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My Response and statement to the person who wanted to troll me on Christmas Day, I will stand by my own opinions on this release.

I just want to put something straight, I have waited days to respond to a troll who decided to try and ruin my Christmas Day with my family. About a post I posted early December, the StudioCanal release of Shocker on Bluray, and my review of the movie, accusing me of not seeing it, giving a wrong opinion  on the movie and the way I represented it. I will tell everyone straight I do not have 4K systems with a 4K top of the range Denon Bluray player. I do not have the ability to measure Greyscales, contrast ratios, I never said I did, what I do have though are fucking eyes, and my argument was some Bluray transfers are not very good, and this movie was one of them. To have some so called expert trying to rip me apart with fancy words and terms, then I personally recommend you proof read your rant at me, with grammar errors and badly spelt words. As I said I never put myself forward as being an expert in Bluray and DVD technology, I review the movies I watch, special features included on…

The Purge Collection, and The Purge Election Year released this week 26th December 2016, written and directed by James DeMonaco, produced by Blumhouse. Universal Releasing, certificate 15 UK, running time 104 minutes approximately.

Released on DVD and Bluray this week in the UK, The Purge Election Year, the most violent of the trilogy, and in my opinion the best of the franchise from writer and director James DeMonaco, also released as a three disk DVD and Bluray boxset, including The Purge, The Purge Anarchy and Election Year, from Universal Pictures, and produced by Blumhouse Productions. Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank Grillo, Mykelti Williamson, Betty Gabriel, Joseph Julian Soria, Raymond J. Barry, Kyle Secør, Edwin Hodge and Brittany Mirabile.
The film includes an Ultraviolet download code,  for the digital download of the film. Special features include: * Deleted Scenes. * Inside The Purge. * Character spotlight; Leo. Special features running time approximately 17 minutes. Film running time 104 minutes. Plantinum Dunes/ Blumhouse/ Man In A Tree production.  The Purge Election Year, directed by James DeMonaco, a Universal Release.

The Strain Tv Series. Production companies Double Dare You, Carton Curse Productions, FX productions. Created by Guillermo Del Toro. Distributed by 20th Century Fox on the FX network, from 2014/2017.

The Strain on the other hand is probably one of the best series to be seen on TV featuring Vampires, probably the best since Salems Lot in 1978, then again it is created by the director of the best Blade film Blade 2 and other great movies such as The Orphanage, Pans Labyrinth, Hellboy, Devil's Backbone, and that is Guillermo Del Toro, with the series based on his first published book of the same name. A series that is very cleverly told from the point of view from the C.D.C (Centre Of Disease Control) about a viral outbreak, that turns humans into blood hungry savages, but the word vampire is barely used in this. When a plane lands, but with a blackout on board, and scans proving no life left on board, the C.D.C is sent in to investigate a potential terrorist plot, as everyone seems to be dead on board, with no apparent cause of death. A mysterious crate is offloaded off the plane via a secret organisation, who seems to control all of New York and all the authorities, the bodies …

Van Helsing Vs The Strain. Comparing the two series, both involving Vampires for a change, but which is your favourite? Van Helsing or The Strain. Van Helsing production companies Echo Lake Entertainment, Dynamic Television, Normadic Pictures. Distributed by SyFy US, Netflix UK. Created by Neil Labute.

What is your favourite Vampire show at the moment, with the TV saturation with Zombies in The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, and Z Nation isn't it great to see an alternative in the form of Vampires. I will delve into both shows, and decide which one I prefer. Starting first it is Van Helsing, after the crappy film in 2004 starring Hugh Jackman, the franchise has been rebooted, this time as a 13 episode run, starring this time a woman in the main role, her name is Vanessa, hence the word Van, and is the granddaughter of the great Van Helsing. In the opening episode we find a hospital, being guarded by one solitary marine, guarding this comatosed body of this woman, lifeless for three years.We find out after a Volcanic eruption at Yellowstone Park has covered most of the world in darkness and volcanic ash, leaving the world to be taken over by the oldest race there is and that is Vampires, using the darkness as cover to create the "rising"as it is called, and to des…

31 (2015) Film Review. Bow&Arrow Entertainment, Palmstar Media,Protagonist Films, Spectacle Entertainment Group, Windy Hill Pictures.Directed by Rob Zombie. Distributed by Saban Films. Released on DVD and Bluray 20th December US only. Rated R, running time 102 minutes.

