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Brawl In Cell Block 99. Directed by S. Craig Zahler. Distribution by RJLE Films USA, Universal Pictures Europe. Rated R, Certificate 18. Running time 124 minutes.

From the writer and director of Bone Tomahawk, S. Craig Zahler comes Brawl In Cell Block 99, well more than a brawl more like a massacre, and if you enjoyed the gore in Bone Tomahawk you will absolutely love this.
Starring in probably his best role ever, and one that will always be talked about on Vince Vaughn's CV.
Yes the comedic talents of Vince have been forgotten about, we have no improve like he is famous for, no team ups with Owen Wilson, we have one of the grittiest, dirtiest in your face violence, with some of the most believable fights scenes put to celluloid, these fights seem realistic, not staged choreographed within an inch of their lives, but brutal looking fights. Throughout all this though is Bradley Thomas (Vaughn) A decent man with decent values, who just so happens to make the wrong choices, losing his job early on, the ex boxer becomes a low level drug runner, when a sting operation one night sees him arrested, and sentenced, to a low level low security jail.…

All Through The House (2015) Film Review. The Redmond Company. Directedby Todd Nunes. Distributed by 101 Films UK. Certificate 18, Runningtime 101 minutes.

Is it too early for a Christmas movie, hell no!! With the festive Yuletide only  a few days away now, why should it always be about Halloween, Spring Break, Fall break all the time. It has been a few years since a Holiday Slasher movie has been made, with Silent Night Deadly Night remake, obviously we Had Krampus, and the other various copycat movies last year, so it is nice to see a festive bloodbath movie. Directed by Todd Nunes and debuted at RIP film festival October 2015, winning best director nod at Hardcore Horror Fest, Chicago, IL, best slasher award at RIP Horror film festival. With it being quite a fan favourite amonst it's indie fanbase.
Plot summary; A deranged Santa is punishing all the naughty children, well adults now, as he returns to his family home. With plenty of bloodshed, as he cuts, stabs, chops, through house to house, with shears, with plenty of body part removals, and nakedness as all who get frisky get very dead.
With a definite nod to 80's slasher movie…

Split Film Review 2016. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Produced by Blumhouse Productions. Directed by M Night Shymalan. Certificate 15 running time 117 minutes.

Is Split a horror film, just because it is produced by Jason Blum ( Blumhouse) it has been labelled as a horror well it certainly isn't.
It is a psychological movie, that has only been made to tie up a previous franchise which is Unbreakable, and to make a further movie in the what is now known to be a trilogy for M Night  Shymalan's with a very clever cameo in the final moments from Bruce Willis, to tie this movie to Unbreakable, and the next being called Glass, which has just finished shooting.
A film that is very well acted by James McAvoy, and Anya Taylor-Joy, a film that at first I didn't want to see, as I believed it to be negative on mental health issues, especially multiple personality disorder. Although James McAvoy does a brilliant job as Kevin who has no less than 23 personality's , under a resounding psychologist, after a strange incident involving two teenage girls, two of his dominant personality's have come out, and kidnapped three teenage girls, fo…

Netflix is an amazing streaming service, and is still one of the best, but the last few months has been unkind to the service provider. With many flops to its name, in producing its own content, 2017 has been a bad year.

Netflix is without doubt one the best streaming providers, bringing us original series's since 2013, namely House Of Cards, Stranger Things, and Orange Is The New Black.
All these are excellent TV shows, the service provider is now making original content in film production, but unfortunately a lot of the exclusive materials, or films has had critics seething.
Namely these productions, War Machine starring Brad Pitt, now proving he is now about 5 years without any hit film. To The Bone, a brave film about anorexia, becoming a clogged down romantic love story.
The two which really turned this now studio shit is two films, Little Evil, and Deathnote, both advertised as genre breaking movies, to showcase this service, but being the two worst films of 2017. Little Evil seemed like it was written like 20 years ago, like it would've been a horror comedy in the vane of Naked Gun, or Hot Shots, movies of the nineties, with a few modern twists added to the mix still does not save this…

Atonic Blonde. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Directed by David Leitch. Rated R, certificate 15, running time 115 minutes.

