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Halloween (1978) Film Review. Produced by Deborah Hill. Directed by John Carpenter. Distributed by Platform Entertainment UK,Stars Media, Anchor Bay US. Rated R US, certificate 18 UK. Running time 91 minutes

A film to most Horror fans this is as famous as the tradition itself,when I think of the 31st October,yes it is Halloween the tradition ,but I always think of this great film,and franchise also. A film believe it all not is celebrating its 38th Anniversary this year. Written and directed by quite an unknown director, at the time. Yes he had two films already behind him in Dark Star, and Assault On Precinct 13. This was the film that put John Carpenter firmly on the radar.
A film so simple that just works, a story of a young boy,who on Halloween decides to butcher and murder his own sister,for reasons unknown. This boy is Michael Myers,who cut to 15 years later,after being in a secure unit,he will never leave,manages to escape and return to Haddonfield,to inflict death and mayhem once more,with his psychiatrist,and Doctor trying to locate him.
What we have left is probably the most iconic of all the slasher franchises ever made,the one that set the bench mark,for others to follow. A s…

The worlds worst secret, The God Particle is going to be the third movie in the Cloverfield Universe, produced by J.J. Abram's once more and his production company Bad Robot.

News broken yesterday and confirmed that the recent film The God Particle, the third movie produced by Bad Robot, and J.J Abrams is Infact the third movie in the Cloverfield Universe, with Cloverfield being first, in 2008, followed by 10 Cloverfield Lane in 2016, January 2017 we will be able to see The God Particle, this time set in space, with a group of astronauts aboard a space station, find themselves alone in the universe, when The Hadron Collider experiment  causes the earth to completely disappear. Maybe this is a prequel to the other two movies to explain the monster or monsters in both movies, and is this experiment, or The God Particle that creates this universe. Directed by Julius Onah an up and coming young Nigerian-American film maker, who is well travelled being the son of an African diplomat, and living in Nigeria, Togo, United Kingdom, currently living in New York,  when as a student was voted as one of the 25 new faces of independent films, alongside many self produced…

On this day today 27th October Wes Craven's Shocker was released in 1989. Getting the Scream Factory Bluray Treatment in a Collectors edition, and finally getting a Debut UK release on December 5th.

The end of the eighties, and the Slasher Genre had finally run its course, and needing a hit film Wes Craven, hopefully wanted to create a new franchise, with serial killer Horace Pinker, a man made more dangerous when he is executed at the electric chair, becoming just that electricity, and able to travel anywhere, through TV, radio, and through electrical currents in plug sockets, to kill and maim once more. Starring Mitch Pileggi who is more famous for playing Skinner in the X Files. Also starring when he was still an actor and not director Peter Burg, who is determined to catch this killer, after a brush with death with him previously, with his family being murdered at the hands of this man, becoming a psychic  and predicting the future,and where he will strike next. With a fantastic metal soundtrack from the likes of Kiss and the title song No More Mr Nice Guy from Megadeth, still couldn't save this from being average, with negative reviews and poor box office, meant this movi…

Thir13en Ghosts released today 26th October 2001, celebrating its 15thbirthday, produced by Dark Castle, directed by Steve Beck. Certificate15, running time 90 minutes.

This film is celebrating its 15 birthday today Thir13en Ghosts, Part of the Dark Castle Experiment, founded in 1999 by Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Gilbert Adler, specialising in releasing horror movies, with a lot of remakes, such as House On Haunted Hill, House Of Wax, and this one again a remake. A film that I always thought was poor, being more about the look of the film and the ghosts, than any storyline, a poor mans Hellraiser you may call it. With horrible looking ghosts, with great makeup effects, but with zero scares came with it. Dreadful miscasting never helped this film either, starring some great stars not!!! With Mathew Liilard, Shannon Elizabeth, Embeth Davidtz, Tony Shalhoub, even F Murray Abraham cannot save this mess of a film. With a budget of $42,000,000, and barely making that budget back, only with DVD sales worldwide that finally it did make the movie back its budget, but currently only holding a 14% approval on rotten tomatoes, the film is quite simply put…

Maximum Overdrive(1986) Film Review. Directed By Stephen King.ProducedBy De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

Another oldie,but goodie,this 1986 film from the master of horror himself,Mr Stephen King. Not only written by him,but also his first,and last time into the world of filmmaking,he took up directorial duties for this film. Which unfortunately was going to be his last,as the film at the time was absolutely lambasted by the critics,nominated for Raspberry Awards. Condemning Stephen King's debut,to the bargain bins.

