two Horror films ever made, yes I can deal with low budget,bad acting,films made to be deliberately bad,such as almost every Troma release,but with this film being totally serious,it is incredible how awful it is. Playing With Dolls, split into two movies With Bloodlust being the sequel, but unfortunately being called Leatherface in the UK to deliberately mislead, the British public into buying another Texas Chainsaw movie, when it clearly is not.
Plot summary;A bunch of wannabe actors take part in a reality TV show, based in the woods in the middle of nowhere,whilst being filmed, being stalked by a man-monster.and told to avoid a certain serial killer, with the actors believing it to be a game when they are really the stars of a modern snuff movie, being hunted by quite an interesting hulk of a killer, with a cloth and barbed wire covering his face.
With the usual movie stereotypes,the big breasted woman,the Blonde,the muscular hunk,and th…

Is It Follows and The Ring the same movie, well a fan theory appeared on YouTube yesterday to argue this point, click the link underneath that will take you to Couch Tomato YouTube channel, and watch for yourselves.

Have you seen the YouTube video, that links these two movies, or even argues that they are actually the same movie,by Couch Tomato he argues that point, It Follows (2014) from David Robert Mitchell and The Ring (2002) Gore Verbinski, both are the same movie in his opinion, he does make some very good points, but the only one I actually agree with is the only way to end this curse is to selfishly pass it on, so some other poor soul can suffer.