I like the eighties, it will always be the decade of my youth and teenage years, I love eighties films, and will always have a place in my heart.
I had such high hopes for Atomic Blonde, set in 1989, still at the peak of the cold war, set in East Berlin before the great wall came down, especially being directed by David Leitch, the director of the brilliant John Wick. What we  have is a spy thriller that is actually incredibly boring, marketed as a kick ass action movie, when it is just a neon dressed arthouse film. A film more about style over substance, the music is outstanding, the fashion is spot on, everything that I remember of that year is spot on, it is that it is so arty for me to properly enjoy.
Charlize Theron is absoultly lovely, very tall, and does kick ass in some scenes, the fight scenes are inventive and extremely gritty, especially the hose pipe fight.
Everything about this film is screaming for me to enjoy it ticks all the boxes, the music, the fashion, the retro lo…

The latest poster for Insidious Chapter four The Last Key, courtesy of Blumhouse.


Is Horror the king of Hollywood once more. Proving for the second year in a row the most popular, and profitable genre.

With 2017 almost over, we have had another disappointing year for movies and blockbusters, it comes to something that studios are hoping on a return from two crappy sequels to save Hollywood and that is Daddy's Home 2,  and Bad Mum's Christmas.
With Blade Runner 2049 being a total flop, only making $80,000,000 from its original budget of over $150,000,000 with marketing costs, it looks to be the least profitable film, and this year's biggest loser.
When in comparison four horror movies in particular have come out most favourably, firstly Split, which turns into a very clever sequel for Unbreakable, which inevitably has been turned into a trilogy with Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy in the film Glass currently filming directed by M Night Shymalan.
Another surprise was Jordan Peele's debut Get Out, a modern day body snatchers story, told with a social edge about racism in liberal America.
Amongst these were a sequel, but proving horror when done right …

Does the Stephen King books and films actually have its own Universe, like The Conjuring, Marvel and D.C.

A fan theory came out this week linking IT to The Shining with the being 'IT' or Pennywise The Dancing Clown being some unknown creature from an other dimension that can only be seen and beaten by kids with a special gift.
What special gift? Well the gift of Shining, what Danny possessed in the film the Shining, seeing the ghosts in the Hotel, but was it really ghosts but Pennywise terrifying Danny. It is a hard one to believe, but judging by the Losers Club in IT do they contain the gift of Shining too, as Pennywise could not scare them, and they were able to defeat him,  that normal children could not. All the children have one thing in common, they are abused, or damaged in some way, they are messed up kids, like Danny in The Shining. Does this give them the ability to see the evil, but also not to be afraid by  beating Pennywise. It is a long shot, and people are desperate to link things, but the fact Stephen King has already linked a lot of his books in The Dark Tower se…

From Universal pictures comes this exclusive for the UK, a horror collection from Blumhouse, exclusively only at HMV

For those lucky to live in the UK this boxset is exclusively available only in HMV a horror boxset including four of the most popular and successful films from Blumhouse productions.
Get Out.
The Visit.
Available on Blu-ray a four disk set for £24.99.
Special features include.Get Out: 
Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Jordan Peele
Deleted Scenes
Alternate EndingSplit: 
Alternate Ending
The Making of Split
The many faces of James McAvoy
The Filmmaker’s Eye: M. Night ShyamalanThe Visit: 
Making of The Visit
Deleted Scenes
Alternate Ending

