My apologies for lack of posts in the month of November, please understand, and read underneath.


My apologies for lack of posts and reviews recently, the thing is I have been exhausted recently, I suffer from chronic depression and GAD ( Generalised Anxiety Disorder), and have been suffering a lot of sleepless nights, and days  with insomnia which comes along with the mental illness. I used to watch films, as I finished work, this was the early hours of the morning, as I work nights. Being mentally exhausted from work in the run up to Christmas, as I work in retail, then the insomnia I have been extremely exhausted the last few weeks, and it is a known phenomenon that the darker nights, lack of daylight does attribute to conditions of mental illness. In the UK the clocks moving back an hour at the end of October, then getting an average darker at night by 5 minutes, this has affected my mood, more than normal this year, it is a struggle to go to work, netherless write and review on this blog. I will get through this, as I Normally love films, but everything seems to be such an effort at the moment, my apologies once again, it will hopefully be temporary.


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