31 Released on DVD and Bluray for US only on Tuesday December 20th. Retail price $19,99 Dvd $24,99 Bluray.

Plot Summary;A bunch of Carnival folk in the late Seventies traveling across America, are taken hostage mid journey, by three sadistic,  geriatric, Elizabethan dressed idiots, who like to play a game called 31, in which the only rule of the game is to survive for twelve hours, in this industrial maze of factory units, whilst be chased and hunted down by various assailants.

Honestly I'm not the only person to compare the comparison between this movie and The Running Man, as it is almost identical. Where the hostages are being hunted down, by different assailants, not at the same time, as that would have been to easy, but to have a different killer, each time to be easily taken out by the surviving hostages, I was expecting to see SubZero, Buzzsaw, Dynamo and Captain Freedom, pop up at any minute, instead we have a dwarf Hitler Clown, two clown hillbillies, with chainsaws, a lur…

I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse (2014) Film Review. Production 38 Pictures. Directed by Guy Pigden. Distributed by Matchbox Films UK. Certificate 15, running time 104 minutes.

A complete guilty pleasure, And apart from Wyrmwood this is the second best movie made from the Southern Hemisphere, this New Zealand gem in the vain of early Peter Jackson, reminding me of Braindead and Bad Taste, and one of the best Zombie Comedies made of recent times, better than The Walking Deceased, Me And My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse. Zombie movies have saturated the market in the last few years, mainly due to the success of The Walking Dead, and we have had ten a pennie of Zombie movies, some serious, but a lot going down the comedy route, some amazing ones such as this one, beforehand mentioned Wyrmwood, Cooties and the excellent Scouts Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse. New Zealand do have a bizarre sense of humour, and you know I love it, being grown up on Peter Jackson's work in the early nineties, to recent classics as Black Sheep, and Housebound proving the Kiwis certainly have a fantastic sense of humour, to dark and very black comedy, and this movie is no exception. P…

The Burning available from next week 19th December on dual format, loaded with special features, in a two disk set. Distributed by Arrow Films.

The Burning finally gets a DVD and Bluray release in a dual  format next week from Arrow Films. Although released a few months ago on Steelbook,  it was only limited to a few thousand copies, and these are selling upwards from £45,00 to even higher on Internet auction sites at the moment. Another one of the banned nasties in the UK throughout the eighties from a meddling government who decided they knew best in the form of censorship, and what the BRITISH public could see or not. Thankfully with a change of management in the nineties at the BBFC, and a more liberal government, we finally got to see these beauties, on VHS of course at the tail end of the nineties. With the releases of The Exorcist, Evil Dead, The Bogeyman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Driller Killer, Suspira and many others deemed to graphic for the British public in the eighties. Stupid really as these films seem tame in comparison to modern horror, you only have to see Martyrs to see how far, and how sensible censors or t…

Freddy Krueger the latest horror icon to feature in Mortal Kombat X, the greatest horror icon of all time as a playable character, I for one cannot wait.

Freddy Krueger is the latest horror icon to be featured in Mortal Kombat X, with other horror icons featuring Predator, Jason Vorhess already included, in the super violent Video game, that is famous for its signature moves and super violent fatalities. I loved this game when it first came out in 1992, and followed its progression since the early Megadrive game, on 16 bit, to the recent brilliant X on PlayStation 4 and X Box One, so with the latest update you can play as our favourite anti hero Mr Freddy Krueger, alongside SubZero, Kane and many others. I haven't got this game yet but I'm actually thinking of purchasing it now, with my favourite horror icon involved.