Well in all fairness time has been kinder to this film in the aftermath,with other films,cartoon shows,TV shows giving tribute to this great film. A simple story of a tail end of some mysteriously green comet passing through Earth's Atmosphere. Which the radiation has a strange effect on all man made appliances, which turn on the Human race,killing, maiming,eating.The whole story is based on the theory Who Made Who,with a perfect soundtrack from rockers ACDC.

In all fairness I loved this film the first time I saw it,yes even at a young age of 15, at the time. Starring…

Trick Or Treat released on this day October 1986. Sadly due to copyright, and other issues is no longer available on any digital format, unless you own the 1987 VHS copy.

This film was released today 30 years ago, a heavy metal fans dream, to finally put the two genres together metal music with horror. Cannot believe it was never thought of before, but with the dross decade of crappy pop, synth, New Romantics, and that fookin hairstyles, Flock Of Seagal's anyone, we finally had a metal movie. Obviously it had to be about devil worshiping, isn't that what metal was about, with a very clever script, and having a dig at American censorship, and church groups at the time, who were hell bent on destroying metal music,as it was the sporn of the devil, especially acts such as Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Lizzy Borden.  Marketing was a bit naughty by advertising it to be starring Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simonds from the band Kiss, when they were nothing more than cameos. Really starring Mark Price and Broadway star,and dancer, making his debut Tony Fields, as the titular character Sammie Curr, with the role originally offered to Blackie Lawless of WASP f…

The Walking Deceased (2015) film review. Translucent Entertainment, Aristar Entertainment. Directed by Scott Dow. Distributed by Signature Entertainment UK. Certificate 15, running time 88 minutes.

After season 7 premiered on British TV last night, and everyone getting over the shock character exit, I thought I would give this film a watch. I picked up for £1,00 from my local pound shop, seeing it was released last year, and wanting to see it, I put it on last night after The Walking Dead to cheer myself up. Apart from being very disappointed, that it clearly is not as clever as it thinks it is, The Walking Dead element works, but to include other parody's such as Warm Bodies, and Zombieland, and borrowing from season two of the Walking Dead, and George A Romero Dawn Of The Dead, especially the Mall scene, it just ain't funny, and is extremely armature, with bad acting, and bad dubbing, looking like every scene, had to be recorded in post production. Now judging by the outtakes at the end of the film, they had a lot of noise to deal with, as it looked the farm location, was directly under a flight path, and you could see many scenes having to be retaken, or just sorted …

The Evil In Us (2016) film review. Raven Banner, Sandcastle Pictures. Directed by Jason William Lee. Distributed by StudioCanal UK as part of The Horror Vault. Running time 88 minutes, certificate 18.

A decent little chiller, that I picked up for £7,00 and you know it isn't that bad, yes it certainly is not original in anyway,  up untill the ending, and I thought that was clever, bringing politics into it, especially this year election year in the great USA, to say to much would spoil this great ending, but it is clever. With this film a nod to 28 days later, meets Cabin Fever is the easiest way to describe it, and a lot like Summer Camp released this year, it is a slow build up, with a lot of character development, but with actually likeable characters for once. With a three story ark built in, intertwining into one making sense in the end, we have a film that is really okay, a film I thought I would hate, but ended up really enjoying.
Plot summary; A bunch of friends meet up for a 4th of July celebration, at this remote cabin, for fun, drinking, fireworks, and occasional drug taking. Only problem is the drug, a tampered batch of cocain, containing a viral hallucigen, deliberatel…

On this day in 1987 this underrated film was released.

This film was released on this date in 1987, one of John Carpenter's underrated films, hated by all critics at the time, with a confusing storyline, about the essence of Satan being found in the basement of a New York church, in a glass container containing green liquid that possesses people.  I did like this movie, yes he followed with probably his most iconic films, They Live, a year later, but to have one film that wasn't quite up to his normal standards, can be forgiven, considering the films he did make in the eighties namely The Thing, Escape From New York, The Fog, Christine, Big Trouble In Little China, and Starman,  yes the guy was on fire in this decade.
Part of his apocalyptic trilogy with The Thing being first, then this, Prince Of Darkness, his final film of this trilogy  was In The Mouth Of Madness, which was probably the best horror movie made in the nineties, and unfortunately not available as dvd or Bluray release for the UK.