Live- Evil showing this holiday weekend on Amazon Prime

To be honest this was a strange one and yet I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Live-Evil happens on one Halloween night in a small American town. After an arrest at a large house with many dead bodies, an Evil presence appears that is willing to be arrested by tough as nails Cop "Hancock".On arrival to the Police station the Evil presence, has different effects on who ever sees it. With it bringing out your deepest fears, to Pete the Hardened Sheriff sees his long dead Dad, who abused him,to another Deputy's seeing the person who hit and disabled his sister in a drunken hit and run.This film is very art-house but still very clever,with a slight nod to Mr. Quentin Tarantino, as it is filmed in chapters with each chapter introducing a new character, with the Evil eventually taking over all the townsfolk who are weak willed except Hancock who seems to be unaffected by the whole Evil happening to this small town.With other influences from John Carpenter, the final third did remi…

Cult Of Chucky 2017 film review. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Directed by Don Mancini. Running time 91 minutes, certificate 18

Cult Of Chucky, is it any good, well after the last one Curse Of Chucky, which I was impressed with, and with the online build up to Cult Of Chucky I was looking forward to it. I will admit I did give up on this franchise years ago, after seeing Child's Play 3, which was poor, then Bride Of Chucky, when it was going in the wrong direction, and almost becoming a parody of itself. Thank god the creator Don Mancini came back and saved the franchise in 2013, Curse Of Chucky was nothing  short of outstanding, to tie up this movie into the first movie, was class, and genius writing, Fiona Dourif as Nica was enlightening, the one loose end Charles Lee Ray needed to untie. Then after a four year wait Cult comes out, on VOD and straight to DVD, the film carries on from the last, and is a direct sequel, Nica is in a secure unit, believing now that she killed her family, and not Chucky. When the therapist brings in a Good Guy Doll to prove to Nica that it is not evil and not alive, and all h…

Sightings 2017 Film Review. From High Octane Pictures. Written and Directed by Dallas Morgan. Not yet rated, running time 91 minutes.

A family is in grave danger in a small rural community from an unknown presence in the woods. Many thanks to High Octane Pictures for the screener copy. Sightings released in November 7th on VOD, is a supernatural, sci-fi  movie written and directed by Dallas Morgan, about a creature that lives in the woods, and has a certain taste for female blood, and a rare one at that O' Negative. 
When the local police chief recently retired, finds three dead female corpses on his land, then a spate of further attacks on women in and around the Mid West, the Police Chief Tom Mayfield  is first the main suspect. Except his brother in law, the crazy redneck, is convinced a Sasquatch creature may be involved. Although this movie is in no way original, it is a cross between Signs, and the movie Exists, a character driven movie, that is way to slow to begin with, but does surprisingly get better as the movie progresses. With some great, to average acting, with a good performance from lead actor B…

The Babysitter (2017) film review. Directed by McG. Distribution by Netflix. Not rated, running time approx 90 minutes.

Oh my god I cannot believe I've actually enjoyed a movie by MC G, the wannabe James Cameron, Tony Scott, but actually being like a crap Michael Bay. The director of Charlie's Angels, Terminator Salvation, Three Days To Kill, he has finally found his forte which is horror, and I'm so impressed by this movie. We see blood by the gallons, knives in heads, throat cuts, heads exploding, bullets in boobs we have it all, in this strange adult version of home alone. When 12 year old Cole (Judah Lewis) is left with his best buddie and hot babysitter Bee (Samara Weaving) his only friend In the world, the coolest babysitter ever, that really gets him, and completely understands him, is left alone whilst his parents have a dirty night away.Little does Cole know, is that Bee isn't who he thinks she is, and after a failed drugging attempt, instead of passing out, Cole happens to spy on Bee, and her friends, who she invited in, after he was asleep, and perform a human sacrifice, yes …

Slipknot Day Of The Gusano. Live in Mexico City, December 5th 2015.

