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An accidental discovery that turned out to be quite decent, shame it failed, but the prequel to Bluray which was Superbit.

I'm writing this as I came across these titles by accident, buying a copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula second hand for less than a pound, and the copy I received was the above Superbit version. So I did some resaearch about Superbit that in the UK completely passed me by, it was also around the time my daughter was born, so through work, lack of sleep, and being a new parent, this format completely went unnoticed. Shame as I have collected every format going over the years such as Betamax, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD, HD/DVD and finally Bluray, and knowing about it I would have Collected the format. What was Superbit you ask, like HD/DVD the forgotten format, but unlike Bluray that eventually won the format war, especially for Sony, it was Sony's brainchild before Hi-DEF finally took off to enhance the standard format which was DVD, and by doing that they took the decision to loose all special features, and fancy menus on DVD disks which took up half of the 4gb storage, with the film c…

How Suicide Squad could have been decent with just a few changes and tweaks, even David Ayer admitted that the movie would have benefited from the Joker having more screen time.

Could Suicide Squad have been any good?, well watching it again last night, yes the film was crap, seeing both versions twice the extended cut does still win, but only just, but could this have been a decent comic book movie like Civil War?. David Ayer in an extended Twitter debate with a fan actually admitted that the bad guy should have been the Joker, and like him or hate him I thought Jared Letto did a decent job, as a modern Joker. Unfortunately because of the fantastic performance from Heath Ledger, he will always be seen as the ultimate Joker. The thing is Suicide Squad was a rushed film in production and shooting, with an unfinished script, and writing as they went along. I don't think all blame can be put on David Ayer, who is an established action director, who knows how to shoot a gritty, dirty, city type movie, this film with a decent script, a few characters dropped, even a longer running time, a R Rated movie, would have made this movie a hell of a lot better. I will ru…

Blair Witch released on DVD and Bluray in the US 3rd January 2017 and23rd January for the UK. Directed by Adam Wingard.

The Blair Witch from Adam Wingard release on DVD and Bluray in the US 3rd January 2017, a film that underperformed at the box office, and couldn't reach the dizzy heights of the 1999 original, but not that this film was that bad, it is just that times have changed, people do not go to the cinema anymore, with streaming services available, and so much piracy online. Still it made back three times its budget, but nowhere near the box office returns of The Blair Witch Project 1999. A shame as Adam Wingard is a talented young director, already with The Guest, VHS, and Your Next. 

Plot Summary, after discovering new found footage online James Donahue the brother of Heather Donahue who went missing 17 years ago earlier decides with his lifelong friend Peter and and his girlfriend Ashley to go back to the Black Hills in Maryland, with Lisa Arlington who is an inspiring documentary maker to document, with help from locals Talia and lane who know the Hills.  In a vain attempt to find the …

Split is actually a direct sequel to Unbreakable and belongs in the same universe and timeline, M Night Shyamalan's biggest twist to date has finally come out.

Split is 15 years in the making, and is actually in the same universe and timeline as Unbreakable, please do not read if you haven't seen the film yet, as it contains spoilers and the twist ending to the film Split. Turns out it is a sequel of sorts to Unbreakable with a cameo at the end with Bruce Willis playing David Dunn  Once more, the superhero about to capture Kevin, who's nickname is the "Horde"for his kidnapping skills, with Bruce Willis piping up at the end he captured the other super villain Mr Glass, and the film ends. With myself having no interest in seeing this movie (Split) as I thought it misrepresents mental illness, but finding out this nugget of information, it makes this movie a must watch on my list as Unbreakable was quite a gem of a movie, the movie proving M Night Shyamalan wasn't a one hit wonder with the Sixth Sense, shame he went downhill for 10 years before gaining ground once more with The Visit and Split. Will there be another Unbrea…

Is Signs a greater masterpiece than previously thought. Is M Night Shyamalan's film about Demons rather than Aliens and we have been watching the film wrong and assuming the Alien invasion rather than an apocalyptic Demonic invasion of Earth instead.