Horror news October 22nd 2016.

Not a lot this week I'm afraid but the main film trailer to drop yesterday, with a restricted R film and red band trailer was Logan, the third film in the franchise of Wolverine, with the disappointment of X-Men Origins Wolverine in 2009, then redeeming itself with James Mangold's The Wolverine, which was ten times the first film was, a film that almost killed off the character Deadpool in the Marvel Universe. Then for Fox who refuses to sign over their property yet to Disney, in which they still own The X-Men and Deadpool universe. With three X-Men movies recently, the excellent X-Men First Class from Mathew Vaughn, to then have two inferior movies by bringing back Byran Singer, X-Men Days Of Futures Past, and X-Men Apocalypse. At least James Mangold knows what fans want, and to please all graphic novel fans, yes old man Logan is the new movie. It has been hinted at for months, and finally it is happening, with a hardend, and much older Logan, yes he can still regenerate, bu…

Southbound (2016) Film Review. Production company Willowbrook RegentFilms, distributed by The Orchard US, StudioCanal UK. Directed by RadioSilence,Roxanne Benjemin,David Bruckner,Patrick Horvath. Rated R USCertificate 18 UK. Running time 89 minutes.

Southbound above is both the US and European poster of this great film,other anthology movie,with five stories that are written by five different writers and directors,that actually seamlessly runs in one story,and this is what makes this movie so good,although like most anthology movies the separate stories fills us with more questions than answers,this is what makes this anthology so clever. The clues are in this movie between segments,and like films like the great Triangle,and Memento two films that are confusing as hell,but actually improve on every new viewing this film Southbound is is the same. My only clue to this great movie is to watch the final segment first,the rest of the film then will fall into place. I'm not going to do a full run down of every story,as I feel this is a film you all need to watch for yourselves,but I will give the titles and writers and directors of each segment.
The Way Out  written by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Directed by Radio Silence, starring Ch…

Wolf Creek (2016) TV Series Review. Emu Creek Pictures, Banjay Entertainment. Distributed by Stan, Australia, Fox UK, Eureka Entertainment DVD and Bluray UK. Certificate 18, running time 292 minutes.

Wolf Creek from Stan, an exclusive streaming service for Australia, their equivalent to Netflix, has finally hit our home video Screens, and available to buy or stream this week. With a brief blink and you miss it showing on Fox UK. Will it finally flesh out the character Mick Taylor, played menacing and terrifying by John Garrat, with a six episode run of 47 minute episodes. With a savage opening episode, can it maintain your attention for another almost four hours, well I will let you know.
Plot summary; Eve and her family are on vacation, traveling across the outback, its her Dad's dream to do so, with a chance encounter of a crocodile attack on her younger brother, rescued by Mick Taylor, the family thank him with a beer and barbecue. The thing is Mick is inhospitable, and savagely murders the family,including Eve, but believing her to have drowned in the attack,he hides the evidence, moves on, to have Eve found still alive after her gunshot wound. Knowing the police are onto a l…

Christine-Film Review (1983) Directed by John Carpenter. Distributednow by Powerhouse Films and Indicator UK. Certificate 15 UK. Runningtime 110 minutes.

Another John Carpenter classic,my goodness could this guy do no wrong from the golden age of Horror 1983,based on yet another Stephen King Novel, we have Christine. A 1958 Plymouth Fury, a classic car from a classic age waiting for an owner.Arnie Cunningham,a nerdy teenager,only having one true friend,who is very shy and reserved. When he comes across the Plymouth in a poor condition,and dirt cheep,he purchases it with the plan to restore her to her former glory,names her Christine,and hopes to become more popular now he has a car.
Now Arnie seems suddenly more confident,now Christine is in pristine condition,but has a very strange love affair with that Car. The thing is Christine loves him back equally,if anyone hurts Arnie,the car strikes,with people being found dead,with hit and run style injuries. The local police feel Arnie is involved,as his car is seen at the murder scenes,but he is never there as he always has an alibi. 
Thing is Arnie finds out Christine is responsible.But t…

All Through The House (2015) Film Review. The Redmond Company. Directed by Todd Nunes. Distributed by 101 Films UK. Certificate 18, Running time 101 minutes.