Just three major titles this week for the UK market, all available on DVD, Bluray and VOD services

Just three of the main releases this week for the UK, and once again slim pickings, with Lights Out the biggest release, from producer James Wan, a story of a supernatural entity that has a plagued a woman all her life, has taken an interest in her young son. We have Outcast from The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman starring Patrick Fugit and Phillip Glennister, the story of a young man, plagued by depression, shunned by a community, for being different, and why? Because he was once possessed as a child by a Demon, that has resurfaced to possess other members of the community, with the help of the local priest, and the ability to banish the Demon, we have a ten episode run, on 4 disks, of the two unlikely Heroes fighting demons literally in this small town settin of  Rome, Virginia. Finally we have the 80's slasher classic Happy Birthday To Me brought by Indicator films, another great independent film distribution company specialising in releasing cult, and forgotten films from th…

Horror news week commencing December 5th 2016, hope you enjoy, and keep horror real.

Horror news for the week commencing December 5th 2016. It has been a quiet week this week for horror news, but I have found some snippets of news, mainly the most exciting news of all and that is my favourite eighties film Steve Miner's House from 1986 is to finally get a UK release "yay about fookin time too"  but not just one film, but all bloody four movies. Proving that fan power does work, after a petition on Facebook to get this movie released, finally a crowdfunding campaign, that then convinced Arrow Films to release all these movies on Bluray. We get all four movies fot a UK exclusive, and for US fans only the first two movies in a double pack, and why only the two, it must be over distribution rights. I for once am going to be very boastful that the UK finally gets an exclusive which unfortunately never happens that regularly. 

Second weekly news story is that Trick r Treat and Krampus actually take part in the same universe, with people hinting and hoping it wa…

DVD, BLURAY and VOD Horror releases for the US only, all available from Tuesday December 6th, hope this is helpful and enjoy, and keep horror real, robabob signing out!!

Just so you do not think this is a UK only site for DVD and Bluray news, well I do try to put info on for both sides of the Atlantic, well these are the horror releases for USA only.......all available from Tuesday 6th December, on DVD and Bluray. With Siren looking like the one movie I really want to see, but unfortunately is not available for me to view yet in the UK, but is a continuation from the short story in the original VHS horror anthology. We have Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer celebrating it's 30th anniversary, also above is the original Phantasm remastered on to Bluray. We have Crackle's Dead Rising Endgame, the continuation of the popular video game series. Finally we have Devils Dolls, which I'm informed is actually streaming on US Netflix at the moment. So all available from yesterday December 6th, to buy on DVD and Bluray and on VOD. So enjoy, and look out for them. Available also but only for a limited time and for some reason (Canada only) the film below …

Two new releases this week for the UK only Fear The Walking Dead season 2 and The Shallows, both available on DVD and Bluray 5th December 2016.

Just two major horror releases if you live in the UK this week, and that is Fear Of The Walking Dead season 2, and The Shallows, starring the very lovely Blake Lively. Firstly is Fear The Walking Dead, which is available on a 4 disk DVD, and Bluray which I saw for £16,00 in Tesco's which is a bargain, not sure if it is a price cock-up as the retail price seems to be £25,00 everywhere else. It is also available as an 8 disk set including both seasons as seen in the middle picture above for £30,00.  Fear The Walking Dead is like Marmite you either like it or hate it, well I though season 1 was decent, and had many disagreements on Twitter about it, then season 2 came out, and was only an exclusive on AMC channel available on BT TV services, I watched the first seven episodes before the season break, and was underwhelmed by how slow, the series was. With four yes four episodes stuck on a fookin boat doing fookin nothing, it did however get better, and the season break cliffhanger was v…

Donnie Darko ultimate edition. Bluray and DVD combo, with original version and Director's Cut. Out next week 12th December 2016 by Arrow Films. Directed by Richard Kelly.

Coming on Bluray next week, yet another Donnie Darko edition, from Arrow Films, retail £22,99 which is priced a little too much in my opinion, but that is only my opinion, with it you get the original version, the director's cut, Bluray and DVD of this film, supplied with a mass amount of special features, which I will list below LIMITED EDITION CONTENTS INCLUDING;Brand new 4K restorations of both the Theatrical Cut and the Director s Cut from the original camera negatives produced by Arrow Films exclusively for this release, supervised and approved by director Richard Kelly and cinematographer Steven Poster.High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations of both cuts.Original 5.1 audio (DTS-HD on the Blu-ray) Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.Audio commentary by writer-director Richard Kelly and actor Jake Gyllenhaal on the Theatrical Cut.Audio commentary by Kelly, producer Sean McKittrick and actors Drew Barrymore, Jena Malone, …

Suicide Squad (2016) film review. Distributed by Warner Bros. Directed by David Ayer. Rated R US, Certificate 15 UK. Extended Cut running time 134 minutes.