Out of all fan theories this one I heard the other day makes complete sense, it is about the movie by M Night Shyamalan Signs. The movie that is equally loved and hated at the same time, but with this recent fan theory makes more sense. The Theory is this.... The Alien's are actually Demons, it seems completely "out there" but when you actually break it down it makes complete sense, and actually improves the movie tenfold instead of an Alien Invasion it is actually a Demon led apocalypse. 1. The beings are never referred to as Alien's, we as a viewer just assume that to be the case. 2. The film is about Faith and loosing it, we see Mel Gibson's character grieving for his lost wife who died in a car accident, leaving him a lonely parent, no matter how much he believed in God and prayed for his wife, she still died. 3. The beings have Hooved feet like a devil, which has been the image for demons and the Devil since forever. 4. Mel Gibson's daughter in this is a cel…

Carnage Park released tomorrow UK Monday 23rd January, on DVD and Bluray. Distributed by High Flyers Entertainment. Directed by Mickey Keating, certificate 18.

Carnage Park (2016) film review.Diablo Entertainment.Distributors IFC Midnight. Directed by Mickey Keating. Rated R,released July 1st 2016 VOD, running time 90 minutes. Starring Ashley Bell, Pat Healy, Alan Ruck
A complete throwback to the dirty,grainy exploitation flixs of the seventies,if you liked Texas Chainsaw Massacre,The Devils Rejects,any film from Sam Peckinpath,and a little nod to Quentin Tarantino school of directing you will love this. It is a really good film,spoilt by the fact it is just like watching a Tarantino movie,the opening alone looks like you are watching a cross breed between Resevoir Dogs,and The Gecko Brothers kidnapping From Dusk Till Dawn,the only thing really missing is the Titty Twister. The film also reminded me of Wolf Creek , and expecting Mick Taylor to pop up any minute,with the desolate desert setting. This is a simple film,a small town bank is robbed,a farmers daughter Vivian (Ashley Bell) is taken as a hostage and leverage,from the two bank robber …

Ghosthunters released on DVD only this week 16th January 2017 UK only. Certificate 18 running time 86 minutes.

Ghosthunters 2016 film review.
Plot summary;
When one of these Ghosthunters wife and child, is horrifically murdered by some serial killer, who likes to dress up as a plague doctor from the sixteenth century, instead of mourning his loss, he is determined to go back to the scene of the murder to catch his wife and daughters ghost, that might be residing In this property. As they died a horrible gruesome death, their souls are most likely to be at the most turmoil, and still lingering around this property.
With his bunch of misfit scientist buddies, they set to walk around this house of hell, used by this serial killer. We have just about every ghost clichè in this movie, a light is turned on and off, and one moment in darkness a figure is standing,the next when the light is turned back on its gone, it is that been there seen that type of formula is why this movie is so bloody bland. With god awful acting to boot, a terrible script, and characters who are Ghosthunting, who suddenly get…

Leatherface in the UK from Lightning Pictures is the sequel to Playing With Dolls 2 Bloodlust. The name has been changed in the UK to deliberately confuse the buying public, I repeat it has nothing to do with Texas Chainsaw or the Sawyer Family.

Awards going to the best misdirection and making the British public seem foolish goes to this release by Lightning Pictures.
Not to be confused with the 2017 title, but renamed to cause confusion. This film is the direct sequel to 2016 Playing With Dolls, otherwise known as Bloodlust.
With Playing With Dolls which I thought was the worst horror movie ever made. I will put my review of that movie underneath. With the director fuming that the UK sales have decided on the name change, which was first publicised on Dread Central, here is the quote in full from director Rene Perez.
“I am apposed to this title change but I am powerless to stop it. I made no money from this sale. The sales agency didn’t even inform me that a sale was made to the UK. I was unaware until I saw this article . At the moment I am making a 3rd Playing With Dolls movie. I will be self releasing the new Playing with Dolls online to avoid any issues like this in the future. Apologies to my fellow horror fans for thi…

31 DVD review. Bow And Arrow Entertainment, Saban Films, Vertigo Releasing. Directed by Rob Zombie. Distribution by Precision Pictures, available only on DVD in UK, certificate 18, running time 98 mins. Contains strong bloody violence.