Is it too early for a Christmas movie, hell no!! With the festive Yuletide only 8 weeks and a few days away now, why should it always be about Halloween, Spring Break, Fall break all the time. It has been a few years since a Holiday Slasher movie has been made, with Silent Night Deadly Night remake, obviously we Had Krampus, and the other various copycat movies last year, so it is nice to see a festive bloodbath movie. Directed by Todd Nunes and debuted at RIP film festival October 2015, winning best director nod at Hardcore Horror Fest, Chicago, IL, best slasher award at RIP Horror film festival. With it being quite a fan favourite amonst it's indie fanbase.
Plot summary; A deranged Santa is punishing all the naughty children, well adults now, as he returns to his family home. With plenty of bloodshed, as he cuts, stabs, chops, through house to house, with shears, with plenty of body part removals, and nakedness as all who get frisky get very dead.
With a definite nod to 80's sl…

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Film Review. Directed by Wes Craven.Distributed by 20TH Century Fox. Rated R US, certificate 18 UK. Runningtime 92 minutes.

*please note this review was written on the 29th August 2015. I could not review anymore films yesterday,after finishing work late,then hearing the news about the passing of Wes Craven. I wasn't in the writing frame of mood, but I'm up this morning brain has finally kicked into gear. So I had to write about my love of this film,that came out in 1984. A film so different to any of the slasher films made previously, a film that made one of the scariest boogeyman onscreen for three Decades now, 'Freddy' a murdered child killer, killed by the vigilante parents on Elm Street,burned alive in the boiler room where he killed. And somehow his vengeful spirit has found a way  to infiltrate the dreams of teenagers of the parents who killed him. Not only giving them Nightmares, but actually able to inflict terrible pain and even death on the youngsters. 
A film that put the basic idea of the one thing we all need,the one area of safety we all experience in sleeping, and destroying…

News round-up for this week Monday 13th-Sunday 19th October.

With news that this film, the best from the original V.H.S. segment  Amateur  Night will have it's own feature length film named Siren, released on V.O.D on the 6th December, is great news, with a limited theatrical  run on the 2nd December.
 Reprising her role once more is Hannah Fierman as Lily, with Chase Williamson, Justin Welborn, Michael Aaron Milligan, Randy McDowell, to name some of the cast members, so judging by the number of male cast members, Lily will be using her predatory instincts again to prey on young men. Directed by Gregg Bishop, who also directed Dante The Great from V.H.S. Viral. With Amateur  Night being described as being " a sketch" with Siren being a fully developed and more fleshed out movie of that segment.With Positive reviews already coming in, I'm looking forward to this movie.

News that the Big Trouble In Little China reboot has been put on the back burner by Fox, already upsetting loyal fans of the great original movie, casting Dwayne…

Predator could be a sequel to the 1987 original, hinted Shane Black. With the movie world increased confidence in this man, every fan is hoping he will deliver, and produce a movie as equally as enthralling as the original Predator 1987.

The biggest news today is that Benico Del Toro has not signed up to star in the new Predator movie, with Narcos star Boyd Holbrook becoming the leading man. The whole movie world has been excited since writer and director Shane Black's involvement in this movie, with Fred Dekker being involved also the fab director of Monster Squad, word of mouth is a lot of confidence, and good vibes are going on with this movie. With the great news, that it could actually be a direct sequel to the 1987 original, with even a hint of "Dutch" returning to the fold, yes you heard it, Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he has had open talks with Shane Black, and even a dinner meeting planned. So could he reprise his role like he did with Terminator Genysis, and come back to the movie that truly made him the action star he is today, as a movie fan I can only hope. Predator was one of the best Sci-fi action movies of that decade, and is held in a lot of fans hearts. With two underwhelming sequels…

The Mutilator (Fall Break) 1984 film review. Directed by Buddy Cooper. Restored and distributed by Arrow Films. Certificate 18, Running time 86 minutes.

The Mutilator or previously known as Fall Break, with the great opening song of the same name, that will seriously get into your head, came out in 1984, after a market of saturated slasher titles, since the massive success of Friday The 13th all horror films around that time followed the slasher format, with a lot of titles seemingly morphing into other titles, this movie became a cult favourite, due to the ingenuity  of the kills, and gore scenes in this movie, not from Tom Salvini this time but Mark Shostrum the fx wizard behind the gross visuals from Videodrone, and Evil Dead 2. Released for the Bluray treatment from the awesome Arrow Films once more, a company, like 88 Films who in the UK really hold these films to their hearts, and create with love some great titles, with ace collectable sleaves.
Plot Summary; After the accidental shooting of his mother years previously, a college lad gets a message from his Dad to lock up the family cabin for the Fall, thinking this will be a grea…

Psycho (1960) Film Review. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.Directedby Alfred Hitchcock.