Suicide Squad is it any good and worth the upgrade? Well if you want more Harley Quinn yes it is, with more scenes with her and the Joker, and fleshing out their bizarre relationship, with the included motorcycle scene, and her pointing a gun at Jokers head, we see more of the Tourture scene between Joker and her, and many, many flashbacks, but that is that really. We see more fleshing out of Rick Flag and Deadshot, the reveal of Kantana in a brief moment when she removes her mask, and the scene with the director's cameo as a prison guard dragging a dead goat carcass to feed to Killer Croc. That is that really,  oh you do the see the bar scene in its entirety like hinted in the original trailer, where they actually attempt to bond, and probably the best scene in the movie, and why it was originally removed is beyond me. Such a shame that the extended cut promised more Joker, and it did deliver, but not enough of the manic side of the character. It was all about the relationship be…

News and gossip for this week.

It is definitely going to happen, this film is getting a reboot. I suspose at least John Carpenter is on board as executive producer. Rather than being a remake, it is now rumoured to be a prequel to this great film. Starring a younger Snake Plisskin, we actually find out Snake's real name Colonel Robert "Snake" Plisskin and some promos has been seen of a generic actor wearing no eye piece, meaning it will lead up to the point where Snake loses his eye. With it rumoured to be a sequel of prequels leading up to the story of the 1981 classic. We will have some storm of the century, to batter the East Coast, with aplocalyptic results, to explain the desolation of New York City. No news yet to who will be starring in this, and whether Kurt Russell will get any cameo in it. We are not sure if it is to be set in the original timeline of 1997, which at the time the original movie came out in 1981 would have been 16 years in the future, but having 1997 now 19 years behind us now,…

Gremlins (1984) Film Review.Amblin Entertainment. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. Directed by Joe Dante.Certificate 15 UK, Running time 106 minutes.

Another masterpiece of film making by The Howling's Joe Dante,produced by Steven Spielberg. Wrongly marketed as a Kids film,when even now in the UK it still has a 15 certificate. A simple  story about a father wanting to give the perfect gift for his son for Christmas. He comes across a strange antique shop in Chinatown,and sees this strange creature,which he has to have. But comes with 3 very easy rules, to never get it wet,do not come into contact with direct sunlight,and never ever,no matter how much it begs,cries,feed after midnight. Three simple rules,that the young Billy tried to obey,but unfortunately doesn't and it comes with dire consequences,as the cute fluffy thing, Billy has adopted produces some very little nasty monster offspring. Yes this film is an eighties classic,and even now does not look dated,with the current use of CGI, the puppets, and puppetry is second to none in this film. With the Gremlins absolutely terrifying with complete,murder,mischief and psyc…

Krampus (2015) Film Review. Legendary Pictures Zam Pictures.Distributed by Universal Pictures. Directed by Michael Dougherty. Rated R, Certificate 15. Running time 98 minutes. Available on Blu Ray and DVD.

Is it to early for Christmas movies on the 17th Of August, of cause not,and this one in fairness I really enjoyed,taking me back to the good old eighties,when comedy horror was King,with this reminding me of the obvious Gremlins,but also films like The Gate, and House,this film was reminiscent of. A word of Warning to all you non believers,and nay Sayers who hate Christmas,be careful what you wish for,and do not forget about the holiday spirit,or you will be punnished. That is the message in this film,that is brilliantly summed up in the opening credits,of savage parents fighting over that must have gift for their child,in supermarkets and Wall marts all around the world. Christmas is a time for family,for love,for forgiveness,that time of year to swap gifts,be merry,and when all that all breaks down,and in this modern must have age,a lesson needs to be learnt and that is the message of this film,that the importance of family and love is more important than any gift. Anyway back to t…