This historic live event, the first time in Slipknot's 16 years history to travel south of the border into Mexico. Bringing Knotfest the first time outside of America Day Of The Gusano, the Spanish word for Maggot, which Slipknot's fans are known as. This 85 minute thrash fest of the most energetic musicians around is a sight to behold, with Corey Taylor never sounding so good, with Jim Root's thrash and lead guitar, and Clown running about the stage frantically, with some great camera angles involving his microphone. With all the hits including Spit It Out, Vermilion, Devil In I, Before I Forget, although some songs were missing from the time I saw them in January 2015 including AOV. This is a must see concert for any 'Maggots' 
My only disappointment is the documentary directed by Clown, that was shown on the theatrical release is not included, shame as this is the one reason I got this, the concert is amazing though, and blasting through 5,1 surround speakers in…

Handjob cabin, is certainly not a real film, but is a fun, rude trailer, fan made by Bennet Silverman about a randy female ghost intent on jerking men into the afterlife. Obviously Cumming Soon.

I came across this trailer on YouTube yesterday, and it is doing the rounds again on social media, a trailer first showing in 2015, that got everyone talking " is this for real" " this can not be a film can it?" As it turns out no, it is a trailer that is well made, but certainly is not going to be a film anytime soon. A one joke trailer about a randy ghost intent on jerking men off, using handjobs, I'm surprised the tag line wasn't "Cumming soon". This was obviously made by men with a running narrative that women cannot give a decent handjob, and having them do the deed is worse than death, instead you have a ghost who wants to jerk all men to death. It is as awful as you'd expect it to be, but I still found myself chuckle a few times, it is rude, crude, insinuating, and in fairness harmless fun, a film if made I would actually probably watch, it certainly looks better than the recent Cabin Fever, Evil Dead 2013.

The Strangers 2 is finally happening with a title being called Prey at Night.

2008 The Strangers was one of my most disturbing films I've watched and it left a mark on me forever. Staring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, as a struggling married couple having to put their differences aside to survive the night against three sinister mask wearing killers.
Well with rumours of a sequel for years it is finally happening, and it even has a title called Prey At Night, it is directed by 47 Metres Down director Joannes Roberts, and starring Mad Men, star Christina Hendricks.
The plot Summery is as follows
“A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive"

Happy Death Day is gearing up for its Friday 13th release date, but the final release poster does remind me of Thomas The Tank Engine.

After seeing the official Happy Death Day poster today ready for its Friday 13th release, the picture reminded me of something, then it came to me Thomas The Tank Engine. In all seriousness the film Happy Death Day is getting mixed to okay reviews, with a majority saying it is a mix of Mean Girls vs Groundhog Day. With some saying it is too funny, and not gory enough to be a proper slasher movie.
With this movie going against Blade Runner 2049 which has done woefully it is hoping that this Blumhouse  produced film will kill it off completely.

The 13TH Friday, available on VOD from October 10. Directed by Justin Price. Distribution by Uncork'd Entertainment. Film not yet rated.

The 13th Friday review.
Many thanks to the guys at Uncork'd entertainment for sending me the screener link, unfortunately it is going to be hard to say anything positive about this movie.
From the moment I saw the poster I thought "Hellraiser clone" and I was almost right, instead of a cube, that drags you to hell , you have a spherical ball instead. That once opened produces the most terrible evil, with the only way to stop the evil is 13 sacrifices.
At least that is what I gathered, as either the film I watched was edited so poorly, that it made no common sense,  all my head wasn't in the right place, as I didn't get it. With every movie cliche added to the mix, the floating possessed woman, flies coming out of mouths, a creepy demon like woman, strange demonic cave dwelling creatures, we have them all, it's like playing bullshit bingo, only not using words, but horror scenes to cross off, " yep that's in it, oh and that one too"
I like to se…

With now a serious hint from producer Robert Kirkman that these two series will have a crossover point, the thing I'm asking is "does anyone really care anymore?"