Another one of my favorite films, this little gem from a certain director called Sir Alfred Hitchcock, a simple story of greed, opportunity, voyeurism,and a little murder thrown in for good measure.
A film that bravely kills off its main star in the first third of a movie, it must of had producers head's spinning in Hollywood, "I have this story, but the main character will die very early on in my movie".
In some ways,though that is the genius of Alfred Hitchcock,what sets him apart from other directors, that he was never safe with his films, always prepared to take risks.

Plot summary;
An opportunist woman takes her chance and steals the wages of her colleagues from work, whilst on the run, stops at this remote motel, run by a very shy but strange man Norman, who has very serious mother issues.
 With easily the finest performance going to Anthony Perkins, as Norman Bates the Manager of this motel, alongside his Mother, who you never see. With a Shy, but creepier exteri…

i-Lived (2016) Film Review. Bleiberg Entertainment,Ministy Of Content.A film by Franck Khalfoun.Distributed by XLRATOR Entertainment,US,Second Sight UK. Certificate 15, running time 92 minutes,released 11thJuly 2016.

I will tell you how surprised I am from this movie,a film already in the bargain chart in my local supermarket, costing £5,00.
I thought it would be the typical poor attempt at horror you normally get with these types of films,and I was pleasantly surprised how effective it is as a chiller rather than than a horror.
A film that is more relevant today,and more current,about how far you will go to achieve your dreams, in this age when everybody wants to be famous,without having to really work for it. To become this overnight success using YouTube as your social outlet. Meet Josh (Jeremiah Watkins) who's YouTube channel J-Tech app reviews, is reasonably popular,having over 15,000 subscribers,but wanting more,like in the range of 8,000,000. He reviews apps for I Phones,and although shy and socially awkward in real life is extremely comfortable in front of a camera.

When this new social media app is released called i-Lived that guarantees to achieve its users goals in life using GPS a…

A rant on modern life, when the days of buying what film you like from your local store has long gone, forcing us all to rely on the online market. Is it so hard to buy a hard copy of the film you actually want.

Just two of the releases I wanted this week, yes I know they are not the best movies, probably unoriginal, but you know I wanted to own them. Guess what I was unable to get copies of these movies in any shop. Gone now are the days of waiting on a Monday in the UK and Tuesday in the states for release day, as no shop, or supermarket will sell these titles, just the crappy blockbusters like Warcraft, Me Before You, I was lucky to find a copy of Ash VS The Evil Dead, but only on DVD not Bluray. I know you can preorder titles on Amazon, HMV online, and Zavvi in the UK, but then including postage costs, you never seem to actually have it on the day of release anyway, even though you pay for that. It got me wondering where do you go now to buy a physical copy of a movie, I can go to my local shopping centre or Mall, which is a 45 minute drive there, and the same back, with traffic two hours of my life gone. They are forcing you to rely sorely on online shopping, which is extremely sad, as y…

The Bogeyman (1980) Film Review. Directed by Ulli Lommel. Distributedby 88 films UK. Rated R US, Certificate 18 UK. Running time 88 minutes

Another film about a haunted mirror,that was strangely banned in the UK under the video nasties act,by that evil busy body of a woman Mary Whitehouse,who had a one woman crusade,and decided the UK needed censorship,and any Horror film was either so heavily cut,or banned for the home video market.
This alongside The Exorcist, Evil Dead, Driller Killer,A Texas Chainsaw Massacre and many more were out on a banned list,and many didn't see the light of day till the mid to late nighties. Sorry going off on a tangent,but I do hate censorship. 
Plot summary; This is a simple story of a brother and sister who witness something horrible and disturbing in their childhood,and this mirror captures the image, and fear and taunts them both with it. So when the mirror is destroyed into tiny fragments,and pieces are destroyed,everything should be okay, hmmmm no not really. It becomes more powerful,and anyone who comes into contact with any piece of the mirror, dies a gruesome death. 
It is not parti…