Plot Summary;A bunch of Carnival folk in the late Seventies traveling across America, are taken hostage mid journey, by three sadistic,  geriatric, Elizabethan dressed idiots, who like to play a game called 31, in which the only rule of the game is to survive for twelve hours, in this industrial maze of factory units, whilst be chased and hunted down by various assailants.

DVD review
Rob Zombie clearly loves the horror genre, but he is not that good at it, he has great ideas, but somehow fails on every film he makes and produces, yes gore and being sickened by it, is what most people want, I get that, but sometimes in films less is more, you can create tension, without having to resort to gore all the time. It  is this approach that is making him predictable now, I almost knew how this film would play out from the start, and I was right second guessing it all the way through. It is violent, it is a survival type horror, it has Roddy McDowell in it, with his scenes probably filmed in a d…

The best horror releases from last week, to this week all available on DVD, Bluray digital download USA only.

Three very decent horror releases in the USA on January 17th 2017, firstly the South Korean film Train To Busan, about a Zombie Outbreak on a train, we've had Snakes On A Plane, Zombies On Planes in World War,  Steven Segal on a train in Under Siege 2, but never Zombies on trains. I'm being honest I have not seen it yet, as my hours for viewing has been reduced lately, but word of mouth is it is excellent.  Secondly is Ouija Origin Of Evil, the sequel to the 2014 film, which I thought was a dreadful movie, still this movie starting as an origins movie, not a direct sequel was a smart move by the film makers, with this sequel, actually bloody good, and like The Conjuring 2 proving that not all sequels are bad, and some can actually be better than the originals. Thirdly is Death Race 2050 from Roger Corman, a direct sequel to the original late seventies cult film, not the dire remakes starring Jason Statham and Luke Goss. With a fourth movie being released on Tuesday 24th January …

Some of the Bluray releases this week UK only I'm afraid. Some at very good prices if you visit a certain UK supermarket.

Just two major titles released this week in the UK, Donnie Darko that was released in December with an ultimate edition, is going to be released on DVD and Bluray from Arrow Films, with fewer special features, but still the 4K transfer. The other film is SCI Fi horror Morgan.
Just a few more releases that are available from Sainsburys in the UK, Blurays from Arrow Films, Second Sight, The Hills Have Eyes, Battle Royale, Videodrome, Delta Force all just £8,00 each, with Christine  and Assault On Precinct 13 both just £10,00 which are bargains, as they are currently going for much more on Amazon, Zavvi and HMV online. I can confirm apart from Christine all come loaded with special features, especially the Arrow Releases with reversible sleeves, Battle Royale is the director's cut version, The Hills Have Eyes has the 4K treatment.

Working to death at the moment, more working hours, less blogging hours, my apologies.

Just a quick update; I apologise for lack of posts since Christmas, I have increased my hours at work now, working long into the A.M well 0200 AM to be exact, meaning I do not have time to watch films at this time, as I still have to do the school run every morning from 0700. So lack of sleep is slowly stopping my motivation to write on this blog, that I almost could do daily before. I will still try to write pieces and reviews, but will most likely be just a few times a week now. As I am now working weekends as well, when I did most of my writing, it is going to be difficult, but I will try to put stuff out when I can. My apologies once more, Unfortunately blogging in my case doesn't pay the bills, so work is more important to me at the moment, although having decent numbers on this blog, work will have to come first to pay the bills.

Horror releases for USA and England 27th December/ 2nd January 2017.

Just three decent horror/ thriller releases this week in the US; First of all is Pet, starring Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo, Jennette McCurdy, Rated R, running time approx 93 minutes. Distributed by Paramount, retails$22,99. Plot Summary; Seth (Dominic Monaghan) works at an animal shelter, and has been secretly in love with this girl Holly (Ksnenia Solo), after numerous attempts to woo her, he decides to kidnap her and keep her locked in a cage, at the animal shelter where he works. It turns out Holly is not your normal victim, as Seth soon discovers. From Writer Jeremy Slater ( The Lazarus Effect, The Exorcist TV Series, Death Note) and directed by Carles Torrens ( Apartment 143, M Is For Mom, Sequence, Hide And Seek).

Secondly released is the thriller When The Bough Breaks, starring Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, Theo Rossi, and this being the third collaboration between Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall both starring in The Best Man, and the sequel The Best Man Holiday, with a forth…