With season 8 of The Walking Dead about to start on AMC and Fox UK this month, and season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead being commissioned, with rumours it could be the final season, as ratings has been plundering for a while now. It has been now officially hinted by Robert Kirkman, creator of both series, that a crossover event is going to happen. How this will happen God only knows, with from my experience the Walking Dead, being more advanced in the timeline, than Fear The Walking Dead. With only one character from that series that anyone cares about being involved, Alicia Clarke (Alycia Debham Carey)  Does it involve Alexandria  To be Honest I don't really give two fucks about any of this as I lost interest in Fear The Walking Dead from episode 8 Season 2, and The Walking Dead episode 9 season 5. So infairness I'm not at all excited, but a lot of fans will be. A story of two series, that have both gone on way to long, both digging that same dead horse, to pardon the pun, which…

With rumours of a nightmare on elm street remake, with a recent interview with Robert Englund on the subject he brought up a surprising actor choice to play Freddy Krueger

With an interview recently with Robert Englund, when asked about the possibility of another reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, and who he thought should play Freddy Krueger he only had one answer 'Kevin Bacon' Now our Kevin is more famous in the UK at the moment as the face of EE a mobile phone company, but he has done horror before, with my favourite film of his Stir Of Echoes, he has done Hollow Man, The Darkness, Tremors and The Following.  What do you think, A. The possibility of another reboot, or B. Is Kevin Bacon the ideal Freddy Krueger, me personally as much as I like Freddy, I think the idea of another reboot should be shelved, but with horror suddenly cool again wit IT on everyone's lips, it is without doubt this franchise is going to be remade, with a great fan made poster on Deviant Art by CAMW1N.

The Girl With All The Gifts, available on DVD and BluRay from Tuesday24th April, US. Directed by Colm Macarthy. Distribution by Saban films,Lionsgate. Rated R running time 111 minutes.

Our fellow Brits have had access to this film for some months, but it finally gets a US release next week on Tuesday 24th April, and it is a decent film, with one outstanding performance from Sennia Nenua. It is currently streaming on Vudu and Amazon for $6,99, and with a retail price of $17,99 it comes as a DVD Bluray combo with a digital download code for the movie. The Girl With All The Gifts starring three outstanding actors, Paddy Constantine, Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close, with the outstanding performance from young actress Sennia Nenua as Melanie, who although being infected seems to hold the key to beating the desease, she is intelligent willing to learn and please, and is practically human, apart from her urges to eat living things, with children being the second generation of this desease, and able to learn, are being monitored in an army base, and being dissected to find out through their neurological brain matter how this fungal infection attacks the brain, and how they a…

Pennywise The Dancing Clown, meets Slipknot mash up video.

With IT passing the five hundred million mark at the cinemas, and now officially being the highest grossing horror film ever, not even including VOD future streaming and DVD and BluRay this could end up being the most profitable horror film ever, with the casting already in operation for the second instalment, and a 2019 release date things are looking good for this remake. With an already promised directors cut of this movie on Bluray and a massive collection of Deleated scenes, we shall all be looking forward to seeing more of Pennywise. The reason I'm writing this as most already know, I came across a video on YouTube the other day, not only does it feature one of my favourite songs, from one of my favourite bands, it features for once not a spoof but a great music video tribute and drum solo to Slipknot The Devil In I, in the form of Pennywise The Dancing Clown, now we have all seen the various songs now of Pennywise dancing anything from Abba, to Cotton Eye Joe, to Metallica…

Should Jeepers Creepers franchise be shelved after an online petition against its director, who has a sordid past, and should he profit from this movie?

With the teaser clips released today of Jeepers Creepers 3 Cathedral, has caused so much controversy, and not for the film itself. With an online petition wanting this film banned, and even cinema chains being urged not to show this film and why? It turns out Victor Salva the creator, writer and director of this franchise, has a sordid past, he was convicted of rape in the eighties of a boy who is a minor, and served a minimal sentence. Although he has arguably served his time, people are still disgusted by this, including myself, and for this reason I will not be reviewing or watching this movie, the same reason as the online petitioners.  Being pressured into sexual activity by an older girl as I was in my teens, it is only when your get older you realise how vulnerable you are in your youth, with this happening to me in the eighties by a girl many years older than myself at the time. Reading this controversy has brought back memories, and for once I can understand the anger, of these…

Never Let Go 2016 film review. Directed by Howard J. Ford.Distribution by Icon Films UK, Uncork'd Entertainment US, running time 94 minutes approximately.

A film I first  saw the trailer for just before Christmas, but thinking it's just another Taken style action thriller, I never really gave it a second thought, well it is now streaming on Netflix in the UK if you are interested and available on DVD.   I was given a streaming copy to watch from the great people at Unkork'd Entertainment, and watched it, and you know I will admit I was so wrong, for a low budget British made film, the film puts most if not all US thrillers to shame. Starring Angela Dixon, a little known Indie actress, who deserves to be seen at a larger level, although being an actress She is an established Yoga instructor in the UK, so she is fit, and not just in the looks department but my goodness me the amount she runs, jumps and free runs  like a professional, puts Liam Neeson late fifties Brian to shame. A film that if you didn't know about a mothers love, and the things they are capable of, a Mothers bond is so strong, which is shown to perfection in…

Alien Covenant 2017 DVD and bluray review. Distribution by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Ridley Scott. Certificate 15.

Available on Bluray and DVD today with personally the best cover art going to the DVD artwork, but no matter how good both artwork is, this film is probably the biggest disappointment of the year, and I vary rarely agree with Mark Kemode but with this I agree with him 100% how poor this movie is. It took me many years to appreciate Prometheus, which I hated on my first viewing, although not a great film, it is so much better than Alien Covenant, and that is the reason the latter failed, trying a be a direct sequel to Prometheus. It is almost the same movie, but Ridley Scott adding a few Xenomorph's to it, in an attempt to hide the failings of his previous effort,  and the fan base crying out for them in Prometheus, is why this movie really is shit. With no likable characters in this movie whatsoever, hell they are so drab and boring I had to wait to the credits to roll to find the name of the characters.  With a ten year gap that is explained in one small two minute segment, we h…

Are you coulrophobia? The fear of Clowns. With the horror world made upof these painted creatures. Here I will have a look at the most famousclowns used in celluloid.

With rave reviews of IT hitting our cinema screens last week, and having one of the most profitable and successful openings for any horror film of late proving the world of horror is certainly not done with the idea of clowns, and the in depth fear they have on our psyches. With new releases every year now such as Clowntergeist which I reviewed the other day, to The Funhouse Massacre, last years 31 from Rob Zombie, and  the very underrated Mockingbird From the Campy classic of Killer Clowns From Outer Space, from the mid eighties, to the classic mini-series from Stephen King It starring Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown. Even clowns with no names have been terrorising kids in movies, with Poltergeist 1984, to the dreadful 2015 version. We have had clown toys attacking kids in films such as the Gate, and The Hole, for decades. I will go through some of the most memorable clowns in horror. 1. Pennywise The Clown IT.
With Tim Curry making this character his own, from the early nineties T…

Clowntergeist film review. From High Octane Pictures. Directed by Arron Mirtes. Distribution by Uncork'd entertainment. Not yet rated, running time 80 minutes. On demand from 9/12/2017.

*Picture from High Octanne Pictures
With IT hitting theatres this weekend it is almost certain that a mass of copycat clown films will arrive with Clowntergeist  no exception.
A film with the poster looking quite amazing, shame the film isn't quite as good, although top marks going to marketing dept, although not the worst film ever, most will probably turn off within the first 30 minutes.
I gave it a go and I could find some plus points, it is directed reasonably well by an established indie director with a number of shorts under his belt Arron Mirtes, with this film sounding like a mix between IT meets Poltigiest, it is actually more like The Ring meets One Missed  Call, where a demonic clown leaves you a red ballon with your death date on it, and you will be dead within 48 hours. The obvious nod to Salems Lot I liked with Ribcage at the window, one of my all time scariest scenes from any horror movie.
When a girl Emma ( Britany Belland) with serious coulrophobia since childhoo…